Helms Deep for MORDHAU

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Published by Zoom2 (mod ID: 148468)


Helms Deep Horde mode!

Console command to start the map "Open HRD_Helmsdeep"

Whole new version with fixes for patch 21.

Hyde: Armor models
Vari and Wintersky: Scripters
Hyde and Zoom: Level designer
Duckalot: Voices


Castle Vari
Castle Vari Dependencies
Feitoria Epic Horde











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motisu1625945944 @motisu1625945944


trenzo @trenzo

WHY CAN THEY OPEN THE GATE? please fix this otherwise great map

Fakynator @fakynator

Hello guys,
i just wanna play this mode on my server, which i rent via g-portal, but there are no guides whatsoever. Can u pls direct me to some good guide, how to install this on my server? The open command doesnt work

4nez @4nez

Really great, one of my favorites! A note to Linux server owners, this map did not work for me with the standard linux server set up. You need to install the Windows server and run it through wine, it runs without issues though. There's a docker image here, but you can just read the dockerfile if you want to install it manually without docker.

SAC2COURSEE @sac2coursee

I can't use it on my server , server start but i don't see it in my the server list and can't connect via console (i have 4 Mod : 3 Map and Generic Admin Menu)
Please Fix the map for server use Helms Deep look insane.

jsd1988 @jsd1988

players cant die when i put this on my server, any ideas?

AmishGod @amishgod

wasnt taking any damage and the whole time no matter how far away you are all you hear in orcs screaming in your ears

AmishGod @amishgod

im sure you know but this mod is currently borked lol

Zoom2 @zoom2

Currently fixing the issue.

changc009 @changc009

This is Epic, whoever made this, they deserve this honor

[TFD]Kami @tfdkami

Really really really cool mod/map. Thanks for making this it is my favorite.

As everyone here. I have some tips & bugs to mention:
-tip; is it possible to change the weather and daytime when wave 10 starts to a sunny morning?
-bug; not being able to move when the game restarts. The player can fix this by rejoining the server. So maybe it is an idea to give 10/20 seconds more build up time in wave 1. So, people have time to rejoin.
-bug/"feature"; if you are behind a mounted crossbow when wave 9 ends. You will not get teleported to the horses. But get kicked up, get some damage and stay behind the mounted crossbow. But this could also be seen as a "feature" if you don't wanna ride a horse.

Again thanks for this awesome mod.

hfreist @hfreist

players have fund a bug to get in the sky and go to the right bit stone hill in the right side of the enemy spawn
this should be fixed.
Also please keep the changelog updated

SOLDIERmordhau @soldiermordhau

I added this map and all the dependencies to my server but every time someone spawns in at the start of the map they fall right through the floor. Do you know a fix for this?

dirkDiggler531 @dirkdiggler531

did you figure out how to fix this?

TheMurderHorn @themurderhorn

I'm having trouble joining any server with this mod. Keep getting stuck at "Preparing to download mods..." Been through all the troubleshooting I can think of. Any suggestions?

SOLDIERmordhau @soldiermordhau

When it says that for me I delete all the mods in mordhau (cog icon in top right->Manage Mods-> right click and uninstall every mod) then i connect to the server again. If that doesn't work try uninstalling all the mods again then close mordhau, then in steam right click mordhau->properties->Local Files->Verify integrity of game files, then try connecting to server again

SoomRK @soomrk

Love the update, thanks for fixing the cheese spots and making it a real fun challenging map!
I love fleshwound but I have heard most of the people that play on the bigger servers say they do not like it I just thought id relay their feedback.

Zoom2 @zoom2

Thanks for the reply! It's a newscript we're testing out and a lot of thought went into allowing beserkers/crossbows the fleshwound perk, however we thought it'd be a waste only to use it on the ogres.

mikel666 @mikel666

Still looks good and still have some annoying bugs like quite a lot npcs can stuck on ladders or bellow them for unknown reason. - although updates fix some too.

All npcs still are kinda strangely tough and flinch little or none from cuts or bludgeoning which is strange , including "big npcs" - in their case is fine - all also can spin 360 when necessary wtf?...looks funny but its dumb. All have eyes everywhere so can see with theirs back. NPCs spear are still too long - and heavy quite the damage - but players cant pick it up nor buy it. Would be really cool to pick up weapons form defeated enemies....

Big NPCs are now more interesting - when their attack is blocked they throw you away...would be nice top have some heavy shields or sth to fight them? Also there really little coin for every that fresh wound perk was introduced its really annoying to receive so for a villager...

Level still lacking zweihander, polehammer, executor sword - npcs got some cheated version - and most ranged weapons - which is fine, ranged weapons were never main focus here...but fun and challenging game - as sb. said...was supposed to be fair too I heard. There are couple moded weapons ...they are fun and nice looking but still bugged and cant be picked up once threw to the ground...and alt for 1h sword is throw...

Players still doesn't have access to "kates" or other respawning method after all this updates and moaning for it. So map can be annoying as hell. Although admins can respawn completely free and resurrect others players too....which often do...why cheat when you can make it fair with buyable items...also for everyone?

How about adding more perks at begging and loosing some after deaths, so beginning wasn't so annoying?

Vari @vari

-Why are you playing a 15 player map with too few people to win?
-This map won't have every weapon, learn to play without bizarre zwei and exec mechanics...
-Stop begging for respawns, that's annoying as hell. It's not supposed to be easy for 4 people to win. You're not playing on an updated version, you can't drop modded weapons

Zoom2 @zoom2

I don't know which server you play on where you can drop weapons but the new update doesn't allow you to throw or drop your weapon special weapon when picked up. It's a "fix" to not being allowed to grab the weapon when it's dropped since we couldn't find a good fix for that.

Thank you for the feedback though, I'll consider some of your suggestions :)