Lorica Segmentata & Roman pads WIP for MORDHAU

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Created by MrSulec7 (mod ID: 87912)


Unzip it and place it in the Paks folder of Mordhau (Steam/Steamapps/Common/Mordhau/Mordhau/Content/Paks).

3d modeled, textured and packed by MrSulec.

Still a WIP!, but wanted to test it in a wider range. If you have the time, I'd appreciate a comment on how it looks/works for you :)





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RAMSES1 @ramses11


Vetinarix @vetinarix

This is great!
The belt feels a bit... interesting... but I suppose that may just be because we're lacking the proper tunic bottom and cingulum.
Also, the two upper chest plates stretch strangely dependent on body shape changes. The shoulder plates also stand out quite far horizontally, rather than angling down with the arm.
The red material beneath the armor protrudes through the armor at certain angles, with certain body shape changes, or with certain movements. It could be a little darker shade of red, and not as reflective (plastic?!) looking.

If you have the time, could the pauldrons be refactored to work for the Segmented Pauldrons as well?
I only ask because I lead a Legion clan of 50+ active members and we use the Segmented Pauldrons!

Either way, thanks so much for this! It's looking really good already, and I'm keen to see how it ends up when you think you've finished it :)

MrSulec7 @mrsulec7

Thanks for your support!
I appreciate you took the time and write down all the observations and problems that are present. I didn't pay that much attention to the belt, because I don't know how would the moving parts of the belt work..and if at all. I'm working on an updated version (a bit of a remodel and I'm also adding some stuff). I will try to incorporate all the feedback I can get. Also I'm aware of the clipping in the back and on certain other parts of the's due to my lack of skill with weight painting and skinning - just did it for the first time with this mod.

Yeah I could do a version for Segmented Pauldrons as well, but isn't it faster to just switch the pads - I only mean that from the "time consuming" part, no bad intentions. :D. I know there's different styles, but I'll first try to fix the bones/skin/animation and model, then add the variations.

Thanks again, and I hope we'll see each other on the battlefield with the updated and better version of the armor.

Vetinarix @vetinarix

Thanks for the reply!
Hey, for a first run of some of those techniques it's definitely come out really well! I definitely couldn't do half the job you've done!
Looking forward to seeing how it improves with an update :)

With regard the Segmented Pauldrons, it's both a convenience thing and an appearance thing. There's a lot of people (somewhere between 50 and 100) we'd have to get to change their kits over, and many don't run the mods. The other side of it is that we prefer the look of the segmented pauldrons (from the view of players not running mods), and it would be a big thing for us to change our uniform given it's remained virtually the same since May last year.
On the flip side, we'd be happy to reimburse you for the trouble of converting it to segmented pauldrons :)

MrSulec7 @mrsulec7

Cheers man! I uploaded my first update on the armor. I tried to fix some of the clipping, but there still a lot to do... I also added a Segmented Pauldron .pak, so you can easily change the look in your Legion clan :D. It really wasn't that much of a problem as I first thought lol.

I'd love to hear from you on how it looks if you'll have the time. Enjoy!

Vetinarix @vetinarix


The improvement is fantastic! On my initial points:
- The leather shingles protruding below the belt are a great way to "finish" and blend the bottom of the cuirass, it's a nice touch!
- The belt looks way more refined now too!
- The plates no longer stretch oddly with body-shape! It also appears the body doesn't change much with body-shape now either, but that's okay - we'll just assume there are no fat legionaries!
- Shoulder plates align way better now, forming a little more of a sleeve rather than jutting out sideways!
- The under-armour material doesn't appear to be as bright or plastic-looking now, and doesn't cut through the armour either, wonderful!

Massive thank you for the Segmented Pauldron shoulders - I'm glad that it was easy enough to do :)

If you're looking for even more things to tweak, I'd recommend:
- You could increase the edge-count on some of the curves, especially the shoulder pauldrons - on those I can count the edges as the plate curves over the shoulder down the back.
- Torso seems a little wide now when compared with the other (thicker metal!) plate cuirasses present in the game - is this a side effect of the armour clipping changes? That being said, photos of re-enactors and movie actors wearing segmentata also seem chonky - maybe I'm just noticing it now?
- Figure out how they got their cloth physics working and add a cingulum?!
- Want a big job? Short-Spear -> Pilum skin!

SmvMOD @smvmod

Nice. I love the chest piece. Thank you for share.

JaimeI @jaimei

Cool mod!