[Skin] Samurai Helmet + Facemask Set



This is a cosmetic mod that will be visible only for the player installing it. It replaces the sallet helmets and multiple neck assets.

It is not compatible with auto-download. Subscribing to it won’t make it available on your server/game.

To install it, download the file directly from here, and follow this guide : Mordhau.mod.io

This Cosmetic Mod Entry for Mordhau Mod.io contains my Samurai Helmet + Facemask Set.

It replaces the following vanilla sallet's with the following ones:

1. Black Helmet with red sewing (Replacement for the open sallet (armor 2))
2. Red Helmet with black sewing (Replacement for the closed sallet (armor 2))
3. White Helmet with black sewing (Replacement for the bevored sallet (armor 3))

Also, this Set is replacing six neck equipment (slots) with six Facemask/ Strap combinations:
(They are all available for each Helmet in armor tier 2-3)

1. Black Facemask with red Detail + Helmet strap in red (Replacement for the Gorget)
2. Helmet strap in red (Replacement for the Footsoldier Gorget)
3. Red Facemask with black Detail + Helmet strap in black (Replacement for the Heavy Bevor)
4. Helmet strap in black (Replacement for the Workers Hood Lowered)
5. White Facemask with black Detail + Helmet strap in white (Replacement for the Wanderers Hood Lowered)
6. Helmet strap in white (Replacement for the Cloth Coif Lowered)

In Total this will give you 18 possible combinations for your ultimate Samurai.

That's it! You can now go full Samurai Hurk mode and slay your enemies with my katana set and proper headgear. I really hope you enjoy the Samurai Helmet/ Facemask Set and i wish yours a good time with it. :)

For the ultimate Samurai Mode make sure to download my Katana Set for Mordhau too. Just check the Mordhau Mod.io Site.

When you are interested into more of this you may want to check out my discord channel, Discord.gg

Sketchfab Models: Skfb.ly Skfb.ly

Thank you!
By Mary's Revenge

Some last note's for other modders: I tried to make the helmet recolourable but it seems that every headgear and other cloth object got certain materialinstances from an external source. Normally when you mod a weapon, in the same folder there is the material (original vanilla material) for that weapon. In this way you can replace even color masks and blood masks. In this case, this step did not work as i said. Maybe someone know a way to get around that. I suspect when you find the material instance related to multiple cloth items and alter it, it will change the texture on all items across referring to the material instance.



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Good stuff.

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More samurai and japense armor and weapons

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