Clientside Mod Autoloader for MORDHAU

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Published by Cswic (mod ID: 959838)


This mod is a better solution to having to manually open a map each time to load a clientside mod or other auto loading variants. Other clientside mods setup to work with the map can be used as this mod is meant to benefit clientside mods overall. For any mod makers looking to alter their clientside mod to work with this, just take all of your logic and place it inside an actor. This mod can then spawn your actor and load your modded content.

How to install:

1) Select manual download, and copy paste the pak file into your Mordhau install's Mordhau/Content/Paks folder.

2) Open up your game.ini file located at <user>/appdata/local/mordhau/saved/config/game.ini.

3) Add the following section to the game.ini at the bottom of the file using the file path of your mod object you created. I have used the skin loading mod as an example to demonstrate.

newmod guide2


4) Each ClientMods entry is the path name to the specific client mod actor you want to load. The clientside mod creator should provide the path on the mod page. In this case the path is for the Clientside Skin Module that allows you to have custom armor and weapon skins loaded on your client.

5) You can use DisableModList=true if you want to hide the text box that displays the mods which were loaded.

6) Open up your Engine.ini file and add the following:


7) That's all, your mods will now be auto loaded when you startup the game without the need to open a mod loading map manually.




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