Helms Deep for MORDHAU

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Published by Zoom2 (mod ID: 148468)


Helms Deep Horde mode!

Make sure you also download the dependencies for the mod to work.

Console command to start the map "Open HRD_Helmsdeep"

It's recommended you play with atleast 15 players.

The Helms Deep update is here!

1) Uruk Hai Custom Armor
2) Rohan Custom Armor
3) Custom Uruk Voices
3) Everyone spawns as a Rohan soldier with custom armor (Doesn't mess with your armory)
4) Buffed Uruk blade damage
5) Buffed all AI slightly
6) Buffed Uruk Crossbow damage
7) Fixed AI walking through the wall breach
8) Fixed wall breach related issues regarding sounds and damage
9) Fixed AI getting stuck on ladders
10) Fixed soundtrack issue
11) Built lighting
12) More improved FPS
13) Added Capes
14) Added a barrier that prevents you from going outside the fortress
15) Added Round shields and heater shields with held block.
16) Ogres have uruk armor and do mass ragdoll on hit and kick
17) The addbots command spawns Rohan soldiers
18) Nerfed Uruk pike stab damage
19) Nerfed Beserker stab damage
20) Added a console command to change music sound with "ce music 0.5"

Hyde: Armor models
Vari and Wintersky: Scripters
Hyde and Zoom: Level designer
Duckalot: Voices

Next patch will include elven armors.


Castle Vari
Castle Vari Dependencies
Feitoria Epic Horde




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SuperiorSandLesbian @superiorsandlesbian

Hello thank you for this map it is a dream come true. Would it be possible to make the barrier not knock you over but instead just be an invisible wall? Keep up the amazing work ๐Ÿ˜‰

mikel666 @mikel666

My thoughts so far:
Uruk. spear was supposed to be nerfed or range reduced ...didn't happen,
I thought its no range server - and most of ranged weapons are quite expensive or even funnier, absent that's OK - but uruk crossbow take more then 50 health, so uruks are like elf's now?
- How about disabling range for uruks once inside walls? or nerfing it? or making bolts fly slower if possible? It could be interesting to block them.

No new weapons or even basic - from M - was added. Cant also pick or buy enemies weapons so hmm kinda unfair that simple uruks have their special - lol on contract - weapons :P , more mumbling about no new weapons :D,
Castle have no defective weapons ;/
Triple jumping is gone, not funny i hoped for some more funny/interesting mechanics not less. Instead there is double or sth but not as useful as before..
- How about adding higher jump then?

New shield YES finally some new equipment - despite M weak gameplay with shields
NPCs really looks and sounds like form lotr , their armour and weapons looks like LotR GREAT,
- Not sure about target switching of enemies: sometimes npcs makes 180s circle during attack cause other player was closer ...? They not just have eyes in in XXX back but also ice-skating that's kinda cheating doesn't it ?
Also also npcs can combo kick and normal attack faster then player ?

Big heavy units are still a mess - fighting with them is no fun for me, spongy as hell even more then original ogre and i still prefer fighting ogre - better more clear and easier to avoid move set and still quite challenging - that just my opinion though.
- How about adding some weak spot for them? Like throat or something, anything is better then what it is now

All players receive proper nice looking armour - although cape could be cut it looks too weird without proper physics
Final round on horses is crazy ... and too short, plus could have more space
Great atmosphere and sounds - also way to change volume near exit form spawn point, on the wall
Units finally walk through ladders - usually :P

Still could be longer - more rounds ?
How about adding perk with stamina for kill - furry or Second Wind ?
Perk - Rush: Instantly begin sprinting upon killing an enemy ?
Perk - Huntsman: Bows, Crossbows, and Throwables do additional damage if you hit the torso or head of an enemy who is also wielding a Bow/Crossbow ?
No kite? Adding kite is a must especially if team is not too big. Now some admin must attend cause there is no other way since its too easiy to die form flying ******* botls
Also having 65 players on server will make server crawl - like 300 to 400 ping

Still despite all this my ******** - sorry mate - probably the best map for horde in all M so far - for medium size party. Just have at least 10 or 15 people to play it. Really looking forward for improvements.

PS NPCs in grizzly hills are still a mess :P

Celudoc @celudoc

So this one is definitely more fun than moria! I'm curious if you gained some new insight on this one, cuz the dynamics are fantastic. I love the 2 main paths out of the inner fort that players can take (there's been tons of discussion on which is the right one in my server) and i REALLY love the horse finale, that's a stellar touch to it. And the music also helps.

My only gripe would be the cheese point at the top of the curved staircase, but thats purely cuz I dislike cheese methods for multiplayer coop. I'm sure you are likely aware that the horde stops at the spiral staircase and players just sit right before the horde gets stuck and thrust spam.

I've also seen a bug where one or more of the horde would get stuck UNDER the fort, in that big open space underneath the structure. Not sure how they get in there (i want to say its from the busted wall side) but it forces everyone to have to suicide to restart the map.

Keep up the great work! I heard rumor that there may be another lotr map in the works? Excited to add to my L0TR server if it comes out.

Revolver_Ocelot @revolver-ocelot

Can you make a version (or tell me how to setup a version) of this where I could play with about a party of 4-5? I haven't seen past the 1st round because the counter never goes down.

Zoom2 @zoom2

You can reduce the number of enemies in the config

SeanCarv1 @seancarv1

Would that also work on Moria?

Revolver_Ocelot @revolver-ocelot

The game.ini config? I'm new modding for Mordhau. Could you walk me through it?

SeanCarv1 @seancarv1

I think you can use the Castle Vari mod to scales waves, trying that now.

mikel666 @mikel666

Great map but now its way to short :D didnt manage to buy even full gear. Level design is really nice with some shortcuts ladders, weird colours though and i cant put my fingers on it whats wrong with it. LoTR was always quite grounded in reality so no strange staff, here i cant say what walls and castle is made of. NPCs are really great, balanced: challenge , good design, though theirs spears are kinda annoying all in all great and fun to mess with. Still lacking some weapons to buy like 2handler - didn't find so i can be wrong, pole-hammer, uruk spear, sword and shield. How about adding some LoTR weapons? But this will require more way around it. Still its one of best npcs and map for horde

Dear Zoom when are you going to "fix" npcs in GrizzlyHills :P

Zoom2 @zoom2

It's gonna take some time but as soon as we get stuff fixed on helms deep, we intend to fix moria and then grizzly. I wanna keep the new stuff a suprise :)

Albatrocity @albatrocity

When I try to switch to Helms deep map, I get kicked to the main menu with this message, "Failed to connect to the Steam servers" or something like that. I downloaded the dependencies and added the mod number to my server config files. Other mods work fine. Any suggestions?

FrostyBoskitzo @frostyboskitzo

Trying to get this running on a Dedicated Linux Server; any advice? Mod doesn't seem to want to load from

dd9 @dd91

We figured out it's Windows only.

Solved @solved

linux compatibility is always a pain in the *** to do , but normally its just collisions that would break , the rest should still be working

Revolver_Ocelot @revolver-ocelot

Is the round endless? Please make it finite or allow respawns.

YaBoiCaphziel @caphziel2

It's 15 waves

Revolver_Ocelot @revolver-ocelot

Just installed it on server, works great so far. What is the Heavy Longbow supposed to do and why does it have 3 shots?

Albatrocity @albatrocity

Are you using g-portal? I can't get friends to join my server while running this mod.

Revolver_Ocelot @revolver-ocelot

yes I'm using g-portal

Zoom2 @zoom2

It's a bug that will be fixed in the next few days.