NightRaid for MORDHAU

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Published by Lord_Commander_Guts (mod ID: 63465)


Made by LordCommanderGuts

Made in Unreal Engine 4

"NightRaid" map meant to be an open horde mode map with forestry. Chests have been scattered all over the place, added horses to make sure the horde is not OP. Added tool boxes. Use the terrain to your advantage. there are a few defensible areas, from Dawn's Gate, Hill fort, Abandoned Blacksmith and the Spawn Cave.

Up to 64 players, recommend at minimum 4 players.

Use "HRD_NightRaid"

What other maps planned?

Escape (Modified Horde w/ Objectives as a mini campaign solo/coop)

Pyramid Arena (Skirmish version of Atlantis)

Atlantis (Invasion w/ bot "body" guards)

Thermopylae (Horde mode w/ spartan cosmetics, no base/fort, just open battle or choke points)

Night Raid (Horde night fight across a small forest and some ruins, not a pitch black map)

The Cave (Modified Horde part 2 to Escape won't be as a big, but will be complex and maybe a monster or more)

The Lost Patrol (Invasion version of The Cave)

Whiskey Outpost (Horde medieval version of Star Ship Troopers Whiskey Outpost)

Trial of the Gods (Team Royale, map is finished, need to finish multiteam for BR, first full team to the top wins)

Berserk Keep (Invasion and Horde)

Help support my time in map making here:

Help support my time in map making here:



nightraid.25.zip168.91mbBeta 2.4

nightraid.24.zip168.91mbBeta 2.3

nightraid.23.zip168.57mbBeta 2.2

nightraid.22.zip110.4mbBeta 2.1

nightraid.21.zip102.01mbBeta 2.0

nightraid.20.zip109.97mbBeta 1.19

nightraid.19.zip109.98mbBeta 1.18





nightraid.14.zip103.91mbBeta 1.13

nightraid.13.zip103.37mbBeta 1.12



nightraid.10.zip44.4mbBeta 1.10

nightraid.9.zip42.22mbBeta 1.9

nightraid.8.zip42.96mbBeta 1.8

nightraid.7.zip44mbBeta 1.7

nightraid.6.zip41.09mbBeta 1.6

nightraid.5.zip49.91mbBeta 1.5

nightraid.4.zip49.82mbBeta 1.4

nightraid.3.zip24.27mbBeta 1.3

nightraid.2.zip23.08mbBeta 1.2

nightraid.1.zip23.18mbBeta 1.1

nightraid.zip19.37mbBeta 1.0


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slizersam @slizersam

hey what line do i need to put in server config file to get this into rotation? thanks :)

Lord_Commander_Guts @lord-commander-guts

I'm not quite sure what you mean. The map name is NightRaid, no prefix if you are asking the map load name. If you mean the actual config line to load the map, I'm not sure. Your best bet is to ask a server owner familiar with config commands. I'm just a mapper.

sushi1586561604 @sushi1586561604

Hey! I subscribed to this and idk how to get it to start with gportal. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Lord_Commander_Guts @lord-commander-guts

Hello, I'm not a server owner I rent out to the Mordhau Academy guys, They will be your best bet.

Cabbageman3 @cabbageman3

Thx for the update!It's an amazing idea to set players spawning in caves and raid.
That side with castles and huts are much better than the other side,where I could only find trees and trees and trees in most of the time.
Otherwise the map is still too big for a horde game.Signposts are not always helpful.
Since it's a raid,is it possible to limit the bots' routine and let the players to chase them in reverse?Then large map size will be needed.
Bots can only wandering around the villages,hills or castles.The evil cabbage knight and other players are here for a night raid.

Lord_Commander_Guts @lord-commander-guts

I'm hoping to eventually add in objectives. Thought at this point might wait for the official SDK.

Karapian @karapian

Are you still updating this by chance? I've been absolutely loving this map and wish to see future updates regarding it. Reminds me of Chivalry horde maps for some odd reason, it's expansiveness gives it a vibe that's dreadful. This sounds weird, but could u also add more enemies per wave? Make them the less difficult mobs to fill up the roster, but I think it would really add to that desired atmosphere.

Lord_Commander_Guts @lord-commander-guts

yes! Not as fast as I did last year, been pretty busy with work. I do hope to make the map bigger, but for RP mode. and yeah I made less harder ai spawn more often.

Cabbageman2 @cabbageman2

Version1.10.5 tested:
1.I think it's better to cut the size of the whole plain,at least into 1/4.And maintain these elements such as castles,village,riverside,mills.
2.Most areas are absolutely dark and roads are #FFFFFF bright.Unlike real light and shadow effects.Can you make this more like realism?
3.I found the new-added spawn lamp and,since the map is too large,it doesn't help cause it's very far from the spawn area.
4.There're horses in the map,so it's nessesary to prevent players climbing hills by adding invisible walls.Horses will easily stuck among these rocks!(That's me)
5.Holes fixed.

THX for updating!

Lord_Commander_Guts @lord-commander-guts

1. What I planned on doing was adding a small fort entrance and increase on the castle entrance so it would decrease the overall exploring size. So it will be smaller in terms of explorable with a much better background. I also planned on adding a small town right below enemy castle by the road.
2. Yeah I need to revamp the whole lighting, but its like a 6 hour light bake. Oof.
3. Yeah eventually the player spawn will be closer to the river bed, until I can build out the bases in point 1.
4. I will be lifting the rocks and smoothing out the landscape so players don't get stuck on horses.
All in all, thanks for the feedback, I hope the next LARGE update helps with the issues you experienced.

Cabbageman2 @cabbageman2

Nice work! And here are some problems i've met(Beta 1.9):
1.Can't find enemies since the map is so large.I spent 10mins finished wave 1.
Maybe should add some markers(like flags,torches,ruins,dead bodies,dead horses,broken catapults,spikes,...).
2.There're 'holes'(I dontknow what's it called) in mountains which allow players falling out of the world.
Please add some invisible walls at the edge of the map.
3.I think may be there are too many bush textures on the plain,which causes very high CPU costs.It'll be a disaster when running on a server.
Too much official horde maps playing is boring.I'm so glad you are working on new horde maps.Thanks for the map and the updates,and i will keep testing it if new version is available.

Lord_Commander_Guts @lord-commander-guts

Awesome, I'll add text and a BRIGHT lamp tomorrow to let folks know locations of horde spawns. I'll also patch up the holes. I'll reduce the amount of foliage too.

Zoom2 @zoom2

I'm glad someone is doing horde maps. Keep up the good work!

Lord_Commander_Guts @lord-commander-guts


AngryMarbles @angrymarbles

My game lags out whenever I look at the forest in the middle. It runs smoothly if I look away.

Lord_Commander_Guts @lord-commander-guts

yeah I just did an update on optimization, some servers aren't updating properly for some reason.

Cabbageman2 @cabbageman2

can't wait for the horde map

Lord_Commander_Guts @lord-commander-guts

Should be playable now, but if you give me a few days I can fix the frame drop at the river. Happy you are excited for it!