How to prepare your map files for

To make your map compatible with autodownload you have to package your map files before uploading them here. This guide will help you in the process of doing so.


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Download these 2 files :



Place them in the same folder.

Rename those files by your map name.

In Mapname.bat (open with right click -> modify):


Replace D:\UE_4.20 with your UE4 installation folder.

In this example C:\Paks\ is where i decided my .pak file will be generated. Select your own location, just make sure the folder exists.

Replace the “Mapname” occurrences in this file with your own map name.

In Mapname.txt :


In this example C:/Mapname/ is where my cooked level is. This is the path that UE will use to know what files it has to place in the .pak. Make sure it points to the folder containing your cooked level.

If your path contain spaces, wrap it in quotes.

In the second parameter, replace Mapname by your map name folder. This is to indicate to the game where the .pak is supposed to be mounted ("extracted")

Run the .bat


Your .pak file has been generated in the location you specified in the .bat :


To test your file :

Remove your map from the Maps/ folder of Mordhau : to test properly, your map shouldn’t be already here.

Launch Mordhau, open the console and type

MountPak <Path to your pak>

So in our example :


Then type Changelevel yourlevelname


Your level should load. Make sure that everything is in order : Assets, textures, blueprints that you eventually used, spawns, etc.

You can now safely zip your file and upload it to the site.

When posting your map, it is highly recommended to specify what are the level names since server owners can't access that information easily.


theubre @theubre

Is there going to be a tutorial for gamemode mods (For example: Horde mode without weapons etc...)?

2cool @2cool

If it's only about restricting weapons you can already do that with simple server modifications (you can find guides about that on the modding discord.)

theubre @theubre

Only guides I've been able to find are for dedicated servers. I use g-portal (The officially sponsored host) and I can only modify the Main.ini file.

2cool @2cool

With g-portal, you need to use a FTP connection to access other files

theubre @theubre

You're a Legend, cheers!

Volix030303 @volix030303

Are we able to play these maps in a single player match?

2cool @2cool

Assuming you have already joined a server earlier that was running them, you should be able to play maps locally by typing "changelevel <levelname>" in the console, from the main menu. To get the level name, check the mod description. If the mod creator didn't specify the level(s) name(s), try with prefixes such as FFA_mapname, or use the mapname itself.
Another way, if you want to try the maps without connecting to a server running them in the first place, would be to download the .pak file from here, then mount manually this file in mordhau, like it is described in the "To test your file" part of this guide.