Mountainside Arena for MORDHAU

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Created by Ser_Butters (mod ID: 87793)


changemap mountainarena

!!release had a few bugs (again, im good at them) healing fountain isnt working ect. will patch soon(15/3/20)

For new version (applies to all maps) make sure to go to ingame settings>mod manager> click map> delete and rejoin server/redownload to update, otherwise you will see an older version :(

Full release! Completed further details, fixed healing statue, correct lighting for scene, added an armory with multiple weapons and training swords, hard af parkour track and general improvements.
Next patches will be for further optimization and easter eggs.

My second map! A new environment built for deathmatch/duel servers. Small and immersive, built on the side of a mountain peak.
Big views and windy! :D

Hope you enjoy
<3 Butters






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BlahBlahBla @blahblahbla

Question please: you have BOT ai working well and many other mod maps the Bots don't function properly.
For sake of other modders and myself, would you be able to share briefly what/how you managed to create BOT/ai working so well?
Thanks much!!

BlahBlahBla @blahblahbla

Actually re: discord mod group- got my foot in the door now. Much to learn it seems.... Any tips/suggestions welcome :)

BlahBlahBla @blahblahbla

I attempted to provide ScreenShots, image in email & posted on Steam.
I'm interested in learning how to produce Mord. mod maps. I got UE4 and was hoping to learn more from Discord, somebody sent me a link but I can't find it now. Any chance you could help me get started by link to discord mod group please?

BlahBlahBla @blahblahbla

Wow, fantastic improvements! Brilliant addition of free weapon assortment layout including stump with ample training swords. Bravo. Noted the central healing statue, a plus. I like the limited space; sufficient to run around/away but not roam off or out of sight. Further you implemented bots' AI which is a plus. This map is clever and could become super popular...
I cranked up graphic settings and enjoyed the scene. Forgot I have music off but I'll check that out soon.
Constructive feedback:
1) One note about a "spot of black"= along mountainside base near ground there is one spot of darkness/black that appears a possible cave or entry in but upon examination it is too small and also not a genuine cave rather a rendering of color/texture super dark. [If we call the ornate stone door north and the sun toward west, this spot is in the northwestern mountain-face] Spot is not a problem, not super obvious even, but stands out enough. Seems unique, as a hole or spot of black in the mountainside.
1b)Of course the illusion of a cave got me to think: wouldn't it be cool if there were a cave passage dead end briefly into the hill? Could be set as increasingly dark, natural light or lack thereof such that hiding in the back darkness might be possible?
2)Further idea is perhaps design a small "sidewalk" ledge area just over the cliff side ,toward the valley below? Consider a shallow space of ground that if you step off the hill you might still climb back up but if you ran off the hill you'd be history. It could be extended long enough that 2+ might get down onto the ledge and fight? Imagine a suspenseful location, one side up against rock the other with empty space to fall down... I dont know how hard to implement but I think could be worthwhile.
3) Other players mentioned it would be fun to mountain climb if you could get up the hill side.. While I agree, I also think as a mordhau map that isn't the game plan so much.
Well done & THANKS MUCH!

Ser_Butters @ser-butters

thanks for the feedback bud!
Can you take a picture of the black spot and send it to me?
I like your ideas and there is a patch soon ;)