Glowing yellow/blue letters on Bastard Sword



On the engraived Bastard Sword there were some small latin words on the sides of the blade, I made them glow yellow/blue(can choose which u install after unzipping) and added the same but bigger size words further on the blade.

This mod does not install automatically by subcribing to it, to install it you need to extract it to the same place where your mordhau installation is located in. How to do it you can check out this guide -, or this little all in 1 picture guide that I made -

Important - To fix the lighting artifacts you might see from the glowing letters you open DefaultScalability with notepad located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mordhau\Mordhau\Config and change the value for the four LensFlareQuality's to 0, when just doing this in the mordhau game settings and unchecking lens flare it only changes LensFlareQuality to 0 for PostProcessQuality@0, there is PostProcessQuality@0 -4 this removes all lens flares in game, so any torches you see and or the sun will not have lens flares. - Thx to Galxey


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nightmareb1570579578 @nightmareb1570579578

Damn I really love the look of this, it looks badass! Personally I find it frustrating how you can't change the colors of the blue background or the engraving itself. It'd look better if you could make the blue parts blend in with the blade and make the engraving part slightly darker than the blade itself, like it's been acid etched or something.