Despacito's Skirmish Captains mode for MORDHAU

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Published by KingDespacito (mod ID: 121923)


Skirmish with team captains picked at random every round.
Non-captains are allowed to respawn.

Consider joining the captains discord if you want to learn about upcoming updates and help shape development:

Server admins - add Skirmish Captains to your map rotation with the format:
skm_mapname_captains (e.g. skm_camp_captains)

Supports all official Skirmish maps.

+Modded Map Support:

Supports the following modded maps - Server owners must subscribe their servers to these individually before they will work in-game.

Summary of the mode:

  • Random captain picked at start of each round (manual Opt-in possible)
  • Win rounds by defeating enemy captains
  • Health regeneration is limited for captains
  • Non-captains can respawn (10s respawn)
  • All respawns get 1.5s spawn protection
  • Easy weapon/equipment banning built-in (see below)
  • Captains have triple health, but move 15% slower
  • Compatible with BOTs

Easy weapon/equipment banning

Thanks to Cswic it is possible to ban weapons and equipment using your server's game.ini.
Create a [SkirmCapBanned] within game.ini and list items below with =0 following them.
See this example which is recommended for the mode:


For a list of all equipment names, visit Cswic's Loadout Weapon Removal mod and see his large image list.














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Afterglow1591905668 @afterglow1591905668

how do i install this mod?

KingDespacito @kingdespacito

Same as any other mod - join a server which is running it. You must join via the server browser (not through Steam friends etc.) otherwise it will fail to download the mod.

mdale123 @mdale123

KingDespacito how can I turn regen off in this game mode please? Thanks

KingDespacito @kingdespacito

At the moment, health regen is forced on for all players except the captains, who regen up to a limit (15%).

eraera @eraera

**** yeah this is great. Got a casual server running in SA for me and the 2½ other players who are still active.

Is there something else I need to do to get equipment banning working? Just adding SkirmCapBanned didn't seem to work. Probably something wrong with my server, but wanted to check.

KingDespacito @kingdespacito

It shouldn't matter the server. You need to carefully add the new section exactly as shown above. Then beneath the weapon list as shown in the embedded picture example. Server restart needed after this. Not sure what else to suggest.

[12thGGR]FFF9527 @12thggrfff9527

I Add the map in maplist like MapRotation=skm_mountainPeak_captains but can't show the maplist when finish the game

KingDespacito @kingdespacito

So your server's game.ini includes this line but the map vote screen does not list it? That's odd, ensure your server is loading the mod correctly using the auth method, and consider deleting the folder on the server and rebooting it - this prompts all subscribed mods to download fresh. Also, I believe the game only shows up to six maps on the vote screen, so perhaps move the skm_mountainpeak_captains entry higher up, at least for the sake of testing.

[12thGGR]FFF9527 @12thggrfff9527

The problem has been solved,I put the MapRotation in a wrong way, I put the move the MapRotation in /Script/Mordhau.MordhauGameMode and the vote list is work,thank you for your help,this is a very good mod and mode

KingDespacito @kingdespacito

Glad you sorted it and thanks for letting me know.

LsDmT1589744043 @lsdmt1589744043

Amazing Mod. Have a server running this in Central USA if anyone wants to play.

sont @sont

hello i am unable to join your server, i have joined several private captains lobbies just fine but when i join your public lobby it says "failed to get mod list" i tried uninstalling mods, deleting mod folder and verifying game files but no dice :(

KingDespacito @kingdespacito

Good to know there's an NA server running this - I am EU myself and host a server in Germany.
Edit: Hopefully you are also using the built-in method to ban ranged weapons (see mod description) as this will make the mode play much healthier.

♪Future카p! @futurecop

Thx for the awesome mod

KingDespacito @kingdespacito

Cheers and thanks for allowing your map Contrabob to be supported.

MvxF247 @mvxf247

is there anyway you could make the captian of the team turn into like a warden or commander

KingDespacito @kingdespacito

Hi - many requested buffs for captains so it has been done. See changelog for 0.2.0.
I did not go specifically for Warden/Commander for various reasons but I hope the changes made in 0.2.0 help you enjoy the mode.

Solved @solved

god despacito

KingDespacito @kingdespacito

god solved