Crimson Canyon - Part 1 for MORDHAU

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Published by 017 (mod ID: 885872)


early build of a large open world map I'm working on for Lavender Legion. If you want to load this map, you can run 'ChangeMap CrimsonCanyon' to load it, or add CrimsonCanyon to your map list.
Features a night/day system already, more features hopefully soon.

This is very early in development and the content size is still a bit large still as I haven't pruned unused content yet.

Updates will begin adding actual buildings to the spawn, as it is currently empty, as well as other locations on the map.

For direct progress details and plans, please visit the Lavender Legion discord:


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Crimson Canyon - Part 3
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crimson_canyon_pi.2.zip1.16gbAlpha 0.4

crimson_canyon_pi.1.zip1.41gbAlpha 0.2

crimson_canyon_pi.zip1.39gbAlpha 0.1


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