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Has its own admin menu. Mouseover should explain what the commands do, most commands are admin only.

To install, set


in your server's Game.ini to get the mod and its two dependencies (total around 40MB?)

In order to configure a different welcome page loader, and configure a list of Changelevel options for the admin menu,insert the following section into your Game.ini on your server:


ChangeLevelOptions= is 1 string that separates level names with "//"
URL= is the welcome page config, which will add "https://" to your configured URL. I'm not allowing other protocols.
AuthorityList=you can use this to give users access to additional custom commands normally reserved to admins (LegacyAdmins=SteamID)
Any LegacyAdmins will automatically receive rank 5 and all commands in the menu, press 9 or F7 to open it.
All other players are level 0 by default.
Level 2 lets them use KillBots and Level 4 lets them use theOmniBox command. Commands that you don't have access to are now hidden by default.
The above example grants a user with steamID 1234567890123456 level 5, a user with steamID 1level 2 and 2 gets 4.

The mod has modified versions of Zoom2's maps and some modified vanilla maps. Use the following console commands to access them:

Below group has vanilla enemy waves with no ranged weapons ( _V maps)

changelevel HRD_BattleOfTheBastards_V
changelevel HRD_Camp_V
changelevel HRD_Castello_V
changelevel HRD_FrozenCove_V
changelevel HRD_Grad_V
changelevel HRD_Hardhome_V
changelevel HRD_Highlands_V
changelevel HRD_Knightfall_V *as of Hotfix 17 patch 3, mounting a gryphon on Myrr causes the server to crash. It probably also happens on Knightfall so don't touch this.
changelevel HRD_MinesOfMoria_V
changelevel HRD_MountainPeak_V
changelevel HRD_Taiga_V
changelevel HRD_WhiskeyOutpost_V

Below group has Zoom's enemies with fixed wave size of 150-300 bots ( _VZ maps)

changelevel HRD_Feitoria_VZ
changelevel HRD_MinesOfMoriaP2_VZ
changelevel HRD_Myrr_VZ *as of Hotfix 17 patch 3, mounting a gryphon causes the server to crash. Don't touch this.
changelevel HRD_Thermopylae_VZ

Below group has vanilla enemies with no ranged weapons, and the wave size can be scaled with current amount of players in the server ( _VM maps)

changelevel HRD_BattleOfTheBastards_VM
changelevel HRD_Camp_VM
changelevel HRD_Castello_VM
changelevel HRD_Feitoria_VM
changelevel HRD_FieldOfHorrors_VM
changelevel HRD_FrozenCove_VM
changelevel HRD_Grad_VM
changelevel HRD_GrizzlyHills_VM
changelevel HRD_Hardhome_VM
changelevel HRD_Highlands_VM
changelevel HRD_Knightfall_VM
changelevel HRD_MinesOfMoria_VM
changelevel HRD_MountainPeak_VM
changelevel HRD_WhiskeyOutpost_VM *made longbows crossbows and toolbox cheaper than on other maps in this mod, you damn campers

Below group has Zoom's enemies, and the wave size can be scaled with current amount of players in the server ( _VMZ maps)

changelevel HRD_Feitoria_VMZ
changelevel HRD_MinesOfMoriaP2_VMZ
changelevel HRD_HelmsDeep_VMZ

Below group needs extra explanation:

changelevel HRD_IslaKivuli_V
We support YourSponsor's map but I have not removed ranged from the bots. He chose to make them have ranged weapons, maybe some day we will take them away again.

changelevel HRD_Grad_VMJ1T
Equal to HRD_Grad_VM with the addition of out-of-bounds spawns and jousting.

As of version 4.1.0, the mod is NO LONGER dependent on Mines Of Moria Part 2 to run (saving 400MB in downloads, yw)
The mod now uses Feitoria Epic Horde's gamemode for custom waves on HRD_Feitoria_V, HRD_Feitoria_VMZ, HRD_MinesOfMoriaP2_V, HRD_Myrr_V. Unfortunately patch 3 of hotfix 17 makes Myrr crash when you mount a gryphon so don't touch it...

Mod also adds custom versions of vanilla horde mode where the enemies don't have ranged weapons, and custom console commands for admins as well as making stuff like votekick easier for players.

As of version 3.0.0 there are an extra >10 levels which provide an alternate horde gamemode. Wave size scales with server population, up to a cap you set in Game.ini. Interested? message me or ask questions in our discord below:

For help, come to our Discord at Castle Vari !

A note on dependencies: This mod changes existing vanilla and modded maps. It DOES NOT provide those maps. You will need to subscribe your server to each map's original mod in order for the non-vanilla maps above to work!

The Shinto shrine model used for respawning shops was downloaded from here , licensed under the Creative Commons license and modified to include the text "Kate <3" on the front.


Castle Vari Dependencies
Feitoria Epic Horde
















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.Falkor. @falkor7

Can you add Zoom's dragon to the omni box? :]

SeanCarv1 @seancarv1

For _VMZ maps, how do I scale waves?

Celudoc @celudoc

Is there a way to remove the splash screen? or stop it from loading?

Vari @vari

Hi Celudoc no there is not currently. You can change the URL to one of your choosing though. If it really becomes a hassle I can probably script it to close itself if you configure a certain URL. Please don't react here if you have the option to use Discord, I don't always receive notifications through email from this, you can find me in the main discord, the modding discord, the server owners discord and my own discord which is linked above.

Celudoc @celudoc


Unfortunately, I'm very wary of discord, as the reports of hidden stuff that run in the background when using it have me paranoid. However, I feel like if I'm going to get more into modding, I'll have to join discord, since that seems to the only medium available for modding info outside of here.

Does About:blank work for the url to load a blank page? (no rush on answering)

Vari @vari

Celudoc on my test server I configured
It does the job of creating a blinding white error page

Celudoc @celudoc

Oh thanks! I'll try this out soon when i get the chance! Keep up the great work!

AEONI @aeoni

is there going helm's deep going to be added to the list?

Vari @vari

Hi AEONI, Helms Deep is currently a WIP as you may know, we are still adding features and figuring out new things. I did add the map at HRD_HelmsDeep_VMZ. I can't promise it will stay that name or where the level will be located in the future. Please don't react here if you have the option to use Discord, I don't always receive notifications through email from this, you can find me in the main discord, the modding discord, the server owners discord and my own discord which is linked above.

grndjnugget @grndjnugget

checksum errors since update, cant seem to fix

Vari @vari

was "fixed" by downloading the mod on server *and* client...

Squackety2 @squackety1

restart server probably

SaucissedeMordhau @saucissedemordhau

hello i have a problem, i subscribed to the mods and the mine of moria p2 mod and still have a message when i try to join vari 's server.
The message say preparing to download mod and never end
any help pls ?

Vari @vari

hey, this isn't an issue specifically related to my mod probably but a general issue that sometimes happens with modio mods. But if you can, please join us at so we can help you fix the issue or point you towards the modding discord to fix it

Drenika @drenika

I fully agree with Zoom comrade

Zoom2 @zoom2

Number 1 horde server, hosts all modded maps