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How to set up custom maps on your Mordhau server

A Guide on how to set up your Server so you can play with custom Maps!


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Hello! Today I'm going to teach you how to install Custom Maps on your Server!
If you do not have a Server or are not a Server Owner you do not need this Tutorial

Step 1 / Source for Maps!

First of all, you will need a source for your average dose of dank and epic maps!
For that we will go to

You will need to create an Account to make a Server Token!

Step 2 / Finding Maps, Getting them and your ServerAuthToken!

Now click on the Mordhau Logo on the left side of the website.

Congratulations! You are now on the Mods/ Maps overview page.

You can subscribe to them by clicking the red eye symbol top right corner on each picture for the maps.

Now we come to the ServerAuthToken, for that click on your Profile Picture.

screenshot 46

Once you have done that navigate to API access (on the left side, under the logo)

Here you can see OAuth 2 Managment that is the place you create all of your tokens for your Servers if you have multiple they will be listed.
screenshot 47

Now scroll down and enter a Name for your Token in the bar saying "Token Name". After that click create token.


After you have done that a huge text should appear like this:
Click on Copy Token

screenshot 48

Step 3 / Where does the Token go?

If you are hosting from a website like g-portal

1. Go to your Server
2. Click on Configuration data on the left side.
3. Open up the Game.ini

Now look for ServerModAuthToken=

Paste your token you just copied in there like this:

screenshot 49

If you are hosting differently

You will need to access the Game.ini file on your Server located under:


Look for ServerModAuthToken=

And paste the token in there like this:

ServerModAuthToken=(your token)

Step 4/ Aftermath and Starting the Map on your Server

Well done! You now have installed the Map you wanted on your Server! (Every Map or Mod you subscribe to in the page the Server will install automaticly)

If you now join your Server you should be able to open up the Map via Console.

The Command to change the map would be:

ChangeMap (you do not need to type the < and > and this text)

So for example you have installed DiningHall you can open it with:

ChangeMap DiningHall

You will have to find out what the Names of the Servers are either by asking the map creator itself or reading the description.


Thanks for reading my Guide.

I hope I could help you setting up your Server.

If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments!

Make sure to favorize and give a thumbs up, so others can see too!

Link to Steamguide:


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chhrisiotkerson @chhrisiotkerson

I'll improve this Guide based on feedback in the upcoming days

KnightofOlde @knightofolde

what about certain maps that are stuck on preparing to download?

chhrisiotkerson @chhrisiotkerson

@knighttofolde Are you hosting a server or do you have a problem joining?

Eldasck @ya-ebanulsa

I just can instal mods, i subscribe and nothing

chhrisiotkerson @chhrisiotkerson

Eldasck did you put in the token? and restarted your server after putting it in?

Eldasck @ya-ebanulsa

Np, i not have server, i cant play on mod server, i cant download mods, i dont know why

chhrisiotkerson @chhrisiotkerson

If you are not a Server Owner you should not use It's for server owners only. You just join a server and it will automatically download the mods for you.

Emperor_ @emperor19

Bags4Days Bags4Days

this guide doesnt work. I put the Auth code in the correct spot and nothing happens
maps are all downloaded but the sever wont switch to that map
I have the same problem.. I can download my custom map, you can see my SSD space decreased 59gb>58gb. But when it's finished he reset. ( see pictures)
There is no .pak inside the \Mordhau\Content\.modio\mods, only my: modio.json. When I add manually my .pak file into it, it will work.
Is it maybe because my map is 2.5 GB ? is it too much for the mordhau servers?

Emperor_ @emperor19

I hope there comes a hotfix asap. Because it sucks now very hard, I spend around 120 hours into my map, and now it's unplayable.

eugan2231568202571 @eugan2231568202571

the 'huge text' doesnt appear for me

eugan2231568202571 @eugan2231568202571

tried it the next day and it appeared

Krompus_ @krompus1

Thanks for the guide! Could you also show us how to place custom maps into the rotation, and change the default map?

MrMaar @mrmaar1

I'm in trouble. I have a dedicated server, and i don't understand how to add a custom map. I follow your guide but when i paste the "ServModAuthToken" i can't see my server on Mordhau.

Bags4Days @bags4days

this guide doesnt work. I put the Auth code in the correct spot and nothing happens
maps are all downloaded but the sever wont switch to that map

BigLebwoski @biglebwoski

same problem maybe you have fixed it?
I am a Server owener my system is Debian10, i finde the game.ini file and put my auth. token but when i change he will throw me out of the game, when i want to join my server again nothing happens ( i think he hangs on the map whic he doesnt find) after restart my server ich join on the default map and i can play again maybe somebody knows where my problem is ?

Ⅵ•doudevil @doudevil

Great work!

TAIWAN @taiwan

抱歉我是亞洲玩家 我的英語不太好
這個是哪來做什麼的 為什麼我下載 的地圖都是.pak而不是.uexp or .uasset
Sorry, I am an Asian player. My English is not very good.
What is this doing? Why are the maps I downloaded are .pak instead of .uexp or .uasset
希望 有教學視頻
Hope there is a teaching video
thx you

2cool @2cool

Are you a server owner or only a player ?

TAIWAN @taiwan

my sv admin

TAIWAN @taiwan

每當伺服器重開 他又重新下載一樣的mod都要等待一段時間 我的sv才會讀取完畢
Whenever the server is reopened, he will re-download the same mod and wait for a while. My sv will be read.
Can you fix this problem?

TAIWAN @taiwan

It is reasonable to not download the mod that has been downloaded.

TAIWAN @taiwan

導致伺服器讀取 更久要等下載完畢才能賭取完
Especially when you subscribe to a lot of maps
Your server has to wait for a long time
Because they are doing repeated downloads
Cause the server to read longer. Wait until the download is complete before you can finish the bet.
You will see your server appear on the client side.

Dave_Ponchostaine @dave-ponchostaine

I'm not getting that "huge text" part either. Does anyone know how to fix that?


On when I input a title for my key nothing pops up. I can refresh the page, its listed under Steam Oauth Client with no option to display the key, only to invalidate it. Can't progress without that key

2cool @2cool

it's a bug, try again with another web browser

Enew @enew

Is it okay that I pasted ServerModAuthToken= into my configuration file? I did not find it when originally opened the config file. Should I have a API automatically in my profile? I created everything manually and don't know if that is acceptable.

Sspud @sspud

This tutorial needs reworking

basbas192 @basbas192

The tutorial worked fine for me.
Only thing is when changing my server's map,
I (and my friends) get returned to the main menu and can't join back (Even through the console)
Anyone got something similar?

BigLebwoski @biglebwoski

same issue maybe you fixed it

nomace @nomace

I cant see the pictures, especially screenshot 49, show me what's there

Diablo9 @diablo91

for mods you just need to subscribe

ErezBerez @erezberez

i put the token restarted the server and tried to switch to a map. i did everything correctly and nothing works

AnimalMother007 @animalmother007

followed instructions. it sends me back to the main menu doesnt work