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Server configuration

How to configure your Mordhau server


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How to get a Mordhau server ?

1. You can rent one from a server provider. Here is a (outdated) price comparison made by PatPeter the Mordhau forums.

2. You can host one yourself. Here is a Dedicated Server Hosting Guide available on a Mordhau wiki site.

It is worth mentioning that most community maps are cooked (compiled) for Windows environment. They can run on Linux servers, but there can be a few issues especially with collisions (resulting in players falling through the floor for instance). Ideally, a map maker will specify if his map is compatible, or provide a workaround for your server (a linux version that you will have to install manually).

If you want to host a server running community maps, for now it is more convenient to go for the Windows platform. If you're not sure what OS the server provider uses, you better ask their support before renting one.

How to host community maps on my server ?

1. In your server files, go to Mordhau\Saved\Config\WindowsServer(or linuxserver)\ and open Game.ini.

Under [/Script/Mordhau.MordhauGameSession], add the following line for each mod you want to install :



The ModID can be found on each mod page :


So you would end up with something like this :


And save the file.

2. Restart your server. The mods will download automatically, which can take some time. Once done, your server will show up in the browser.

Players joining your server will now be auto-subscribed to the mods that you are hosting and download them !

If you can't access game.ini on your provider's interface : You will need to access the Mordhau\Saved\Config\WindowsServer(or linuxserver)\Game.ini file using FTP protocol.

For instance here is how to access your files on a g-portal server : g-portal wiki

How to add a community map to the rotation ?

In Game.ini, add a line for each level under [/Script/Mordhau.MordhauGameMode], for example :



If the creator didn't specify its level names in the description, feel free to ask him in the comments.

Do not add paths, just the level name. If you are miswriting a level name your server might have issues during map rotation

Adding maps to the rotation makes them available for the voting screen.

How to set the default map ?

In Engine.ini, add



You'll need the complete path to the level, you can ask the mod creator if you're not sure what it is.

For example : ServerDefaultMap=/Game/Mordhau/Maps/TaigaMap/FL_Taiga

How mods updates are managed ?

When a mod is updated, you have to restart your server to get the update.

Client side (=players' side), the mods updates are checked on game start, and downloaded in the background if a new version is available. It is independant from the version that is on your server.

When joining a server, it won't check if the versions are the same, but rather check if the mod is subscribed client side, and if yes, if it is in the download queue or not (ie if a new version has been detected on game start and is in the process of being downloaded.). If the mod is subscribed and not being updated, the player can join the server.

That means that there are multiple scenarios where versions can differ and yet the player will be able to join the map. This explains some bugs that the players may encounter on your server after a mod update.

Restarting your server and having the player restart their game will fix these version issues.

How to modify basic parameters ? (score to win, respawn time, match duration...)

These modifications are done in the same Game.ini file.


Duration times are defined in seconds.

How to set your server to 120 Tick ?

15:1Go to \Mordhau\Saved\Config\WindowsServer
Open the engine.ini file and add the 2 following lines :


Save the file and restart your server.

If you want to verifiy what is the tickrate on a server, type "m. ShowServerStats 1" in the console. This will display these stats on your screen :


To remove the stats type "m. ShowServerStats 0"

How to restrict certain weapons and equipments ?

One possibility is to use the mod made by Cswic :

I need help !

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Taki7o7_Testserver @taki7o7-testserver

Great guide, thanks for bringing those infos together

joihard @joihard

How to restrict certain weapons and equipments ?

2cool @2cool

The answers were in this guide. with the 25th november update you won't be able to do it this way anymore. i'll update guides when we have gathered enough info.

Paandizz2 @paandizz2

Can you create a guide for installing Skin/audio mods for servers?

2cool @2cool

These kind of mods are local only, so you can't install them on servers.
Some modded maps have additional weapons etc but in this case, you don't have to do anything, just host the map

jbister @jbister

Hey man, I was wondering if you had any updates on this. I'm currently trying to modify horse respawns and afk timers but I'm not having any luck

grndjnugget @grndjnugget

Guides still need updating for those is us who want to edit weapons etc

2cool @2cool

what do you mean exactly by edit weapons ?

grndjnugget @grndjnugget

for example turning off ranged enemies in horde mode, and changing the pricing on weapons, giving gold etc

2cool @2cool

These are not things you can do with files modifications (maybe the ranged ennemies but would probably cause issues) it would be doable in a mod tho

BlockedBarbecue @blockedbarbecue

I added my token, but i cant change the map to the modded one on my server (i have installed map from joining to different server).

2cool @2cool

You need to sub to the maps and then restart your server

Syrup1594517224 @syrup1594517224

Do I have to put MOD in Content \ Paks?

To set up a mod server

nils1617888473 @nils1617888473

I have g-portal server but i don´t have a WindowsServer File in my Mordhau Files how could i fix that?

JackBeanGaming @jackbeangaming

Where do i put the actual mod folder?