Cursed Game Mode for MORDHAU

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Published by EggplantMods (mod ID: 78765)


If your server is unable to auto-download updates (possibly fixed in Patch 18):

1) Manually download the latest version of the Game Mode mod (click here).

2) Manually download the latest version of the Cursed Official Maps pack (click here).

3) Extract the CursedMode.pak file into your server's Mordhau/Content/.modio/78765 folder.

4) Extract the CursedOfficial.pak file into your server's Mordhau/Content/.modio/86673 folder.

You may need to repeat this process each time the mod is updated, until the devs fix the issues.

Clients appear to be auto-downloading normally so this should only be needed on the server side.


These are the game mode files for the Cursed game mode, a recreation of the Infection Mode mod from Chivalry. This mode is currently in BETA and may include bugs, balance issues, and missing features.

Maps using this mode will be uploaded as separate projects. In order to play this game mode your server must be subscribed to BOTH the game mode and the map. Links to maps supporting this game mode are provided further below.

In this mode there are 2 teams, Living and Undead. The Undead team initially has one player on it, the Alpha Undead. When Living players are killed they are moved over to the Undead team. A round ends once all Living players have been killed or the timer runs out.

Living players start out with only a Carving Knife, a Bag of Rocks, and 0/0/0 armor, but they can find random equipment and armor in the level. Equipment and armor will sometimes have special enchantments on them, which becomes more common as the Living become outnumbered.

After the beta is concluded the project files will be released so modders can create a Cursed mode variant of their map if they want. Making a Cursed mode map will be fairly straighforward, mainly just needing to place player spawn points and item spawn points.

Maps that support this game mode:

Cursed Mode for Official Maps by Eggplant

Oblivion Infection by Emperor

Mystic Forest Infection by Gurrel

Cursed Delve by Vegust

Cursed Corner by The Flying Flail

You can add the following lines to your server's Game.ini file to change settings for this game mode:


Setting descriptions:

MinRounds/MaxRounds/MatchDurationMax - The match will end at the end of a round if one of the following conditions is met: MaxRounds rounds have been played, or at least MinRounds have been played and the match has been played for at least MatchDurationMax seconds.

RoundTimeLimitMin/RoundTimeLimitMax - When a Living player is killed the round timer will be reset to somewhere between RoundTimeLimitMin and RoundTimeLimitMax seconds, depending on what percent of the server population is Undead. Set to 0 to use the defaults (currently 45 and 180, subject to change in patches).

Features to be added later:

Rare items with unique effects.

Special abilities for the Alpha Undead.






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Ethofrastical @ethofrastical

absolutely incredible gamemode, i couldnt ask for anything cooler than this, THIS is epic.

Peakus1 @peakus1

Excellent game mode. Been playing this with smalls groups of mates and upwards of 24+ people. The game by itself plays very well, and is balanced without any input of moderation or making changes to Min/Max rounds or round length.

However something to note, after killing swarms of zombies after farming chests the entire match, winning by timer doesn't feel very fulfilling, and would have been better if you could have kept cutting people down while trying to get even better gear. If you find yourself running into this, just extend the MaxDuration. However balance wise everything is already good.

If you are running a Linux server pretty much any map with custom made assets won't work as you just phase through 90% of the map. And almost all Cursed maps are mainly made of these. However, CursedTaiga is all default assets, so it works. Looking forward to more default maps converted into cursed! Can't wait for any updates in store.

EggplantMods @eggplantmods

I'll add some config settings to adjust the round time limit. Also I'll probably increase the defaults for it at some point, after some other tweaks.

Dabbler @dabbler

I've setup a little server running most of the custom maps and this gamemode if anyone is interested. Everything seems to run fine, but have yet to test the mode with bigger numbers. :)

Emperor_ @emperor19

Is it possible to create double jump perk as rare item? That would make it more balanced when you fight multiple undeads

EggplantMods @eggplantmods

I decided against jump related perks a while back because it could allow you to get out of bounds where the undead could never reach you.

Emperor_ @emperor19

That should be cool. Give then also 30% of the undeads ranged weapons. That will fix the issue (; and of course more borders

Emperor_ @emperor19

I'm addicted

17時 @1726

what changemap name

EggplantMods @eggplantmods

This is just the game mode. Maps using this game mode are separate projects. There's a link to one of them in the description.

17時 @1726

it's very good map

leowes10 @leowes10

any maps out yet?

EggplantMods @eggplantmods

Not yet. Should have one in a day or two.

leowes10 @leowes10