Lutemod for MORDHAU

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The lutemod is now compatible with the new instrument. This is a new version so don't forget to delete the old version when updating!

Useful Links :

Join the bard communities : here and here

Check out the game I'm working on here

Detailed Installation Guide :

What you'll need to use the lutemod :

-The 3rd party converter app is now integrated in the lutebot 3 that can be downloaded here. The old converter is still available here

-Cswic's Mod Autoloader (Check the mod dependancies below)

Once you have everything, go to AppData\Local\Mordhau\Saved\Config\WindowsClient and add the following to Game.ini :


In the same folder, add this to Engine.ini :


This will add the lutemod in the list of mods the clientside mod autoloader will load on startup.

How to use the lutemod :

First, boot up the game and make sure the lutemod shows up in the list of clientside mods on the main menu.

Then, go on local play or join a game and press the kick button (F by default) to open the song selection menu, which should be empty.

Once that's done, you should be able to boot up the lutemod converter app and start adding songs, which will then show up in the song selection menu.

When you select a song, press the feint button (Q by default) to play/pause.


Clientside Mod Autoloader







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Paav1 @paav1

will there be new version someday?

GeneralMidg @generalmidg

Reminder here that people rarely check for comments, so if anyone needs help, either of the bards guilds can assist you. Otherwise we put together a google doc that encompasses everything that we are keeping up to date.

alexjtunstall @alexjtunstall

my partition select menu shows up in game but when i select a song it doesn't actually select it. It only lets me play a song if i load the midi file directly into the guild library thing on the middle window of the mod.

GeneralMidg @generalmidg

Sounds like you are getting confused between lutemod and lutebot.

Garrrr @armo1653415982

Hello there, I just wanted to inform y'all about my problem.
So I just put the files of this lute bot but afterwards when I launched the game, it crashed
Can anyone help me?

GeneralMidg @generalmidg

To anyone coming after Mordhau Patch 24, you can still use the mod, all you have to do now is move the .pak files ((clientmodloader and FLute(or Lute)mod)) into a folder labeled "CustomPaks". This folder must be placed in the same location as the previous "Pak" folder you had them in. (NOT in the folder itself, the same file path), approximately- C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mordhau\Mordhau\Content
Doing this will allow you to continue to use the mod same as before patch.
Any questions, we take support in our help channels if you click the second Bard Community link.

Lostrrx @lostrrx

Can you help me the mod wont show in the clientmodloader in tha main menu for some reason if i want to use the mode i have to open the command menu and type open lutemod to get it working

vHoodB4by1 @vhoodb4by1

my game crashes when i go to pick a song in partions screen

Spuartacus @spuart

Could somebody help me with an issues I have encountered.I followed the steps as best as I could, but when I start up the game I get the message "The map specified on the commandline
/Game/Mordhau/ClientModMap/ClientMod_MainMenu Could not be found. Exiting"
And after that the game crashes.

Also not sure why but none of my files at AppData\Local\Mordhau\Saved\Config\WindowsClient are labeled .ini at the end. If anyone can give me any useful info I would very much appreciate it.


GeneralMidg @generalmidg

Check the comment previous to this one.
As for the ".ini" it does not matter, just means your view settings are different. All it is is a file type.

Spuartacus @spuart

If you mean the comment from AmityBlight, then I did try all those steps and it led to where I was when I posted. Now I've tried the solution from Saltex but I am unable to open up the command panel. I tried this one guide from Reddit ( ) but it hasn't worked for me so far, I've klicked on every key on my keyboard in the mainmenu and in game but nothong happens.

But I guess on the bright side the game doesn't crash anymore.

KorvaMeister @korvameister

Hey, I had the same problem and got it solved. I know what it is.

The instructions are on the Clientside Mod Autoloader. You have to add the line:


--To your game.ini in appdata. Without it, I get the same exact issue. Posting here so everyone else can see it too, made the same mistake. Soon as I added that, the game booted up perfectly.

Spuartacus @spuart

Hey that fixed the problem with my start up, thnaks for the hep :). Not sure if you know the solution to this as well but when I press the kick button while using the lute the menu does does not show up for some reason.

KorvaMeister @korvameister

Perhaps, I was confused by the menu, too. After installing Lutemod and the Autoloader (which it *should* pop up in the bottom-left of the main menu), I wasn't sure how to get it working. But I believe downloading LuteBot (which is the external application that needs to be launched before Mordhau) and launching it is what gave me the menu.

I couldn't get the menu working until I had launched Mordhau with LuteBot running-- I think it does it's little initialization and that's what lets you use the menu. Try messing around with that idea, playing with LuteBot's settings, etc. I think that is what got me there.

GeneralMidg @generalmidg

Hm. Not sure what your issue is, if you can join the second bard community and ping me in one of the help chats, i can help you further there.

[ʀк]AmityBlight.❈ FIX FOR PATCH 24


ashnpicka Use the latest version of LuteBot and delete all old partitons.

ashnpicka @ashnpicka

Whenever I try to play a song my game freezes, anyone know how to fix this?

Saltex @saltex

To use this mod in new patch download only lutemod .pak and put it in Mordhau/Mordhau/Content/Paks
do not download clientside mod autoloader and do not add anything to engine.ini or game.ini
after you start the game open console and type:

MountPak ../../Content/Paks/FLuteMod_1.3.pak
open lutemod

map will load, when it loads return to menu and lutemod is loaded (you have to run these 2 commands every time you start mordhau)

Gregowor @gregowor

How to load a music ?

Saltex @saltex

Using lutebot:
Load midi file or find song in guild library then open Lutemod Partitions and click Save Current Song

You have to open lutemod partitions in game first to be able to add songs to lutemod (press F in game)

After you add song press F, select song (1-9), then press Q

Krompus1 @krompus1

Thank you!