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Format for local mods

This guide is dedicated to local mods creators

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This guide is dedicated to local mods creators (skins and audio)

I assume that you have already created your mod and cooked it (go to the modding discord in the #modding-guides channel if you don't know where to start)

You'll have to transform your files in a .pak file to be able to test or share your mod.

Teslov created an application (Mordhau Paker) to help you in the process. You can download it here :

1. Launch the Mordhau Paker application


2. Name your .pak : To make it easier for players to manage their local mods collection, start the name with a "z". It must end with "-p" (actually this does nothing but we thought so in the first place :) )

2 1

3 Next, in the "directory to pak" field, select the folder that contains your mod cooked files. It will be the "source" for creating the .pak.

Then, in the "Mordhau pak structure" you will have to select the folder in the mordhau installation that is meant to receive your files, that will replace the existing ones.

Since it can be confusing here are two examples :

1rst example :

Your mod modifies the files that are in the Mordhau/Content/UMA/UMAEquipment/Tier0/PeasantHat/ folder of Mordhau, and what you have is a PeasantHat folder containing your custom cooked files.

You'll have to set the folder according to it. In this example :


The path must start with ../../../Mordhau/, and always end with *.*

2nd example :

This example was made on a previous version of the Mordhau Paker but the idea is the same.

In this example, the mod files are in a folder structure starting with the Mordhau/ folder. (This mordhau folderthismordhaufolder)

This can be usefull if your mod modifies files in multiple folders of Mordhau.


- In this case, in the next field, we want to aim for the same folder :


4. Select the folder where the pak file will be created

For convenience you can select this folder, so that you can instantly test your mod in Mordhau


5. Launch the paking process :


- The output will be displayed :

Don't worry about the warnings they are normal. Just make sure the number of added files is correct (must be equal to the number of files you wanted to pak)


If it collected 0 file, it's most likely that you did not set the correct paths in the previous steps !

6. You're done with the paking process, iIf the mod works, you can now zip that .pak file and upload it to !

Don't forget to thank Teslov on discord once you're done !

Special thanks to Branko100 who helped me in the process of updating this guide and qusai for the download link.

Format for Description on :

When creating the mod :

  • Select “Skin” or "Audio" in “Type”
  • Do not select any gamemode
  • “Theme” and “Mature content” will depend on the mod content
  • Mod name : Start your mod name by [Skin], or [Audio]

For instance “[Skin] Thors Mjolnir”

That would help with having all local mods visible and easy to find. (This is less necessary since there is now a Type for this mods)

  • Description :

It’s important to give a clear description as is primarily made to share mods that are compatible with auto-download, which is not the case of local mods.

Here is an example of an intro/outro you could use for your Description :

This is a local mod that will have effect only for the players having it installed.

It is not compatible with auto-download. Subscribing to it won’t make it available on your server/game.

To install it, download the file directly from here, and follow this guide :


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