[Skin] Nokia Maul for MORDHAU

Released (updated ago). Ranked 208 of 421 with 259 (7 today) downloads

Created by Qusai (mod ID: 94111)


Discord: Qusai#7259

Thanks for MikhailTeslov and his GF for the model and the material

Installation: just drop the pak file in \Mordhau\Mordhau\Content\Paks

Supreme head version





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HuardiaN @huardian

Soooo, now this one is'nt working?

hugzar @hugzar


TodWestCoast @todwestcoast

Love it! Currently working on a motorola DynaTAC maul to go along side this masterpiece.

Qusai @qusai

Thanks !

MikhailTeslov @mikhailteslov

Why did you make it so thick though

megga_thicc_bob @megga-thicc-bob

First of all, he/she can make whatever he wants to make. Second of all you made a silly mod too so shut up.

RAMSES1 @ramses11

and by the way, if you make anything EPIC and ******* beautiful, I will be the first person to PAY you for it. I swear.
But it has to be very very beautiful, otherwise, I'll skip it

RAMSES1 @ramses11

a NOKIA 3310.....for a maul? really !
Why not using a giant ***** instead ? it will be the same at this point.


Squackety2 @squackety1

I cannot believe it!! Somebody made a silly skin in MY favorite medieval video game??? Are you kidding me!! I am beyond upset, please delete this1!1

Qusai @qusai

Why are you mad bro ?

RAMSES1 @ramses11

it's not about being mad, it's the lack of imagination that bother me.
I don't have myself the skills to make 3D Skins, but If I had the skills, I wouldn't waste it with cheap creations, I would use it instead to create descent & original epic skins.

Here's what I have in mind when I say : CREATIVITY !


J.K_Delaney @jkdelaney

Why dont u just not use the skin instead of gettin so upset about it? U know they're entirely optional right? U literally never have to see it again if u dont come back to this page. Its not my cup of tea either for a skin but atleast he's doin skins, which is a hell of a lot more than lacking the skills for it & downvoting other ppl's hard work instead.

+1 upvote from me to cancel out the downvote from the dude who posted all the weird anime weapon pics or whatever they're supposed to be. Keep up the good work Qusai!

RAMSES1 @ramses11

And if you prefer a stupid CELLPHONE as replacement for the MAUL, then you are as cheap as it's owner.
and whatever it is posted here is PUBLIC, so everyone have the right to give his opinion, and unless people have become too much "snowflake" these days, I suggest that you , and the guy who made this cheap skin accept the CRITICS instead of avoiding it, because that will be the worst thing that a modder can do > avoiding the critics, refusing to hear the feedbacks.
That's the best way to kill your mods.
And yes, this skin is ****, that's it, on sketchUp, you can find tones of cheap 3D MODELS of basically everything, so that wasn't very clever to add a damn cellphone as maul replacement while there could be ten thousands others ideas instead of this.
They are others modders who spend more time in creating 3D stuff for mordhau, it's pure fanmade, but at least they show some creativity, they don't just rush their creation with cheap models, and that's why everyone enjoy their creations more than this one, and that's why they get a lot of positive feedbacks, likes and subs.


Qusai @qusai

the model was made by a member from the discord server and i never avoided critics completely otherwise i asked why you were mad which is responding to feedback

RAMSES1 @ramses11

I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed to see that some people who do have skills to make "3D Models"....use it to make basically "cheap creations", instead of "EPIC stuff".
I mean, no offense, but is that the best you can do ?
Or can you make something more "EPIC" ?
You know, "LORD OF THE RINGS" (ish) weapon skins, or "FINAL FANTASY" weapon skins, or whatever universe of gaming or movies it comes from.
For the MAUL weapon, (one weapon that I like a lot ingame) there are thousands of possibilities that could have been made, I don't know :
"Necromancers skins", "Crystal magical skins", "SteamPunk skins", "Guardian Angel skins", "Futuristic skins"....etc..etc...
(I posted some screenshots in my previous comment, and that's merely but a fraction of what could be done, and I swear, if any of you could make some crazy skins for "sword", "maul/mace", "Lance","daggers/axe", or "Zweihander/Justice sword" or any other weapon within mordhau, I would pay for it.......for the hard work and for the passion).

Unfortunately, not everyone have skills for this particular category of modding, so you guys should really consider rising a bit higher the level, and start making some epic stuff, and everyone will be happy......and maybe, who knows, some folks (like me) would even pay you for it in return for the hard work.
Think about it.

Qusai @qusai

It's not that i am lazy and don't want to make "Epic stuff" i just wanted to make this weapon for a long time and i just got the time to make it so i did because and i thought it would be funny

RAMSES1 @ramses11

so you could make "EPIC STUFF" ? right?

Qusai @qusai


RAMSES1 @ramses11

and if, for exemple, I would ask you to make 3 specifics skins :
1 Mace (Necromancer skin)
1 War Axe (Guardian Angel skin)
1 Zweihander (Crystal fantasy skin)

Would you do it? (obviously, for the hard work, I would be willing to pay a little something for each skin finished.

So ?

OberMan1 @oberman1

Actual autistic weeaboo lmao this is great.