General Removal Mod 4.25 for MORDHAU

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Published by Cswic (mod ID: 1148851)


This mod replaces the older "Loadout Weapon Removal Mod". Loadout Weapon Removal Mod will be removed around 7/17/2020 as it is no longer needed.

This mod can be used for banning individual pieces of equipment, individual perks, and specific armor tiers on any map.

I recommend that you do not use or that you disable this mod if you plan to play mods such as Captain's Mode or the Star Wars mod as this mod may interfere with them.

To install this mod you must put the following in your server's Game.ini file.




[ Script/Mordhau.MordhauGameMode]


You can also install this mod on the server only manually by downloading the zip file and placing the pak file it contains in your server's Mordhau/Content/Paks folder. Please note that clients will not see the red exclamation points indicating a loadout contains a banned item or perk, but they will not spawn in with the items if the server has banned them.

In your server's Game.ini file create a section called [RemovalMod] and enter in the weapons, armor, or perks you want to ban from loadouts.




FleshWound =1





You can find the equipment names, perk names, and armor tier names to use in the RemovalMod section in the images on this mod. The names must be exact for the mod to recognize what you want to remove.

If you find any problems or have suggestions please feel free to mention them in the comments.

EDIT 9/21/2020:

Update: Added new perks to removal mod. Use Mule=1, Butcher=1, Stun=1, Supplied=1, Tank=1, and Dwarf=1 to remove them.

EDIT 10/16/2020:

Update: Mod disabled for Skirmish Captain's mode upon request to not interfere with the mode's own item bans.

Added BanHorses=1 to remove horses from map.

Added BanCatapults=1 to remove catapults from map.

Added BanBallistas=1 to remove ballistas from map.

EDIT 3/16/2021:

Added separate [ConquestRemovals] section for removing items only for King Despacito's conquest mode.

EDIT 4/26/2021:

Added Corseca=1 and Falx=1 for removing partisan/corseca and falx.

EDIT 5/4/2021:

Updated perk removal to account for tenacious and friendly perks being removed.




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