Goldrush Beta for MORDHAU

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Published by Wheeze202 - learn more (mod ID: 65819)


Goldrush is a custom gamemode for Mordhau designed by Stouty:

Mode initially made by Wheeze
Please go check him out on twitch

Since then, updated by Despacito and Solved.

Some maps requires the server owner to subscribe to their dependencies on modio , if there is a link next to the map , you need its dependency.

Playable maps are :

  • GR_Inferno - Get it HERE
  • GR_Grad (currently having issues with it)
  • GR_dust2css - Get it HERE
  • GR_Dust2 (Made by Solved) - WIP - Get it HERE
  • GR_dust2classic (Made by Squackety)

    GR_Dust2 is on hold for now , as its hard to optimise it and we're thinking about making original maps instead.

Credits to EggPlantMods for once fixing the gamemode back when official patch 16 released
Thanks to TodWestCoast for helping and merging the ground mesh on Dust2CSS

--Despacito Update Beta 0.8.0 onwards--

For full details please see the changelogs....

Spectating is locked unless the server admin(s) provide you the password

The spectate password is blank unless admins specify a password in game.ini
Server owners -
To set the spectate password, open game.ini and add the following section and entry:



goldrush.31.zipKingDespacito25.46mbBeta 0.9.1

goldrush.30.zipKingDespacito25.54mbBeta 0.9.0

goldrush.29.zipKingDespacito25.48mbBeta 0.8.9

goldrush.28.zipKingDespacito17.46mbBeta 0.8.8

goldrush.27.zipKingDespacito17.45mbBeta 0.8.7

goldrush.26.zipKingDespacito17.38mbBeta 0.8.6

goldrush.25.zipKingDespacito17.46mbBeta 0.8.5

goldrush.24.zipKingDespacito17.45mbBeta 0.8.4

goldrush.23.zipKingDespacito17.46mbBeta 0.8.3

goldrush.22.zipKingDespacito13.77mbBeta 0.8.2

goldrush.21.zipKingDespacito13.69mbBeta 0.8.1

goldrush.20.zipKingDespacito13.82mbBeta 0.8.0









goldrush.11.zipWheeze20220.33mbBeta 0.4.7

goldrush.10.zipWheeze20220.29mbBeta 0.4.6

goldrush.9.zipWheeze20220.28mbBeta 0.4.5

goldrush.8.zipWheeze20220.27mbBeta 0.4.4

goldrush.7.zipWheeze20220.27mbBeta 0.4.3

goldrush.6.zipWheeze20220.26mbBeta 0.4.2

goldrush.5.zipWheeze2025.02mbBeta 0.4.1

goldrush.4.zipWheeze2025.02mbBeta 0.4

goldrush.3.zipWheeze2025mbBeta 0.3

goldrush.2.zipWheeze2025mbBeta 0.2.1

goldrush.1.zipWheeze2025mbBeta 0.2

goldrush.zipWheeze2025.02mbBeta 0.1


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DiversitiseX @diversitisex

The line command doesnt start any goldrush map? Im subbed to gr beta and dependencies, any ideas why?

Solved @solved

which line are you using ?

BlahBlahBla @blahblahbla

So I presume after each update occurs we should uninstall the older version of mod from Mord's Mod Manage Tab prior to resubscribing with modio? If not needed or better way, I'm glad to hear it.

Solved @solved

For a client you dont need to subscribe to it. But since modio is poorly implemented in Mordhau its best to uninstall the mod in the manage mod tab yes.

bastiantyr @bastiantyr

When i try to launch it i get the message: server is not connected to the steam network.

Solved @solved

by launch what do you mean ?
On a server ? Locally ?
What type of server ?
If you launched on a server when steam is doing their usual maintenance it might ve been the problem

Lake_Man @lake-man

I get this error message and it crashes my server when I try to change the level to GR_dust2classic or any of the GR modes. My server is hosted by pingperfect, I don't think steam maintenance is the problem for me anyway. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong or what, but I really wanna host this mode on my server.

Solved @solved

Does any other mode works ?

Lake_Man @lake-man

The only mods I had installed was goldrush and the goldrush dependencies. Not sure if you meant mode or mod. Vanilla modes work on the game fine, yes. But I'll download other mods just to test if different mods would work on my server.

Lake_Man @lake-man

So I downloaded another modded map to make sure mods in general can work on my server and it switched fine to a different modded map. But still crashed the server when switching to gr_dust2classic.

BlahBlahBla @blahblahbla

I got GR_Grad to work and the concept is great. Your brilliant intro video is quite detailed but somehow a way to convey in brief the gist of game plan for new players is important. You clearly thought this through well, almost to point of over thinking it, but if a condensed/distilled highlights could be written clearly it could help build a player community. Concept&Rules; overview at least? The purchase menu works great, and a nice concept change. I like your long term vision (penalty for suicide and such is iffy at best, likely not a good plan..) but some fine tuning will be needed to make this work well. I can imagine server running straight GR maps once the idea gets traction. Possibly design a version scaled for less players (4-10) and a version for larger (10+) might make it more playable and fun.
For starts, bots have no AI which only matters when you can't find enough players, and I can imagine making bots the hunt down the gold would be tricky. Nonetheless it is worth considering.
Thank you for your efforts & I'd support further development & testing!

St0uty @st0uty

Glad you like it, the intro video is pretty old so I'll make a new one once it's out of beta. Suicide penalty is to prevent people using the spawn system as a regen tool. The mode is meant only for 5v5 pvp so there's no real need to add bot mapping.

SneakyGnome @sneakygnome

Server crashes after every round?

St0uty @st0uty

It's functioning again

xavier8660 @xavier8660

Do you have to subscribe to the mod or just download it?