More Metallic Weapons for MORDHAU

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Published by Mirteus (mod ID: 42816)


Changed textures of many weapons to look more metallic/polished.
I made this at first becouse in my opinion the default longsword skin didn't look metallic enough, so I found a way to change it and now I'm changing more weapons the same way.

This mod does not install automatically by subcribing to it, to install it you need to extract it to the same place where your mordhau installation is located in. How to do it you can check out this guide -

Thanks to Marys Revennge( for teaching me this by answering many of my questions when I tried to first make this skin for the longsword ^_^.

Sadly, this doesn't look as good with some weapons as it does with the longsword, but I still plan to over time make more and more weapons metallic, skins done so far:

Longsword Default
Longsword Deo Volente
Messer Default
Messer Fillet
Bastard Sword Default
Bastard Sword Knights Engraved
Bastard Sword Feather Damascus
Greatsword Default
Greatsword Claymore
Zweihander Default
Zweihander Commanders
Estoc Default
Executioner Sword Default
Executioner Sword Katzbalger
Rapier Default
Falchion Default
Falchion Sullen
Arming Sword Default
Arming Sword Viking
Shortsword Default
Dagger Default
Dagger Crucifix
Short Spear Default
Spear Default
Spear Champions
Bilhook Default
Heavy Handaxe Default
Maul Default
Poleaxe Default

If you want a specific weapon/skin made more metallic that is not in the modpack yet, just write here in the comments or private message me and I will add it :)

Note from moderation : we have uploaded a .pak format version. Thanks to Solved for paking & testing it.








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Mazzano90 @mazzano90

This mod going to be updated? I love this mod but it doesnt seem to work on the latest update.

Partizan_Rusi @partizan-rusi

Can you make short guide how to edit UE4 materials this way ? Especially how to make proper UE4 new materials, which are looking good in game ?

PandaMester @pandamester

Make for armour aswell!


I already like that, even when i'm just downloading it for the first time actually ^^
Are you able to make metallic AND engraved Skins for the Swords?
I would love some for the Exe and Zwei

Mirteus @mirteus

Actually, tried something and I guess it kinda worked, if this was what you meant?(on longsword just as a test):


Well, this already looks very well, a great start! :))

could u maybe send me a lil tutorial how to do this, i'm really interested to also try some engraved skin mods, if thats ok for you?

Mirteus @mirteus

Oh sry but I cant do engraved, I'm veryyy new at modding and for now atleast can only change basic textures. Maybe later when I'm better at this.