Thank you for downloading the Carnage Mod!
Much love to the Grand master Cswick for showing me the ropes.

Before you install anything please make backups of your stock files
and keep them in a separate folder just incase, copy of this is in instructions txt file inside the mod.

Steps 1-3 will accomplish installing the LongBow Firepot arrows and the Crossbow Mini Ballista bolts.
steps 4-6 will accomplish installing the RecurveBow shooting mini Ballista bolts.

1.Both Arrow Projectile files and Both Bolt Projectile files go in this directory
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mordhau\Mordhau\Content\Mordhau\Blueprints\Equipment\Ranged

2.Rename the stock files to look like this so you know where they are and are easy to revert

BP_ArrowProjectile_stock.uasset and BP_BoltProjectile_stock.uasset
BP_ArrowProjectile_stock.uexp and BP_BoltProjectile_stock.uexp

3.Copy and paste the 2 modded Arrow Projectile files and 2 Bolt Projectile files from the mod into the Ranged directory above.

4.the RecurveBow mod goes into the next folder from the same location as before and is called ArrowVersions
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mordhau\Mordhau\Content\Mordhau\Blueprints\Equipment\Ranged\ArrowVersions

5.repeat step 2 again but for RecurveBowArrow this time...


6.Copy and paste the 2 modded files for the RecurveBow into the ArrowVersions and your all set to create some CARNAGE!

Good Luck and enjoy this mod, please use common sense with these mods as they are deadly.

Any1 caught exploiting the game with these mods and posting videos to social media or elswhere
and giving the community a bad name shall be dealt with accordingly!.

I recomend also adding in your server name that you have the carnage mod.
Have a great day enjoy!

~MODDED MATRIX MAYHEM~ Server will always have this mod and more if your looking for an epic server to enjoy them on.

*you are altering your stock files so every where you play you will see these animations, however they will only do the
effect on a Carnage Modd server.


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[skin] Complete Lightsaber Mod




TAIWAN @taiwan

我希望遊戲裡面的弓能有 skin
I hope the bow inside the game can have a skin.

TAIWAN @taiwan

Can you change the appearance of the bow and arrow?

TAIWAN @taiwan

弓箭 外觀 能改一下嗎
Bow and arrow, can you change it?
Crysis 3 Predator Bow

~WARSAW~ @warsaw1

I can swap the projectiles of any ranged wep in the game to another 1 except throwing weps.
what are you looking for my friend?

TAIWAN @taiwan

Can you change the appearance of the bow and arrow?
我希望遊戲裡面的弓能有 skin
I hope the bow inside the game can have a skin.