MysteriousLand for MORDHAU

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Published by Cabbageman3 (mod ID: 1143509)


HRD_MysteriousLand --Night

HRD_MysteriousDay --Day

HRD_Mysteriousdemo --Quick fight(10 waves)

4.25 Fixed (Imported skeleton meshes can't be used with usdk1.3 so custom enemies are limited

· Powerful mages,cute monsters and magic-immune creatures.

· Staffs,custom melee weapons and projectiles.

★ Weapons

4 Major Element Staffs (Lv.0~Lv.100): Higher the level,better the effects and the damage

Fire Ignite enemies at a medium radius

Poison Damage enemies at a small radius,drain their stamina.And will cause an explosion on hitting burning enemies

Lightning Damage enemies at a medium radius 3 times,recover your stamina.And will ragdoll burning enemies

Dark Damage enemies at a limited radius,knock them back.And will instant kill burning enemies below X health depending on your element level

Elemental blades and bows

3 Unique Element Staffs + Several custom melee weapons


★ Ultra staffs

1.Crystal Staff - Ice rain around you for 8 seconds,high AOE damage
2.The Last Meteor - Deadly meteor attack,damage depends on how much hp you gonna sacrifice(Force player hp to 1)
3.Scorpion Tail - Teleport and send a disturbance into the earth, causing it to shudder violently,ragdoll all nearby enemies
4.Rubick's enigma staff - A darker blackhole.Strengthened heavily


★ Enemies

1.Slime - Harmless and weak

2.Mushroom(Red/Blue/Green) - Annoying and weak(Burn nearby players/Heal nearby bots/Drain stamina of players)

3.Wizard(Red/Blue/Green) - Magic beginner(Random spawn meteor attack/Heal ally/Give extra stamina to ally)

4.The faithful - High attack damage but very low health.They wear in black cuz it looks cool

5.The suicider - Harmless before dies

6.Fallen guard - Brainwashed guy.Dangerous

★ Senior enemies

1.Antimage - Will teleport to your back when you equip with your element staffs,as soon as they find you

2.Metal head - Don't melee him cuz he will kill you with a single hit

3.BloodSeeker - High damage and knockback

4.Faceless Void - New effects! Better particles.Will stun players

5.Sven - Unstoppable attacks!

6.Juggernaut - Wish you are not the last one alive.(50% chance to cast OMNISLASH when Juggernaut is lower than 25hp)

7.Phantom Assassin - Blink! Target full health players and deal massive damage

8.Rubick - *Teleport a bot to players per 10 sec |*(Below 50hp)Has chances to spawn a blackhole pulling players

*9.Clinkz - Fire arrow shooter.Miss!Miss!!Miss!!!


Thanks to Lnia for models!

Thanks to SoomRK for telling me how to make stun effects!














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Yeeety @yeeety

Just want to leave huuge Thank You! for your work and dedication.
Yet I didn't find the time to test the map on it's full potential, but I'll let you know when I find anything in the future.

Again, thank you for this awsome mod. Just gave me the same positive vibes as Moria did back then (kudos to SoomRK :P)
Keep up the awsome work!

Cabbageman3 @cabbageman5520

Since I don't have any players in my region for testing(In most cases I only have 0~2 players in my server),
So I need feedbacks for the difficulty or balancing,also any other suggestions and ideas are also welcomed! :)

TrumptheGOD @trumpthegod

Why doesent any staffs work???

SoomRK @soomrk

disable generic admin menu if you have it enabled

SoomRK @soomrk

another 10/10 heavily modded mod by your local neighborhood cabbageman