CTF - Castle Wars for MORDHAU

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Published by Teabag (mod ID: 127945)


A recreation of the Castle Wars minigame from Runescape, running on a modified version of Nukes CTF, which is included.

Server Instructions

Add the following to your game.ini


Known Issues

  • Minor lighting issues
  • Ineffective Nav Mesh (bots stuck in spawn)


  • Thanks to Nuke for making his CTF mod available to the public, the uncooked files for which can be found here.
  • All the clever people on the Mordhau Mapping & Modding Discord whose efforts made custom maps possible.
  • Triternion for creating the game and sharing their assets.





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Meowree @meowree

Thanks for sharing this map - we've played it on the server a few times but have removed it recently due to Nuke's CTF mod being broken after the latest patch (somehow it completely crashes the game for everyone upon map end). We did enjoy this map though, lovely both for people who have played RuneScape and for who hasn't. I've got some feedback though, after having played this map:

Adding onto the comment below: I also remember in RuneScape there being barricades to be picked up and placed, but I didn't see them in the tables on the map (maybe I missed them?). Maybe it would be possible to add that as well, with a limit in place for how many barricades there are ingame at once just like in RuneScape, if that's possible :)

Also, the lightning is a bit weird especially in the underground part, made fighting there at some times really difficult. But I think you're aware of that already, considering the 'Known issues' part.
And for some people the map seemed to be a bit laggy - while others didn't have a problem at all. Guess this is more of a warning for people with older PCs. For most people it seemed to work fine though.

Also, it would be fun if bots would work on this map considering it's a bit big - to fill up the emptiness when there aren't many players. We didn't play it as much as it deserved sadly because of it being a bit too big for a small amount of players.

All in all, great fun map even without the barricades and with the lightning issues and the improvements Mojique mentioned in the comment below. Would love to re-add it when the crashing issue is resolved with the CTF mod. Thanks a lot for sharing it!

Teabag @teabag

Cheers for the kind words and feedback, I wasn't aware of the issue with the latest patch so thank you for that. Unfortunately, Nuke appears to be on a bit of a hiatus (He hasn't posted on the discord or Modio for some time), so I'm unsure of how soon there will be a fix, though I have found the issue and will have a crack at it myself.

(Failed to find function ShowPostMatchScreen in BP_CTFHUD_C /Game/Mordhau/Maps/Castlewars/TDM_Castlewars.TDM_Castlewars:PersistentLevel.BP_CTFHUD_C_0)
For anyone interested, I assume this has something to do with the recent HUD changes in Patch 18.

As for the barricades, I didn't have an intention of adding them for two reasons, I'm hesitant to the difficulty it would add to capturing the flag, and the toolbox already exists. That being said in the next iteration I had planned to remove the ability to build within the forts to restrict griefing and people being blocked within the spawn area.

Lighting is an ongoing issue and the bane of my and many other mod makers existence. Unfortunately, I can't promise anything on that front.

I hadn't noticed before but I had added a navmesh (what bots use to move around) but it doesn't work as they just hang around in spawn so I've added that to the known issues as well, and will try to fix for the next release.

Mojique @mojique

I really love how you added the tables with utilities on them like firebombs and blacksmith hammers, but the map could definitely use some improvements, like doors on the fort. You have the hammers to repair them, anyways, so I figure it's not a big stretch to put assets the game already has there.

Also, I was running through the underground passageways, fondly remembering gibbing people by making the tunnel collapse on them, and that's when I noticed that your tables didn't have any pickaxes on them and that you couldn't do that. You could probably recreate the tunnel collapse bit by having a long-use object on either side of the tunnel (think using the ram on Mountain Peak invasion, maybe longer) that causes about 5 buckets of rocks to fall and cover the pathway with mineable rocks like the ones in Feitoria.

Although I haven't had the chance to play this with people yet, I hope that if the modding scene takes off, alternate game modes like CTF will be a big part and this map a part of that, because I really want to see this in action.

Teabag @teabag

I'm glad you like it.
I do plan to implement these eventually, but making them and balancing the map, so it's not super difficult to score (and thus boring) is hard. Especially when, like you, I haven't seen it in action either.
I will wait until when/if the map picks up in popularity and I have a chance to see what players think and how games progress.