NoVotekicks - Anti Votekick - Reverse Votekick for MORDHAU

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Published by Taki7o7 (mod ID: 139234)



  • Small performance improvement

  • Added NotifyAdminsOnly
  • Added AdminCancelMode

  • Added NoAdminsMode

  • Admins should now be able to initiate a votekick anyway for whatever reason
  • BanDuration set to -1 will just kick now

Basic Setup

1.) Add the mod to your server. You can do it as you do it with a normal mod. Or you can just download the Pak File & move it into Mordhau/Content/Paks of your Server. I prefer just uploading it to the server, since it's an server actor & therefor there is no need for the user to download anything at all and with that, avoid any related issues. If you already use any other mod, forget my last sentence.

2.) In your Servers Game.iniadd following line to the ALREADY EXISTING Section [/Script/Mordhau.MordhauGameMode]:


3.) Also in your Game.ini add A NEW Section called TakiNoVotekicks and underneath it, a variable called BanDuration and set it's value to your desired Ban Duration in minutes, a variable called PlayerBanMessage and set it to whatever reason should be shown for VoteKick-Initiator when he get's banned from this mod & finally a variable called ServerBanMessage which will be shown to everyone when a VoteKick-Initiator got banned. It should now look something like this:

PlayerBanMessage=VoteKicks are not allowed here %initiator%. Read the RULES again!
ServerBanMessage=%initiator% tried to VoteKick %target%. Banning this dung-covered peasant for 2 minutes.



As you can see, you can use %initiator% & %target% wildcards in your ServerBanMessage, aswell as in the PlayerBanMessage if you need it.

Set NotifyAdminsOnly to true if you want the ServerBanMessage only be shown on Admins Chat-Box.

Set NoAdminsMode to true if you want to disable the mod functionality while there is atleast one online Admin.

SetAdminCancelMode to true if you want normal Votekick Functionality while there is no Admin online & if Admins online Auto-Cancel the Votekicks and Trigger the ServerBanMessage. Set BanDuration to 0 if you won't take any action against the initiator in this mode.
(Aswell NoAdminsMode must be disabled if you want to use that mode, as it would not reach the AdminCancelMode code)

Additional infos:

  • Setting no BanDuration or setting it to 0 will disable the ban/kick functionality. Setting it to -1 will do Kicks instead of Bans.
  • Setting no or a empty ServerBanMessage will disable the Server Messages.
  • Not tested: I guess it will absolutely do nothing if somebody tries to votekick an admin, since i think it will not even set any votekick info the mod would need to work with.
  • Watch out, as admin you could ban yourself with votekicking. Need to fix that at some point. Should be fixed with
  • Forgive me this stupid config variable names

Maybe adding in future | Notes for myself:

  • Actually start a Reverse-VoteKick on the Initiator [but not from the actual target, because people may misunderstand it and get mad on the wrong person then] - Maybe as Server somehow?!
  • Adding a Kick instead of a Ban option, because setting it to 0 will just disable any action on the initiator. Maybe by setting the duration to -1 then in the config Added with

Please contact me on Discord Taki7o7#1753 if you find any bugs or if you have any questions.

Check my other Serverside-Only Mods:

Special Thanks to MfeMeaf, Michelmeister, Mr.Kiwi, ShinyShen, etc. for testing & TheTorukMakto for giving me the idea to add the AdminCancel, NotifyAdminsOnly and NoAdminsMode








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Tolyak26 @tolyak26

Thank you as always

RAMSES1 @ramses11

if you can add : ZERO TEAM KILL "AUTO-VOTEKICK", then I'll consider download your modd.
I'm tired to get auto-kick because of team kills, above all when most these are due of stupid allies running like headless chicken.

Taki7o7 @taki7o7

You could just set AutoKickOnTeamKillAmount higher in your Game.ini, or maybe setting it to 0 will disable it

RAMSES1 @ramses11

I'm playing in official servers frontline, so it's always the same amount of team kills that grant an "auto-kick team kills" unfortunately

Taki7o7 @taki7o7

This mod is only for Servers, I don't really get your point. This is no cheat or something ._.

RAMSES1 @ramses11

I never said it was, and actually, I like the concept of your mod, to get ride of VOTE KICKS, and that is why I proposed you to extend this concept to also TEAM KILLS AUTO-VOTE KICKS.
Don"t get me wrong, I like your mod, but if you could also fix the TEAM KILLS AUTO-VOTE KICKS, then I'll 100% guarantee download your mod and I'll use it.

Taki7o7 @taki7o7

I'm afraid i don't really understand your suggestion, sorry. Can you explain me your situation and tell me what you want to do exactly? I don't even know how this mod exactly behaves in Team-Modes. You want to automatically start a votekick if somebody teamkills, but get rid of the set TeamKillsToKick and instead calculate per K/D/TK?

RAMSES1 @ramses11

NO, what I want, or at least what I would like, would be :
- NO MORE vote kicks by allies during a match
- NO MORE "auto-KICK after killing your allies" during a match

that is what I'd like for MORDHAU, no more VOTE KICK/KICK at all, and if for X or Y reason, you would kill your own allies during a match, the game wouldn't punish you at all, because most of the team kills are ACCIDENTS and when some stupid allies start to attack you, you have the right (and the duty) to fight back (self-defense) and the game should not "punish" you for that.
ALSO, one thing that I hate in mordhau is the "delay respawn"....10 ******* seconds to respawn, this is one of those things that makes me crazy when I'm playing, because 10 seconds can completely change the course of a battle.


Vari @vari

While your points regarding the abuse of the votekick system on vanilla servers may be valid and well thought out, telling Taki to somehow change the vanilla game on official servers is clearly not. Perhaps you were looking for the Feedback section of the official Mordhau forums... or the feedback channel in the discord... or anywhere that doesn't involve modding as it will never change official FL servers...

RAMSES1 @ramses11

I never said such things, I just said that it would be great if he would add my idea to his mod, that would be an additional enhancement to erase completely any VOTE KICK or AUTO-KICK from the game.
And thou I am fully aware it's not possible in the official servers, I only wished it would be on UN-official ones.

♪Future카p! @futurecop