[Skin] Katana Set for MORDHAU

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Published by MarysRevenge (mod ID: 42182)


Since the last Patch #17 of Mordhau, Local mods which change clientside Skins such as Weapons and Armor (sadly) no longer work.

Please Note that im working on an actual Mod (not only Skins) that will introduce a japanese map, weapons, armor, and other stuff to be playable on servers. This also make sure that the japanese Theme is consistent. (No Knights running around in that mod viceverse no samurai on medieval maps). I will notifying the progress on the Modding Discord.

This is a cosmetic mod that will be visible only for the player installing it. It replaces the messer weapon.

It is not compatible with auto-download. Subscribing to it won’t make it available on your server/game.

To install it, download the file directly from here, and follow this guide :

This Cosmetic Mod Entry for Mordhau contains my Katana Set as a Replacement for the messer. This Katana set consists of 9 parts: 3 blade parts, 3 guard parts, 3 grip parts. There is also one guard that is invisible, this is not an error, it's just for a katana without guard. All three parts of the Katana are recolourable (metal blade/guard, wooden guard and fabric guard). Also the bloodmask is working allowing you to kill your enemies with some blood on the blade.

Once you start Mordhau the vanilla messer skins are replaced by the custom katana skins. This is only clientside, means only you can see yourself with the katana and others using it. Other people on there PC's will not see it because they do not have the files replacing it.

I really hope you enjoy the Katana Set and i wish yours a bloody good time with it. This is the first japanese mod set i releasing today. I already work on a complete Japanese Samurai/ Ninja themed Mod including Weapons, Armor, maps and many more things.

When you are interested into more of this you may want to check out my discord channel,

Sketchfab Model:

Thank you!
By Mary's Revenge





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BJร–RN1587418697 @bjrn1587418697

Hi, I can't get the mod to work and I think I understand (I'm French) that an update had made it buggy, I put the .pak file in the right folder but do I have to do something else? Thank you in advance.

Tinkuwu @tinkuwu

"unfortunately they devs disabled local mods within the this patch in order to preventing cheating (that's what dev's are saying). All my mod's will not working from now on and never will be from now on. I have to create a modded map in order to make them functional again. But this will take some time." - Mary

Z!NX @znx


MeatAndChips @meatandchips

when will the updated version come out

LUKE20021585923442 @luke20021585923442

i'll wait for the update :)

LUKE20021585923442 @luke20021585923442

ok thank you

LUKE20021585923442 @luke20021585923442

how can i resolve this problem

Tinkuwu @tinkuwu

The mod needs to be updated for Patch 17.

LUKE20021585923442 @luke20021585923442

Hi, i tried to install the pack in packs but the mod semms to not work because i still see the normal messer

Guor @guor

Hello mate.
Hope you are doing well and staying healthy.
Any chance you update your awesome mods for the new patch?

Honto @honto

MarysRevenge do you have plans adding This skin for zweihander or greatsword to make nodachi?

MarysRevenge @marysrevenge

sorry i can't directly upload a pak file here, has to be in a zip file. normally your system should provide support to open up zip files. just doubleclick on it and it will open then just drag and drop it into this location: D:\Programs\Steam\steamapps\common\Mordhau\Mordhau\Content\Paks. when you can't open the zip file download this zip tool

sglucas321 @sglucas321

can you make it a pak file pls i dont know how to use zip

Gintorias @gintorias


Guor @guor

Working like a charm. As well as helmets and naginata. Thank you for your work mate.

MarysRevenge @marysrevenge

-Skin is working again, following the November 25th update pak.file guide by Teslov. Let me know if it works.

Tinkuwu @tinkuwu

Any way you could update this for patch #14?


Could u please also make some Zwei Skins, and problably Messer and Zwei Skins that are engraved like the Katzbalger Exe Skin InGame?

OldCoin @oldcoin

Guest The Mod doesn't change any kind of game mechanics. It's just a skin.

MarysRevenge @marysrevenge

make sure to use it on servers. on local matches it has a different length. The messer files we are working with are buggy.