HordePlus for MORDHAU

Released (updated ago). Ranked 25 of 1,036 with 15,883 (29 today) downloads

Published by Sumerian/Future카p! (mod ID: 883535)


Applied Patch #22 (UE 4.25 +)

Vanilla Horde + Modified/New Elements

Made for my own Sumerian Horde server but anyone can open.

Please also add MetaMod on your server mod list!

Modified/New Features

  • Players have Fireproof and Flesh Wound Perks
  • Increased inventory size to 9 and moved fists slot to the first slot
  • Disabled AFK Kick Time
  • Blunt slash attack with Iron/Steel weapons deal chip damage on blocked
  • Ranged Mastery (Bows/Crossbows/ThrowingKnives/ThrowingAxes)
    ㅇ Each kills with ranged will increase the projectile damage
    ㅇ Replenishment rate will be slightly faster depends on the player's kill
    ㅇ Shooting/Throwing process will be slightly shorten depends on the player's ranged kill
    ㅇ Killing with ranged will heal the player depends on the player's ranged kill (5hp with 50 >= ranged kills, 10hp with 100>= ranged kills)
    ㅇ Dealing damage with ranged will heal the player depends on the player's ranged kill (5hp with 200 >= ranged kills)
  • Parrying Melee attack heals player depends on the player's kill amount.
    ㅇ 100 kills heals 5 HP, 200 - 10, 300 - 15, 400 - 20, 500 - 25
  • Hero's Will Perk
    ㅇ This Perk will be enabled when the player has killed more than 300 kills.
    ㅇ When player is dying (Flesh Wound), gives player a chance to survive, heals full health and stamina.
    ㅇ It can be re-enabled 3 minutes after the last activation.
  • If a player killed more than 600, the player will be healed 5 hp on taking damage when the player isn't burning.
  • Nerfed Seymour's Longsword
  • Some bosses will drop their Unique weapons(◎) on death (Nightmare/Hell difficulties won't drop)
  • Yeets and Ninjas will be killed with a single hit
  • Shielded Enemies receive more damage from melee and ranged hits
  • Custom Bosses, Minions
  • Adjusted Armor Costs, Random Chests Items
  • Adjusted Wave clear reward gold amount
  • New Maps (Contraband, The Pit, Tourney)
  • Purchasable Perks (Lesser Bloodlust, Rush, Fury, Dodge, Unflinchable, Tank)
  • Superior(○)/Rare(●) Weapons can be rooted from random chests
  • Nightmare/Hell difficulties beyond 21th wave (22-28/29-31)


  • HRD_CampPlus
  • HRD_CastelloPlus
  • HRD_FeitoriaPlus
  • HRD_GradPlus
  • HRD_MountainPeakPlus
  • HRD_TaigaPlus
  • HRD_CrossroadsPlus

New Small Maps (Weapons are only purchasable from the Random Chests)

  • HRD_ContrabandPlus
  • HRD_ThePitPlus
  • HRD_TourneyPlus

Recommended Mod

  • MetaMod (This will fix blank maps in vote map screen!)

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Helliga_Helvete @helvete1997

failed to change map. Any thoughts ? =)


What command did you use?
For example, if you would like to play camp, 'changelevel hrd_campplus' will do it for you. Of course, you should be an admin.

Helliga_Helvete @helvete1997

Hi, i was admin with my login and i changed to HRD_gradplus, and it like disconnects for a second just to fail
maybe i have something wrong in my server config, but everything looks right to me ^^


If you are using other mods, can you tell me the list?
Also if your client mod version and server mod version mismatch, It can kick you. Try deleting .modio directory before starting server and you, launch Mordhau - Go settings - Manage Mods - Delete HordePlus - Restart Mordhau - Join your server. Version mismatch often happens thanks to Mordhau or, I added deleting directory line at my server start script.

Helliga_Helvete @helvete1997

ahh i tried the folder thing then verify game but i forgot you could uninstall mods ingame, thanks!

also i used some mods such as crowdependencies and GAM etc


Crowdependencies is a dependency, so I think it is okay but GAM might not work with HordePlus.

PrinceRobeeb @princerobeeb

This mod no longer seems to work. I have the most up-to-date hordplus.pak's in the server's files and clientside, but every time I try to load it up, it boots me


It works...! I just tested it.
This page might help you.

PrinceRobeeb @princerobeeb

Additionally, MetaMod is a hidden mod and I can't subscribe to it.
I appreciate you replying, but nothing in that generic guide applies to the issue here.
At first I was getting a client server mismatch issue, so I restarted the server so it could update. Now only the Plus maps are unplayable. I manually installed the paks, afterwards, and though I no longer get mismatch errors, the "failed to connect to server" error persists.
I am now adding the modID for MetaMod in case that has become a contingent mod for Horde Plus. I'll let you know how that goes. Thank you. :)

Sumerian/Future카p! is too unstable when a mod is updated. So I added deleting .modio directory at server side Mordhau server launch script. You should try this. This is the clear way to install the latest version. Just restarting server didn't help in that case for me. And for the client, I always delete my mods from main menu - settings - manage mods and restart Mordhau and then join the server. MetaMod currently has some problem so the Mod creator is fixing it. I'm sure the modder will upload it soon...! I hope you soon play this...! I'm playing this now.

PrinceRobeeb @princerobeeb

Here's my update: Attempting to add MetaMod prevents the server from starting at all, as expected.
I always make sure to erase all of my mods whenever one of them stops working, just in case somehow one of them is stopping another from working.
I'm going to delete the modio folder from my server and repair it, and try again. I do not expect this to work, since it did not work the last two times. But I know that Mordhau is a very fragile game when it comes to mods.
thanks, again.
I also hope to be playing your mod soon(again)

PrinceRobeeb @princerobeeb

I've found a very weird occurrence with, I suspect.
I would erase the mod from my folder whenever I removed it from the server, so that my client would be able to redownload the updated file.
However, **The PAK never made its way into the 883535 mod folder from the in-game mod download that happens when you join a server with mods you don't have.**
It says "Preparing to Download Mods," then it completes and attempts to join the server, but it never adds the PAK to the folder.

Embarrassed that I never checked the folder to make sure the pak was actually inside it!
Adding the HordePlus PAK manually fixed my issue, but I wonder how many other people aren't getting mods simply because the download doesn't work.

Sumerian/Future카p! is... really exhausting...

♤GilbertKewley @gilbertkewley

i put this onto my server and works but for some reason i cant play on it only can specate any answers???


Maybe your client and server version mismatch

Helliga_Helvete @helvete1997

wow man i don't know how happy i am with this mod, shame the developers have to launch useless hotfixes with the smallest detail no one cares about, keep it up man!

Yeeety @yeeety

Oh man I love this mod!! Specially after last big patchie.
If you're up for some suggestions for additional things, here are mine:
- increasing inventory from 6 to 9
- adding special (boss-) weapons to random chests with a relatively rare chance to drop
- adding multiple jump (I know this is a difficult one, but would be a great way to flee those encirclement, bots love to do)
- reducing AI's range attacks (specially turds)

One small bug I encountered is the brightness on Taiga, which is too damn high :p
Besides that, everything is just awsome! Keep up the good work.


Thanks for the reply! Taiga lighting matter is fixed now.
And your suggestions, you must really enjoyed my previous Sumerian Mod...!
I would add those features in some different way someday.

Yeeety @yeeety

But of course. Sumerian was a literal game changer, in a positive way :)
No need to rush tho, who knows what devs will bring up with the next patchie/hotfix.
I believe modding can be really tedious in some way.

Taki7o7 @taki7o7