Quarry for MORDHAU

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Published by nuke_makes_games (mod ID: 77277)


Map name: FL_Quarry

This map is slightly different from normal frontline maps. There are 5 capture points on the map with no added objectives. If your team owns more capture points than the enemy team, they bleed tickets. The amount of tickets they lose depends on the difference in capture points owned (if you own all 5 capture points, the enemy team will bleed more tickets).

Read more about this map here.

How to install for local play:

- Download the zip then unzip the pak file from it to a folder you easily remember (ie. C:/Paks or something).

- Run the game and open the console by pressing your ~ key. Type mountpak c:/paks/quarry.pak then type open fl_quarry. This should load the map.





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nuke_makes_games @nuke-makes-games

should all be fixed

[BRUH]Klyx @bruhklyx

Added this map for the first time to my server today. Excellent map!
Bug: The kills/deaths/assists doesn't work. Everyone is 0/0/0 and there is no "killed" message when you kill someone.

nuke_makes_games @nuke-makes-games

fixed the game crash bug and the team points bug so this map should be playable now

Mojique @mojique

I'm going through the map right now and turning it upside down, and I gotta say I love how you added a new team color. I realize it's to stop the confusion of blood-covered blue members being mistaken for red team, but it's a good choice. Green team when? Anyhow, actual comments. First of all, you can just walk through the outside wall of Ruins. That's a simple issue but a big fat one. Second, the vertical element in this map is actually deceptively lacking. There are a lot of elements and objects that I immediately assumed I'd be able to climb or setpieces that I assumed went somewhere, only to be rewarded with ledges I cannot mantle, or jumps just barely out of reach, such as the hut on Cliffs or the jump from the wheel/buildable wall to the catwalk at the Quarry, or the shack on the Cliffs point. My inner goat is upset at being unable to climb some rock faces that look traversable, such as the rock on the right side of Blue's wall on the other "lane". I actually discovered about the wall trying to use the shack right in front of it as a ramp onto the rocks on the side. Good work on the map, I gotta say, it's one of the best looking maps I've seen and I've been itching to try and play it in actual multiplayer.

nuke_makes_games @nuke-makes-games

Thanks for the bug report, i will take a look. Sounds like a crash bug.

Dabbler @dabbler

Your map is awesome! I was going to add it to my servers Map rotation, but I had to remove it due to it restarting the server at the end of the match. There was no Victory screen and did not goto vote. I'm not sure what the issue is, but I've had to remove it for now.

nuke_makes_games @nuke-makes-games

If anyone puts this map on their server please let me know, i need to do some playtesting with a decently populated server

KingDespacito @kingdespacito

Clearly loads of effort put into this. Can't wait to play it.