PyramidArena for MORDHAU

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Published by Lord_Commander_Guts (mod ID: 58898)


Made by Lord Commander Guts

Made on Unreal Engine 4

Top tier is roam-able, still WIP.

HRD_PyramidArena for Horde

SKM_PyramidArena for Skirmish

Other maps planned?

Escape (Modified Horde w/ Objectives as a mini campaign solo/coop)

Pyramid Arena (Skirmish version of Atlantis)

Atlantis (Invasion w/ bot "body" guards)

Thermopylae (Horde mode w/ spartan cosmetics, no base/fort, just open battle or choke points)

Night Raid (Horde night fight across a small forest and some ruins, not a pitch black map)

The Cave (Invasion version of the Lost Patrol)

The Lost Patrol (Modified Horde part 2 to Escape won't be as a big, but will be complex and maybe a monster or more)

Whiskey Outpost (Horde medieval version of Star Ship Troopers Whiskey Outpost)

Trial of the Gods (Team Royale, map is finished, need to finish multiteam for BR, first full team to the top wins)

Berserk Keep (Map from Berserk wind of swords, Invasion and Horde)

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pyramidarena.7.zip210.93mbBeta 1.1

pyramidarena.6.zip200.27mbBeta 1.0

pyramidarena.5.zip173.65mbBeta 6

pyramidarena.4.zip168.74mbBeta 5

pyramidarena.3.zip168.74mbBeta 4

pyramidarena.2.zip159.45mbBeta 3




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BlahBlahBla @blahblahbla

So finally tested out horde and it’s beautiful: textures working right & seems to be good with maybe one useful thing I can relay. FYI-There is boarder where different floor textures meet, between where sandy ground meets tile floor interior, on one side of map only, that bot won’t navigate over. (I got screenshots but not on that PC at moment) The Impact on play is when the player crosses over the boundary, the bots retreat to go find another way rather than cross the boundary in pursuit of the player. Other side of map has a similar boundary yet bots float across fine, so it is paths in only single area need a fix.
Place is big but i suspect most players will loop the obvious first area, I know I did. I’ll try to look around more but I noticed wave follows wave with few seconds downtime. Inhibits exploring a tad and only moments to up-equip/getting ammo, although I like the rapid non stop feel in some ways. Your call of course.
Bravo, this will gain traction yet perhaps. I’ll endorse horde mode as fully functional, I only played horde.

BlahBlahBla @blahblahbla

Noticed you updated again. Removed and reinstalled. Cut and paste the map name you listed above, neither HRD nor SKM will change maps. I rebooted server and tried again still no dice. Other mapchanges working, so perhaps something amiss. :)

Lord_Commander_Guts @lord-commander-guts

Thanks for letting me know. So far I guess it only works on my own server.

BlahBlahBla @blahblahbla

So I checked out the recent release, but I couldn't really get in to level for game play so let me offer my experience attempting to:
something is messed up about loading up the map, I think related to choice of game mode or lack of it.
Typed changemap pyramidarena and it will transport to the map, but somehow not possible to join the match. u can choose a character but can't enter.
Then I tried TDM_ of PA and it loads nothing, FFA_ is also nada.
However, for kicks I tried SKM_ but actually that worked! But not well, I spawned on a team in total blackness only to start neverending fall through the floor.
I only recently began reading the SDK documents and I wonder if you made your own game rules from scratch or borrowed (child/copy) of existing game logic? Perhaps if a choice of game mode was made, instead of just map name maybe, add a prefix then you could get diff playmodes using the map you built and resolve the current issues as well?

Hope this is helpful, I'm somewhat curious what issue is and how it is resolved.. I've joined the discord Mord mod group, only began playing with UE and got much to learn....

Lord_Commander_Guts @lord-commander-guts

Do you still spawn into this blackness?

BlahBlahBla @blahblahbla

I think it was related to spawn point/game mode issue but I know horde is good stuff.

BlahBlahBla @blahblahbla

Point I was trying to make was unclear: ChangeMapTDM_PyramidArena & MapRotation TDM_PyramidArena didn't bring up a team battle. Instead it was in FFA style. I came to let you know and read your post about intent for HRD and more later. I just recall the map was a red v blue affair and it aint no mo'.

Lord_Commander_Guts @lord-commander-guts

I pulled TDM for the time being. Only HRD and SKM should work.

BlahBlahBla @blahblahbla

Hmm.. I wanted to check out what you had updated but after yours and P#17, this map behavior not the same, not too surprising. I mean the loading of the level, not game play per se. I recalled rotation was TDM_Pyramidarena but tried no prefix and sure enough got the level but it is a FFA/DM/duel map. Lacking teams red v blue altoghter. Since I recall what it used to be, I dont know for sure if your intent was involved or this just result of patch or accidental file name issue. I'd suggest for kicks if not too challenging TDM, SKM, and FFA while you at it would work fine since you put effort into building the thing.... As you wish. I spawned some bots, the AI worked but I quit out soon after since I was hoping for a VS. situation.....

Lord_Commander_Guts @lord-commander-guts

Dm was pulled, SKM_PyramidArena and HRD_PyramidArena should work though. The spawns might be a bit screwy in SKM though. I'll have to go through it next month and clean it up.

BlahBlahBla @blahblahbla

Great map, refreshingly different. Excellent texture surfaces on 95% of surroundings but also makes that ~5% area lacking texture detail stick out like sore thumb. To illustrate what I'm talking about I'll send a few SCREENSHOTS through email/message system since I can add images here.
Some Feedback thoughts:
-Beautiful texture/reflections. Great job pulling it all together with reasonable file size.
-wow it's large. Quite large, like huge! Possibly a bit too much space??
So damn big it could be horde map: kite BOT mobs around(?)
-Seems plenty of space available to add spare weapons/armor to pickup? Expand decorations?
-Noticed several empty Torch/sconce, looks black metal, and along edge of battleground. (Screenshot illustrates) Possible to add fire/light? might be cool or too much pain in ***, I'm not sure.
-Sky outdoors appears relatively boring/untextured (in contrast to interior surfaces) and perhaps could use birds, clouds or other features.
-perhaps you could mention in description the prefix or lack thereof for level, as in TDM_ Skirmish and such to help admins changelevel/maprotation. Also perhaps many server owners may not know about console command to add bots to team A or B which could be useful.

Overall, well done. Thanks for your many contributions & efforts on Mord Mod maps.

Lord_Commander_Guts @lord-commander-guts

"So damn big it could be horde map: kite BOT mobs around(?)"
This is actually a plan.^ and to also have an Invasion version too. Expanded decorations are coming soon. I'll make sure to clean up the sky too. There should be shooting stars, I'll have to look into it.

So eventually this will be split into 2 sections PyramidArena and Atlantis. To put it simply, Pyramid Arena is JUST the top tier. There will be Hrd_PyramidArena, TDM_PyramidArena, SKM_PyramidArena and DM_Pyramid arena... And then there will be INV_Atlantis, BR_Atlantis. Saw you message, but thought I'd post this publicly for all to see. :) Good stuff!