Endless mod for MORDHAU

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Published by Vegust (mod ID: 80493)


Mod features:
- No time or score limit;
- Fast respawn in any place your spectator cam currently located at;
- Full regen on kill;
- Spectators can fly anywhere (ignoring collisions);
- Spectators can change flying speed using a mouse wheel;
- Suicide kills don't affect Scoreboard (if you press suicide mid duel you're still be killed by your opponent);
- Press R in spec mode to teleport to 0,0,0;
- Press F in spec mode to toggle spawn method: spawn at spectator location, snap to the floor underneath, spawn at aim location, spawn at the saved location.

You can press F7 in spec mode to open mod panel, which has all mod info, button to save spawn location and the ability for admins to enter Creator mode. In this mode you can:
- Press button to immediately end map and get gold and exp;
- Change game rules such as health/stamina on kill, toggle regeneration, toggle AFK kicks;
- Place 2m blocks/stairs in the world, rotate and recolor them;
- Save/load those constructions across maps/servers.

Mod supports all Mordhau maps + some community maps (Bob, Duelyard, NandaParbat, KnightFall, ContraLite).
Mod also has 2 own maps:
- "Endless", which is a virtually endless plane without obstacles designed for duels or clan training;
- "Terminal", which is a minimalistic SKM map.

To open maps with this mode, add "Endless_" to their name, like 'Endless_Grad" or "Endless_bob";
"Endless" map is in the endless mode by default, to open the "Terminal" map in endless mode, type "Endless_terminal".

Mod has several config options that can be set in Game.ini like that:

Config example
KillsToEndMap sets the number of kills to automatically end the map. Values below 1 mean that map will be Endless.
DisableMenuOptions removes the admin menu button in F7 menu and all its options.
TerminalBackWalls if set to True adds back walls to terminal map so you won't fall off.

******************* LINUX SERVERS *******************************************************************
For this mod to properly work on Linux servers, you should manually download last .pak file with LinuxServer postfix, unzip it and place in <YOURSERVERFOLDER>/Mordhau/Content/Paks. It contains the whole mod, but you should still subscribe to this page so other players can download this mod automatically when joining your server.

Known issues:

Mod source: (MIT License)




































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CureamyOsheen @cureamyosheen

Hey Vegust, I've been having this issue where I can't enter the mod info menu, all my admins can but for some reason I can't, not on my or other people's servers.

Valiance @valiance

Hey Vegust loving the mod so far, only one issue. Players keep randomly freezing which forces them to go into spectator mode and respawn, this happens pretty frequently. Is there a fix regarding this or are we doing something wrong.. Thanks

zukmuken @zukmuken

Doesn't work on linux server. I'm getting same errors all the time:

Error: Couldn't find file for package /Engine/Functions/Engine_MaterialFunctions03/Blends/Blend_ColorDodge requested by async loading code. NameToLoad
Error: Found 1 dependent packages...
Error: /Game/Mordhau/Maps/Endless/Assets/FloorTexture/FloorMaterial
Error: Couldn't find file for package /Game/Mordhau/UI/UIAssets/Fonts/CINZEL-REGULAR requested by async loading code. NameToLoad: /Game/Mordhau/UI/UIA
Error: Found 1 dependent packages...
Error: /Game/Mordhau/Maps/Endless/GameLogic/CreatorWidget
Error: Couldn't find file for package /Game/Mordhau/UI/UIAssets/Fonts/CRIMSONTEXT-ROMAN requested by async loading code. NameToLoad: /Game/Mordhau/UI/
Error: Found 1 dependent packages...
Error: /Game/Mordhau/Maps/Endless/GameLogic/SpectatorMenu

"For this mod to properly work on Linux servers, you should manually download last .pak file with LinuxServer postfix, unzip it and place in <YOURSERVERFOLDER>/Mordhau/Content/Packs." /Packs or /Paks? I have tried both and still it doesn't work for me.

Vegust @eknofeintnospeed

Those files should not be loaded on server they are client files therefore they do not exist in Linux server .pak since its meant for dedicated servers that do not have client functionality. I just checked my Linux server that I set up using this guide via SteamCMD and mod works fine.
Packs was a spelling mistake, the folder is Paks.

sunglasses @sunglasses1

When ever i launch this map on my server, i remain and the players get kicked. The players that get kicked gets the Network Checksum Mismatch error message.

♪Future카p! @futurecop

Very cool mod that shows many potential for Mordhau mods. One of my wishes is placed blocks have collect collision on Linux Server.

Vegust @eknofeintnospeed

I added .pak file that is cooked for Linux servers, should work fine now.

cashmatey @cashmatey

Issue: when trying to hit the ground, sometimes tracers fully phase through the floor without hitting it. It seems really inconsistent and can cause players to lose stamina due to missing, whereas they otherwise wouldn't. See for yourself by crouching, looking down and swinging at the floor. It will phase through most of the time.

cashmatey @cashmatey

Is there any way to disable the admin mode features (building, editing game rules, etc.)? Don't need or want them for my duelyard, but I like the map and the default features such as full regen on kill, suicide kills not showing in feed, etc. Those are nice.

Vegust @eknofeintnospeed

I can add a config parameter for that.

cashmatey @cashmatey

Can you also make it possible for the map to end by itself? At X amount of kills

devoted101 @devoted101

big work, its possible to have only the map terminal? without endless mod pls

Vegust @eknofeintnospeed

Why? They share the same floor/block textures that make most of the mod's size. Making them 2 separate mods will basically double the total size unless I make a dependency with 3 4K textures. Endless features by themselves occupy like 1 MB but require textures for blocks.
If there are other reasons, I can do it.

Cabbageman3 @cabbageman3

Awesome work! I've tested on my server and found 2 questions:
1.Where is the save file on a dedicated server? I found nothing under /AppData/Local,even no MORDHAU folder.
2.When first calling changemap Endless_Bob,players can't spawn anywhere but kept falling down through the floor.
This only happens on a dedicated server.Nothing goes wrong when running a local game with this mod.

Vegust @eknofeintnospeed

1) Files are always saved on the client who initiated the save so they will never appear among server files, but you can still load/save on server using client saves.
2) That most likely happened because you have bob and endless mods, but server only has endless and bob level does not load on the server. Therefore you see bob assets, but server does not know about them and you pass through them.

Cabbageman3 @cabbageman3

Very much thanks! I'll have it checked about the bob assets.
1) Where should I place my saved files on my server if I want to load an edited save file copied from the client?
2) And another question is ,can I only enable admin to select spawn positions?
I was creating a Chase&Run; server and also routes,so I wish people can only respawn at the starting point instead of anywhere they want.Is it possible to make this happen?

Vegust @eknofeintnospeed

Currently to do such events everyone should switch to the red spawn method and set their spawn point individually before it starts. After that, it should be pretty straightforward if no one cheats. I can see the problem with that if participants are random people or something, so I was thinking about methods to restrict spawning somehow but I can't come up with a good way to do it. If I just make let say a game rule that allows admins to force everyone to 1 spawn point it would work for your case, but not for events where you need several forced spawns (for different people). A more general solution can consist of a special block to which you can "bind" certain players. I will most likely add it in the future, although not sure when.

CabbageMan @cabbageman

Thanks for the reply.There happens another issue and I don't know whether it is the server problem:
I tried this mod on my server and opened to my members.It ran well when I was the only player in it.Then the second player joined and after 1-5 minutes.We both got disconnected from the server and couldn't join in.
I thought it was a network issue so I restarted my server and continued creating my map with blocks.Then another player joined and it crashed again in 1-5 minutes.So I changed map to normal maps and it ran smoonthly without any disconnection.
Anyway,I've finished my map with this mod but therefore I can't share it with my members.But I'm not sure if somewhere has to be fixed in this mod because I didn't get any problems when using it on my server alone,or local games.
Could you help me to figure it out?Or find out that it was my server's issue ?So that I'll ask my server provider for a further solution.

Vegust @eknofeintnospeed

If I understood you correctly my guess is that you are placing too many blocks. There is a hard cap in Mordhau for 2048 elements that can be transported via network as a single array. If you placed more blocks you won't be able to save/load your structure. I tested some workarounds to enable more blocks but on about 2.5k blocks game starts lagging and disconnecting just from a sheer number of blocks it needs to replicate/keep track of for clients, so I stayed with default cap. If I am right and you are indeed placing a lot of blocks than sadly there is no solution I can think of. Maybe my block system can be optimized, but I don't know how exactly and this map was never intended to be a map editor, so supporting more than 2048 blocks is not a priority for me right now.
If I am wrong and you are not placing that many blocks then I'm not sure what is going on. You can add me on steam and we can try to recreate your problem on your server so I can find it and fix it. It seems that its a problem with my mod and not with your internet connection.

Cabbageman3 @cabbageman3

'Admin can force everyone to 1 spawn point.'
Yes that's what I want,or,maybe adding a command like:
[Endless mod]
ModSpawning = 1(0 is default spawning)
Can be edited in Game.ini.
I was playing Minecraft in Mordhau thanks to this awesome mod.

Cabbageman3 @cabbageman3

1) I figured out.I was a fool.