How to install local mods (skins and audio)

How to install local mods (eg skins and audio mods) from


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Following the November 25th update, local mods must be installed using a new method.

Reminder : this guide is not made for Maps. You don't have to install maps manually, you just have to join a server running them. This guide is about skins and audio mods.

NB : Local mods are not compatible with auto-download, subscribing to them won't make them available on your server. It is only a client side modification that only you will see/hear.

First you need to know what format the mod uses. If the mod description isn't clear, check the last update : if it's prior to the 25th of November then it's NOT a .pak format.

1. If the local mod is shared under a .pak format.

- On the mod's page, download the file by clicking on it under “Releases”. The file that has the modcup close to it is the latest version.

- Once downloaded, you'll need to unzip the file. This is done by simply right clicking on it and select “Extract here”. If you don't have any program to unzip the file, download and install 7zip for instance (

- Place the .pak file in the following folder of the Mordhau installation :


- Launch the game and enjoy !

2. If the local mod is shared the old way, NOT under a .pak format.

Option 1 : You send a message to the mod creator on this site or on Discord and wait for him to update his mod (using this guide made for mod creators). This may take a long time if that person isn't active anymore in the Mordhau community.

Option 2 : You can download the files then convert them to .pak yourself. using the guide made for mod creators :

- On the mod's page, download the file by clicking on it under “Releases”. The file that has the modcup close to it is the latest version. Unzip that file on your desktop for convenience.

- If you get a Mordhau/ folder when unzipping the mod files, just follow the guide steps, the first example is based on a mod with that folder structure.

- If you get a different folder when unzipping the mod files, check the mod description : the target folder will most likely be specified (check out the peasant hat "emoji hat" example in the guide).

If you don't manage to get a working .pak, you can ask for help on the modding discord. Assuming you tried first by following carefully the guide !

Frequently asked questions and common issues

- You won't get banned for using a local mod shared here, as they don't give any advantage.

- The hitbox will be different when you play in local, but in multiplayer it will be the exact same hitbox as the default weapon it replaces.

- Some weapons looks better depending on video settings (for instance bloom & postprocess for lightsabers)




2cool @2cool

Only a matter of hours before we see the first cosmetic mods pop up on this site !

Eldasck @ya-ebanulsa

Where get mods from screenshots?

2cool @2cool

Their creators haven't uploaded them here yet, but they are available on the modding discord
Note that if you get them from the discord the format will most likely be different than the one on so there will be specific instructions for each.

Valiance @valiance

Much appreciated for this guide good sir

skimizzer @skimizzer

yeah thats great how do i install maps thx

2cool @2cool

Maps auto-download when you join a server running them.

Xentorious @justxen

where to put the pak files? text above doesnt show where is the folder