Goldrush for MORDHAU

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Published by Wheeze202 (mod ID: 65819)


Despa Dependencies mod required ⚠

Goldrush is a gamemode for Mordhau designed by Stouty:

Advise to players - do not use manual pak installation, just let the game auto-install the mod as you join a server running it.

Original mod creator is Wheeze, with more recent updates by Despa.

Playable levels:

GR_Uhhhh (Requires Uhhhh)
GR_Uhhhh_Zone (Requires Uhhhh)

Server owners - optional game.ini server vars HERE

Credits to EggPlantMods for once fixing the gamemode back when official patch 16 released
Thanks to TodWestCoast for helping and merging the ground mesh on Dust2CSS (old map)


Despacito's Dependencies


goldrush_1.0.2b.zipKingDespacito1.06mbRelease 1.0.2b

goldrush_1.0.2.zipKingDespacito1.05mbRelease 1.0.2

goldrush_1.0.1.zipKingDespacito1.05mbRelease 1.0.1

goldrush_1.0.0.zipKingDespacito1.05mbRelease 1.0.0

goldrush_0.9.7.zipKingDespacito2.36mbBeta 0.9.7

goldrush_0.9.6c.zipKingDespacito2.35mbBeta 0.9.6 Hotfix 2

goldrush_0.9.6b.zipKingDespacito2.35mbBeta 0.9.6 Hotfix 1

goldrush_0.9.6.zipKingDespacito2.35mbBeta 0.9.6

goldrush_0.9.5d.zipKingDespacito2.35mbBeta 0.9.5d

goldrush_0.9.5c.zipKingDespacito2.35mbBeta 0.9.5c

goldrush_0.9.5b.zipKingDespacito2.35mbBeta 0.9.5b

goldrush_0.9.5.zipKingDespacito2.35mbBeta 0.9.5

goldrush_0.9.4.zipKingDespacito2.35mbBeta 0.9.4

goldrush_0.9.3.zipKingDespacito2.25mbBeta 0.9.3

goldrush_0.9.2.zipKingDespacito1.28mbBeta 0.9.2

goldrush.31.zipKingDespacito25.46mbBeta 0.9.1

goldrush.30.zipKingDespacito25.54mbBeta 0.9.0

goldrush.29.zipKingDespacito25.48mbBeta 0.8.9

goldrush.28.zipKingDespacito17.46mbBeta 0.8.8

goldrush.27.zipKingDespacito17.45mbBeta 0.8.7

goldrush.26.zipKingDespacito17.38mbBeta 0.8.6

goldrush.25.zipKingDespacito17.46mbBeta 0.8.5

goldrush.24.zipKingDespacito17.45mbBeta 0.8.4

goldrush.23.zipKingDespacito17.46mbBeta 0.8.3

goldrush.22.zipKingDespacito13.77mbBeta 0.8.2

goldrush.21.zipKingDespacito13.69mbBeta 0.8.1

goldrush.20.zipKingDespacito13.82mbBeta 0.8.0









goldrush.11.zipWheeze20220.33mbBeta 0.4.7

goldrush.10.zipWheeze20220.29mbBeta 0.4.6

goldrush.9.zipWheeze20220.28mbBeta 0.4.5

goldrush.8.zipWheeze20220.27mbBeta 0.4.4

goldrush.7.zipWheeze20220.27mbBeta 0.4.3

goldrush.6.zipWheeze20220.26mbBeta 0.4.2

goldrush.5.zipWheeze2025.02mbBeta 0.4.1

goldrush.4.zipWheeze2025.02mbBeta 0.4

goldrush.3.zipWheeze2025mbBeta 0.3

goldrush.2.zipWheeze2025mbBeta 0.2.1

goldrush.1.zipWheeze2025mbBeta 0.2

goldrush.zipWheeze2025.02mbBeta 0.1


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VJ_Tucker @vj-tucker

Tried this out last night and it's a lot of fun. The mod looks to be working pretty great, but we did find that a fresh wood cage would not respawn after round 1. It did not take away from the fun but seems self-defeating for the first attacking team since the defense wont have to break it once they switch to attack. I watched some of the EU tourneys that happened last year and it seemed like that was working. I might be overlooking a setting or something that I do not know of. Any suggestions?

Solved @solved

maybe the new patches broke something . i will work on this gamemode again in the future but i am busy with some stuff right now , what goldrush needs is a proper map atm

VJ_Tucker @vj-tucker

Appreciate the reply! I completely understand. A proper map for it would be awesome but even in its current state it is fun. You guys did great work.

Ethofrastical @ethofrastical

absolutely incredible gamemode, can tell how much work and effort it was and it is a blast to play! Awesome work

SeanCarv1 @seancarv1

This game mode should be adopted by the Mordhau devs, its super fun, great idea. Are there any plans for additional maps? Cobblestone would be perfect for this.

Solved @solved

this mod is on hold for now , but yeah more maps are planned

KingDespacito @kingdespacito

hi when do maps come out my sister likes this mode

Solved @solved

after pacman

DiversitiseX @diversitisex

The line command doesnt start any goldrush map? Im subbed to gr beta and dependencies, any ideas why?

Solved @solved

which line are you using ?

bastiantyr @bastiantyr

When i try to launch it i get the message: server is not connected to the steam network.

Solved @solved

by launch what do you mean ?
On a server ? Locally ?
What type of server ?
If you launched on a server when steam is doing their usual maintenance it might ve been the problem

Lake_Man @lake-man

I get this error message and it crashes my server when I try to change the level to GR_dust2classic or any of the GR modes. My server is hosted by pingperfect, I don't think steam maintenance is the problem for me anyway. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong or what, but I really wanna host this mode on my server.

Solved @solved

Does any other mode works ?

Lake_Man @lake-man

The only mods I had installed was goldrush and the goldrush dependencies. Not sure if you meant mode or mod. Vanilla modes work on the game fine, yes. But I'll download other mods just to test if different mods would work on my server.

Lake_Man @lake-man

So I downloaded another modded map to make sure mods in general can work on my server and it switched fine to a different modded map. But still crashed the server when switching to gr_dust2classic.

SneakyGnome @sneakygnome

Server crashes after every round?

St0uty @st0uty

It's functioning again

xavier8660 @xavier8660

Do you have to subscribe to the mod or just download it?