Berzerker Arena for MORDHAU

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Created by 2cool (mod ID: 45415)


This map was originally released the 19th of July and launched the modding adventure in Mordhau. I'll copy here a part of the announcement made a few days after on the modding discord :

Plou worked on a way to create maps before the SDK for weeks, and once he managed to do so, he created the Berzerker Arena as a prototype map, that wasn't meant to be shared. We kept this on the down low and tested the map from time to time on a private server. The map eventually became good enough to be a viable duelyard. Before using it permanently on one of our servers, he had a talk with the devs, explaining his work and making sure we would'nt get into any trouble for doing this. Turned out not only they were cool about it, but they also gave us the greenlight to share the map & the way to create more, and create a discord around mapping and modding.

Recently someone asked for it to be on so here it is, keep in mind that it was done on a different engine version, and without all the features that have been made possible later on, such as multiple spawns, character selection screen placement, and built lighting.

I'm not the creator but since Plou gave me the uncooked files i might port it to UE 4.20.3 in the future and add these features but for now this is the original files.

The level name is BerzerkerArena (no prefix)




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BlahBlahBla @blahblahbla

Great map, well done and good looking.
A bit of constructive feedback from my brief use:
1. Spawn points need to be spread out - seems everybody pops up in center next to each other. Spawned players or bots are close enough to kill each other from the get go. Perhaps relocate some spawn points toward corner areas or something?
2. AI for bots appears lacking - can't be sure since they just fight each other but there doesn't seem to be pathing for movement to allow bots to roam and hunt down opponents.
3. Nice light and open but cozy space - great you don't have to treck way far to get to battle. In fact too cozy perhaps, in terms of spawn, as mentioned above.
4. Perhaps consider creating an space with elevation, a short tower or two perhaps toward corners. The "seating area" looks down on empty space and the fight rings seem to be off in corners, which is fine but seems a little strange perhaps.
5. Just FYI for other users, I found command prompt needs either "changelevel" or "changemap" (no prefix of FFA, as you stated) but "open" doesn't work out, it usually crashes to lobby page.
Bravo and many thanks!!

narc @narc

Looks cool as hell, excited to start seeing this around

Sullen @sullen

The og map of mordhau