BodMod V2 - Mechanical & Equipment Balance Mod for MORDHAU

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Published by BODKOON (mod ID: 836898)


BodMod V2




skm_steedie_contrabod_nr (no mod regen)



**Full changelog still WIP**

Major Changes


-Strike release standard moved to 550ms (from 500ms) to make control better and the game slower overall (less ping dependent, accels slower) -- **turncaps scaled to keep this from being an issue obviously

-Strike curve edited to make higher release look fine from a visual standpoint without compromising control

-Parry Duration increased slightly to 335ms (from 325ms)

-Most weapons rebalanced/worked in some way (bad weapons made viable, cool reworks for flavor and uniqueness, etc.)

-Movement completely overhauled. Slower base speeds, slightly faster initial sprint to allow more dynamic footwork and remove the feeling of being stuck in place due to base game's strict momentum system

* 180 mechanic also improved to be more reliable, but less overtly punishing so it doesn't feel jank, yet works well

-T2 armor reworked to be much heavier (only a bit faster than full heavy), but provides much better protection vs strikes. Most weapons have the same strike hit-to-kill vs medium as they do vs heavy, but stabs still do high damage. A small set of weapons can still 2htk medium on strike that do not already 2htk heavy

* Allows us to slow T1 and T0 now that T2 doesn't need to be as fast. Ratting is still effective but much less cheese

- Chiv-style health regen (next to no hp whilst moving, get it back when standing still. Takes longer to begin)

- Stamina on parries for all weapons buffed to buff hard reading

- Kick rework: Kicks slowed a bit to keep them from being as cheese. Not so slow that they are useless, but enough to make them more reactable. Kicks now recover much more quickly however since they are easier to miss. Kicks have more release and no longer hitstop, can kick multiple people at once.

- Added 3 new weapons: Glaive, Holy Water Sprinkler, and Morningstar









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