Spawn Protection Time - Server Actor for MORDHAU

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This is probably total useless as you could just set this variable (SpawnProtectionDuration) directly from the GameMode Section(Not sure about it). It's planned to set the characters collision to BlockAllDynamic while in Spawn Protection in future aswell. So you're not only protected from damage, but also from interrupting your Animations and hits in general.

1.) Add the mod to your server. You can do it as you do it with a normal mod. Or you can just download the Pak File & move it into Mordhau/Content/Paks of your Server. I prefer just uploading it to the server, since it's an server actor & therefor there is no need for the user to download anything at all and with that, avoid any related issues. If you already use any other mod, forget my last sentence.

2.) In your Servers Game.iniadd following line to the ALREADY EXISTING Section [/Script/Mordhau.MordhauGameMode]:


3.) Also in your Game.ini add A NEW Section called TakiSpawnProtection and a underneath it, a variable called Duration and set it's value to your desired Spawn-Protection Duration as shown in the below example with 5 seconds Duration:


You can start your server now and test it. Enjoy!

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♪Future카p! @futurecop

Thx for the server actor mod!