Roman Style Arena with Square Ring in the middle.
Built specifically as a competitive boxing map for the communities boxing tournaments. However can also serve as a comp duel arena. NOW MOD.IO AUTO-DOWNLOAD ENABLED !

This map also has new interactive features.

Map command: Kraken_Arena

Version 1.03 (Auto-download and FFA support, now includes a lever that sinks the Boxing arena below the ground: opening the arena for casual and comp duels)

Performance optimisation: 4.7/5 (where 3 is ok frame rate, 5 is German level optimisation)

Graphics quality: Super compressed textures. Very low poly assets. Not much variety of FBX. But the style is bright and clean, materials are nice enough and the size of the map is 149 mb!

NOTE: Every asset was custom made and textured by myself besides the metal gates inside and the two bells which are mordhau FBX meshes. I also used the mordhau rope mat on the ring. Lighting is working perfect as stationary :)


Boxing ring with red and blue corner:

Spectator seating wings are spread around it (four wings). Accessible through north doorway from spawn.

Two gates on each wing for red and blue team combatants:

Accessible through east and west gates from spawn. First gate allow opening from both sides, second gate only allow opening from the outside: preventing those inside the ring from exiting without the next combatant letting them back out up into the spectator arena.

Command box for the host:

This box features a switch to close the door to the command box for added privacy. It also features two Bells. The left bell is for penalties which signifies a the pause of a round/match and usually indicates a warning or a point deduction. This penalty bell activates one deep dull ring when hit.
The right hand side bell activates 3 bells in a sequence when hit which signifies the beginning of a round and the end of a round. Both bells can be activated by walking into them as-well as hitting them.

There is now a second switch to the left of the entrance of the command box which when pressed lowers/raises the boxing ring and the two flags next to it below the ground.

Plans for next Version:

  • Linux collision support! (yes dw i haven't forgot about all you special linux snowflakes) ETA: most likely within the next 7 days.

Creator note: Thank you Marel for sharing with me the fix for buggy lighting in usdk <3


166 of 32026,188 (83 today)Alexander_Elkaz


kraken_arenav1.03.zip145.49mb1.0.3 (very minor update)

kraken_arenav1.02.zip145.25mb1.0.2 (FFA Enabled release)

kraken_arenav1.01.zip145.97mb1.01 (minor update)



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PGAMER @pgamer

how to make server only this map?????

Alexander_Elkaz @alexander-elkaz

Hey I am aware of the collision issues when sinking ring into ground. Will update with a fix this week.

milk_tea- @milk-tea

The bells work, but how do you use the switches? Walking into them doesn't seem to work, and they don't have an interact prompt either.

Alexander_Elkaz @alexander-elkaz

They Should have an interact prompt with E. Walk right up to them. Lemme know if it doesn't work. Switches are tested as working so far.

Greycoat @greycoat

Can't seem to change to this map.
Changelevel kraken_arena seems to do nothing

Alexander_Elkaz @alexander-elkaz

LOL forgot to click the primary release button. My bad. Thanks for letting me know, that should work now!

TAIWAN @taiwan

MAP ID? kraken_hall

Alexander_Elkaz @alexander-elkaz

Map ID is literally the name of the map "Kraken_Arena". The ZIP file is still Kraken_hall because i forgot to change it. I will change the zip/folder name for update 0.9. Oversight on my part.

jokerswild188 @jokerswild188

When I type in: Open Kraken_Arena in the console from the main menu, it doesn't load the map?

Alexander_Elkaz @alexander-elkaz

Hey guys just figured out a fix for lighting. New version will be up later today. This means static lighting can be implemented for a decent FPS boost too (not that it needed FPS optimisation but it's always nice for those with cardboard computers).

famsiem @famsiem

Hey, thanks for the nice work on this map, does this mean it's in playable state for "FFA" servers after this push ?

Alexander_Elkaz @alexander-elkaz

No still needs more features for FFA! I'm figuring out how to add a switch that lowers the ring into the ground so the arena can be used for regular Weapon duels/FFA. Also needs some features for the control room to make it comp ready. Currently uploading an update with lighting fixed (V0.9). Version 1.0 will be this week and will feature new mechanics for FFA.