"NightRaid" WIP map meant to be an open horde mode map with forestry. Chests have been scattered all over the place, added horses to make sure the horde is not OP. Added tool boxes. While I update it, will not add nav to bridge so you can use it as a safe spot.

First version does not have working skybox for stars, clean perimeter, No kill boxes in water, very rough terrain. All these will be tweaked and added more weapons for balance and potential good hold points. Use the terrain to your advantage.

What other maps planned?

Escape (Modified Horde w/ Objectives as a mini campaign solo/coop)

Pyramid Arena (Skirmish version of Atlantis)

Atlantis (Invasion w/ bot "body" guards)

Thermopylae (Horde mode w/ spartan cosmetics, no base/fort, just open battle or choke points)

Night Raid (Horde night fight across a small forest and some ruins, not a pitch black map)

The Cave (Modified Horde part 2 to Escape won't be as a big, but will be complex and maybe a monster or more)

Whiskey Outpost (Horde medieval version of Star Ship Troopers Whiskey Outpost)

Trial of the Gods (Team Royale, map is finished, need to finish multiteam for BR, first full team to the top wins)

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nightraid.9.zip42.22mbBeta 1.9

nightraid.8.zip42.96mbBeta 1.8

nightraid.7.zip44mbBeta 1.7

nightraid.6.zip41.09mbBeta 1.6

nightraid.5.zip49.91mbBeta 1.5

nightraid.4.zip49.82mbBeta 1.4

nightraid.3.zip24.27mbBeta 1.3

nightraid.2.zip23.08mbBeta 1.2

nightraid.1.zip23.18mbBeta 1.1

nightraid.zip19.37mbBeta 1.0


Zoom2 @zoom2

I'm glad someone is doing horde maps. Keep up the good work!

AngryMarbles @angrymarbles

My game lags out whenever I look at the forest in the middle. It runs smoothly if I look away.

Cabbageman2 @cabbageman2

can't wait for the horde map

Lord_Commander_Guts @lord-commander-guts

Should be playable now, but if you give me a few days I can fix the frame drop at the river. Happy you are excited for it!