Frozen Cove for MORDHAU

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Created by Zoom2


Frozen Cove is a horde themed map, enjoy :)

To open the map write this in console:
>Open FrozenCove

Don't mind the FPS in the screenshot, it's already fixed.




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✠Hauptmann.ALi✠ @hauptmannali

its like a dwarf lands in warhammer fantasy nice work :D

Cabbageman3 @cabbageman3

Nice work, just installed on my horde server.But I think it's not a good idea adding fire rain(catapult?) into the map,since it causes sudden death of the players,killing them randomly.It's not freindly when people are trying their best to kill enemies but instantly get killed by accident.
Maybe just move it outside the battlefield,making it visible but unreachable.

ChaplainSteland @chaplainsteland

What you see as not friendly we see it as great, you have no idea how many times those shots made entire groups of enemies, players or both go flying, its hilarious, yo ushould try to see it like that, im sure it happened to you guys too ^^.