[Audio] Organ Mod for MORDHAU

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Since the last Patch #17 of Mordhau, Local mods which change clientside Skins such as Weapons and Armor (sadly) no longer work.

Please Note that im working on an actual Mod (not only Skins) that will introduce a japanese map, weapons, armor, and other stuff to be playable on servers. This also make sure that the japanese Theme is consistent. (No Knights running around in that mod viceverse no samurai on medieval maps). I will notifying the progress on the Modding Discord.

This is a audio mod that will be hearable only for the player installing it. It replaces the lute sound.

It is not compatible with auto-download. Subscribing to it won’t make it available on your server/game.

To install it, download the file directly from here, and follow this guide :

This Audio Mod Entry for Mordhau contains my Organ Mod as a Replacement for the lute audio. This Organ Mod consists of 4 files: Normal Organ Sound, Bright Organ Sound, Deep Organ Sound and Epic Organ Sound (recommended).

Make sure to choose your Organ type in the download section. Once you followed install guide on, start Mordhau and get ready to rock like it's 1720. This is only clientside, means only you can hear yourself with the organ sound and others using it. Other people on there PC's will not hear it an organ, they will hear the same with classic lute sound.

I really hope you enjoy the Organ Set and i wish yours a classical time with it. I recommend strongly to use it in combination with the mordhau lutebot using midi files from Bach. Like the famous Toccata and fugue in Dminor aswell as other organ pieces.

When you are interested into more of this you may want to check out my discord channel,

Thank you!
By Mary's Revenge







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i recommend making a zip files with all 4 paks inside tho

Solved @solved

now this is epic