Mines Of Moria Part 2 for MORDHAU

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Published by Zoom2 (mod ID: 76431)


(1) Mines of Moria Part 2 has received a massive update, including new wave structures, new AI and new boss fights.

(2) Another update, with new spawns and weapons.

Make sure you go to your "Mordhau > Content > .Modio folder and delete the existing Moria file before switching to the newest version.

Launching the map console command:

>Open MinesOfMoriaP2




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Onterrible @onterrible

I cannot play the mod at all. When I join a server or type in the console for solo it loads for half a second and then takes me back to the main menu. I have tried everything listed in this chat and deleted and reinstalled the entire folder, both before and after verifying my game.
I have repeated with different combonations and tactics 8 times with nothing. I really really want to play this mod. Mordhau installer sometimes works sometimes doesnt and is frozen on installing mods or preparing download. installer seems to work.

Zoom2 @zoom2

Unsub from manage mods first. Ingame you can find it. After that, delete your modio folder and join a server that runs Moria. Servers like duke or castle vari run it sometimes. Let me know if this fixes your problem.

Chicken1589327075 @chicken1589327075

I also have this issue, I am unable to play on any server running this map, I have tried your solution to no avail.

Peakus1 @peakus1

Really awesome map. Good to mess around with mates on. However, after spending DAYS with 6 others trying to beat the map, we expected more waves then there were. And a final boss wave or something. Still a blast, but the addition of more waves with increased difficulty would be nice.

On top of that, there's a lot of spots the AI get stuck on, and spots AI get "temporarily" stuck on when there's a lot of enemies. Which ends in them slowly funneling in, instead of in big groups. While this makes the map far easier to beat, I think it having that challenge is what makes it great. Removing these world items causing this would be a good addition

However REALLY a amazing map. I really hope you continue to update and improve it.

cowonawalrus @cowonawalrus

"Failed to downloads mods"
Deleted modio folder, created new folder "modio"
inside is the pak file.

-What can i try to fix this

cowonawalrus @cowonawalrus

in main menu ~ commandOpen MinesOfMoriaP2 loads map all ok, but joining server with any modded maps says failed to download mods
this got hard to diagnose for me now...

cowonawalrus @cowonawalrus

UPDATE, FIXED, in steam i just verify files, dat fixed it all. mods were part of the game, need to be verified after delete all. ....

walk3r @walk3r

i fall through everything. 3 times on 5 spawns. plz fix this

Zoom2 @zoom2

Delete your modio folder or the specific moria folder which is located in modio folder, then restart the map. You have the old file override your current one

Joink[ZF] @joinkzf

Hey hey ^^ any patch notes? or what the weapons do exactly?

pd06 @pd06

the map is huge and some of the high expensive weapons are just expensive, but dont make more damage than an axe. Would you like to post some weapon stats of the new weapons?

GreyMatter_ @greymatter1

Great mod man! Keep up the good work and thanks for all the help :)

Zoom2 @zoom2

Thanks, and no problem :)

Foskis_Horde @foskis-horde

The mod has been updated on my server, however for some reason I can't change the map to it. I type "changeLevel MinesOfMoriaP2" and it shows the "Disconnected" warning on the side of the screen and freezes the server, then after like 30 seconds it kicks you out and you get a message says "Error, Server is not connected to the Steam network".

Zoom2 @zoom2

You may have the old minesofmoriap2 saved which could be conflicting files with the new one, check if you can reset that to the proper one and resubscribe to the mod. Check if you have the old moria in your files as well, and delete those before resubscribing.

Foskis_Horde @foskis-horde

Hey mate, I don't have the original Mines of Moria map subscribed. I just decided to turn my server off, completely delete the entire folder from my server. Started the server back up and it re-downloaded everything back. However I'm still having the same issues, when I attempt to load the MinesOfMoriaP2 map onto my server it disconnects people for a few seconds then kicks everyone saying "Error, Server is not connected to the Steam network".

boothy1 @boothy1

amazing, can you add toolbox ammo to the map though please?

Zoom2 @zoom2

Yes, it should be fixed in the new version