Format for local mods

This guide is dedicated to local mods creators and propose a format to follow when posting their mods here.

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To help with the share of local mods on, it is essential to set a specific format, since they are a separate category that is not compatible with auto-download, and must be understood and use and in a different way than other mods.

Having standards makes your mod easier to install, reduces interrogations & mistakes, and experienced users can help each others regardless of what mod it’s about.

This will also greatly help for the global lisibility of

Format for Files : requires a .zip format.

This .zip should contain your files, having Steam\steamapps\common\Mordhau as root.

Why ?

This is the folder that Steam opens when you use the “browse local files” button, and this his how we will suggest users to access their files. It will reduce the common mistakes when copy/pasting your mods, as they won’t have to navigate any further.


Let’s take the Thors Mjolnir mod as an example :

It was released on discord under a HeavyHandaxe\ folder that should be copied to Steam\steamapps\common\Mordhau\Mordhau\Content\Mordhau\Assets\Weapons

So, before uploading it to, the creator should zip a folder that has this structure :


Here is a video on how to proceed with this example :

Format for Description :

When creating the mod :

  • Select “Skin” or "Audio" in “Type”
  • Do not select any gamemode
  • “Theme” and “Mature content” will depend on the mod
  • Mod name : Start your mod name by [Skin], or [Audio]

For instance “[Skin] Thors Mjolnir”

That would help with having all cosmetic mods visible and easy to find. (This is less necessary since there is now a Type for this mods)

  • Description :

It’s important to give a clear description as is primarily made to share mods that are compatible with auto-download, which is not the case of cosmetics.

Here is an example of an intro/outro you could use for your Description :

This is a cosmetic mod that will have effect only for the players having it installed.

It is not compatible with auto-download. Subscribing to it won’t make it available on your server/game.

To install it, download the file directly from here, and follow this guide :

You could also place a link to a backup file in your description, to help users to get back to default files without having to back up any files or verifying files from steam.