Isla Kivuli for MORDHAU

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Published by YourSponsor (mod ID: 112724)


A large island map for horde mode that rewards exploration and parkour.

Big thanks to Varinathras, Zoom, and the rest of the mordhau modding discord for their assistance in troubleshooting.

As of Patch 19, the game allegedly is supposed to ensure players grab the most recent version even if they currently have a previous version downloaded, but in some cases this doesn't occur correctly and players will be running an old version on their client even if the server is running the most recent version. If this is happening to you, you will be disconnected from the server with a mismatch error should anything occur that would cause conflicting events between your version and the server's version. Uninstall the map via the mod management menu and then rejoin the server, that will ensure that you grab the correct version.

open hrd_islakivuli

changelevel hrd_islakivuli

-Added the Round Shield to the map
-Changed the rare chests into common chests
-Tweaked with the AI behavior of the new Confident Duelist units
-Tweaked with the enemy composition of lategame waves

-Fixed background music restarting when many overlapping sounds play
-Added additional gold coins and golden statues
-Added additional common chests
-Common chests will now respawn 20 minutes after being used
-Common chests now contain the horde mode variants of weapons instead of the battle royale variants (ranged weapons deal horde mode's damage and have horde mode's ammunition amount, and blunt weapons properly deal chip damage)
-Re-added Pandemonium Edge, abilities are placeholder and may change later
-Wave 19 Kingsguard are now far more defensively skilled
-Increased the number of enemies on wave 11
-Tweaked with enemy composition of lategame waves
-Changed the outfits of the lategame black knights to be more consistent and easy to identify with their uniform red helmets
-Added an unassuming but dangerous new enemy to mid-to-lategame waves
-Removed the white stone bridge leading from spawn island across the channel (you can still reach the other side by jumping)
-Kivuli's War Glaive strike damage reduced, notable hit-to-kill change being it can no longer oneshot Tier 2 Heads
-Kivuli's War Glaive stab chip damage removed
-Kivuli's War Glaive strike chip damage reduced from 33% to 20%
-Kivuli's War Glaive superfluous alternate mode removed (the only thing it did before was increase the release timing and knockback)
-Red Tracer long-release instant death attack shifted from stab to strike
-Red Tracer no longer ragdolls enemies on block
-Red Tracer strike now has 20% chip damage (lethal to non-bosses)
-Tumba Muerte strike damage reduced, no hit-to-kill changes
-Tumba Muerte stab chip damage removed
-Tumba Muerte strike chip damage reduced from 70% to 20%
-Tumba Muerte strike windup time increased from 700ms to 750ms, release time decreased from 600ms to 525ms
-Tumba Muerte miss recovery increased from .7 seconds to .9 seconds
-Tumba Muerte block stamina negation reduced from 13 to 5
-Tumba Muerte strike miss stamina cost increased from 10 to 50
-Tumba Muerte strike hit stamina reward increased from 10 to 15
-Chalice of Plenty stab windup time increased from 300ms to 450ms, release time increased from 300ms to 350ms
-Chalice of Plenty strike damage reduced, notable hit-to-kill change being it can no longer twoshot Tier 3 Torsos (can still oneshot Tier 3 Heads)
-Chalice of Plenty price increased from 600 to 700

-Fixed certain areas where enemies would get stuck on terrain
-Fixed the Falcata of Hoards not giving you usable money on hit when playing on a server
-Fixed the Chalice of Plenty not giving you health regeneration and health on hit when playing on a server
-Removed Pandemonium Edge (will reintroduce later when it's fixed)

-Fixed some messy code in the weapon Pandemonium Edge

-Added a new hidden weapon, credit to Don_Falcone for the model
-Changed the staircase leading up to one of the wooden structures

-Fixed weird collision with some areas
-Addressed more cheese spots
-Buffed Impact Brand
-Added two additional Golden Statues, bringing the total to 12

-Various bug fixes, especially to do with collision (I.E. getting stuck on the doorways in the houses at spawn island)
-Minor optimization pass
-Added new terrain, including a new cave, to encourage exploration
-Added many more loose coins scattered around the map, to encourage exploration
-Added more loot chests around the map, to encourage exploration
-Added special golden statues hidden around the map that award a lot of money when found, to encourage exploration
-Added a new enemy unit that will spawn in mid-to-late waves that awards a lot of money when slain
-Added a new hidden weapon, credit to GRIP420 for the model
-Greatly reduced the amount of wave completion gold in early waves
-Increased the amount of wave completion gold in later waves
-Slightly increased the prices of all hidden weapons
-Made the corner jump along the route to the pickaxe slightly easier
-Modified the behavior of the Fencers
-Increased the gold awarded for killing Fencers, Heater Shield Knights, and all ranged enemy types
-Expanded the arsenal of Black Smokebomb units to now include Scythes
-Expanded the arsenal of early game peasants to now include sticks, pitchforks, and other peasant weapons
-Buffed the Chalice of Plenty
-Buffed the Falcata of Hoards
-"Fixed" many "cheese" spots
-Increased the number of player spawn locations to prevent players from being trapped in spectator mode

-Compatible with Patch 18, so enemies will no longer stand still at their spawn locations
-Loose coins now provide 5 gold each instead of 1 (Previously 150 gold worth of coins in the map, now 750)
-Shortspear purchase price increased from 80 to 90

-Fixed the Music Selection not functioning on servers

-Added Music selection at the docks
-Added gold coins that you can pick up scattered around the map
-Minor AI pathfinding improvements
-Replaced Kivuli's War Sword with Kivuli's War Glaive
-Rebalanced and repriced most hidden weapons
-Removed toolbox ammo (Toolbox still works. I admit defeat, uSDK, I cannot fix you)
-Increased gold reward for killing Oscar
-Increased gold reward for killing Heater Shield Knights
-Fixed crazy face glitch
-Transformed the mesh of the Falcata of Hoards to better match its new hitbox

-Increased the number of player spawns from 6 to 18; this should alleviate situations where players in highly populated servers will take a long time to spawn, or sometimes not at all

-Tweaked the mesh of Quillrain
-Minor collision fixes

-Increased the gold reward for killing Fencers, Heater Shield Knights, and all minibosses
-Buffed the Falcata of Hoards

-New Terrain
-Moved the location of the Recurve Bow
-Moved the location of the Falchion
-Overhauled most hidden weapons. Expect a lot more fun.
-Minor AI pathfinding improvements
-Fixed toolbox ammunition
-Quillrain now has purchasable ammunition

-Tweaked Kivuli's War Sword
-Tweaked Red Tracer
-Fixes to various minor collision errors

-Fencers are better at defending themselves
-Buffed the Red Tracer
-Tweaked the Tumba Muerte
-Buffed the Kivuli's War Sword
-Minor AI pathfinding improvements

-Added new landmark terrain
-Heater Shield Knights are now far better at defending themselves but appear less numerously in waves
-Buffed the Chalice of Plenty
-Added a new hidden weapon (Stats are placeholder; for now it is simply a powerful sword. Credit to Ole Gunnar Isager for the model)
-Increased the amount of wave-completion gold received from early waves
-Lowered the volume of the ambient music (You can control its volume via the escape menu music slider)
-Moved the location of the Rapier
-Fixed numerous locations where you could fall and become stuck in
-Fixed the Chalice of Plenty not healing on strike
-Fixed the Tumba Muerte instantly killing enemies that block a strike from it

-Minor AI tweaks
-Buffed the Chalice of Plenty

-Reduced the speed of Gold Trim knights (Black Red knights remain unchanged)
-Drastically changed the enemy type distribution across all waves (Less fast knight congestion in later waves)

-AI pathfinding improvements
-Buffed the Chalice of Plenty

-Minor optimization pass

-Added a new cave system close to the castle. Don't forget to bring a torch!
-Added a new hidden weapon
-Pathways leading to certain (but not all) secret weapons have had the mineable rocks blocking them removed
-Nerfed Oscar and The King

-Nerfed Hollows
-Disabled friendly fire

-A certain parkour jump near the castle ruins is no longer lethal should you fall
-Added a new secret weapon, credit for the model goes to Batuhan13
-Added a standalone torch to go alongside the torch+targe
-Tweaked the cost and stats of the Falcata of Hoards
-Minor bug fixes related to collision
-Most bosses will flinch now, but are more aggressive
-Minor bug fixes related to collision
-Disabled friendly fire
-Added 4 new enemy types
-Major AI pathfinding improvements
-Added an all new custom horde mode
-Fixed mineable rocks not disappearing when struck with a pickaxe
-AI pathfinding improvements
-Minor optimization pass
-Minor bug fixes related to collision
-AI pathfinding improvements
-Major optimization pass
-AI pathfinding improvements
-Fixed being able to escape the island
-Fixed meshes and textures of certain weapons not appearing
-Added Toolbox
-Minor performance optimization
-AI pathfinding improvements

















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.Falkor. @falkor7

Made this for you :)

Yeahya! @yeahya

This is one of best Horde maps for sure! Challenging as all hell, but still super cool. Bravo! Well done mate.

Vari @vari

Highly recommended. Lots of hidden custom weapons, custom bots, custom background music, it was a pleasure helping you fix some details :)

mikel666 @mikel666

Not recommend after being stuck again - near toolbox- in endless fall animation i loose my patience. Level looks nice but its bugy mess for now.

YourSponsor @yoursponsor

Can you be specific about the particular spot you became trapped in? I cannot fix it if I don't know where it is, nor can I address any other things that make it a "bugy mess" if I don't know what they are. Your previous comment was very constructive and helpful, and I addressed most of the issues raised in it (toolbox ammo still eludes me). If there are new problems you'd like to bring up, you should format it similarly to help the speed at which I am able to solve them. Thanks for trying the level!

mikel666 @mikel666

Ok my patience is back :) - garbage close to toolbox - the one near spawning point, once you take it if you try to fall and walk/jump through garbage(some barrels and staff) lying there you will start shaking/fall animation...hope it will help

YourSponsor @yoursponsor

Found it and fixed it. Will be rolling out alongside other changes in the next patch. Thank you!

mikel666 @mikel666

Really nice looking level
things to add/improve
- add some lights like torches around purchasable weapons and armours not all just some are really difficult to notice ;/
- "bosses are super annoying no stagger, no flinch ...and as fast as anybody else wtf?
- some structures can be walked through(like piece of the tower around heavy chest).
- First enemies are weirdly resistant despite heaving only clothes :/ so starting with fist - yes saw free chests - is no go. Pikes have become useless ;/ because of that ...
- turd make them throw less/ less damage per turd/no damage just stagger/no turd like in most levels form Vari.
- toolbox ammo not working
- this "red/dirty water" should slowly kill players AND NPC's! For now 5 sek is too short time to leave - especially near the bridges easier to fall impossible to reach nearest shore with this time ;/ and npc just fall there ...and stay there like nothing...throwing turd lol

Still looking forward for updates the idea and looks for npcs and level is really good.

Vari @vari

Very well done for your first mod :O
2 things for improvement though:
-Your 900g item is invisible. I dropped it to switch gear... rip. It's also absurdly long, hitting every wall.
-The music going on repeat... would like to mute it. No idea how to do so though, maybe we can think of something.

devoted101 @devoted101

one of the best mod in this game, just beautiful. Hope to play on this mods in a smaller version for skm but with the same ambience. Nice work

Solved @solved

Not bad for a first mod , id recommend reducing the map size by using stock textures as much as you can