StarWars - Felucia for MORDHAU

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(TDM & FFA currently)


Mod credits:

K9 - 3D Modeler/Creative Director

K9's Art Portfolio

Baren - 3D Modeler/Creative Director

Baren's Art Portfolio

[AG] Gladman
- Level design, scripting, optimization, project lead, trailer music & map gameplay balance

This map is dependant on the Star Wars mod along with the Star Wars Assets mod. You will need those as well to play the map!

DISCLAIMER: This map is designed for mid-high end computers, but was setup with proper graphics scaling with in game settings. If you are experiencing frame rate issues, adjust your VIDEO SETTINGS. Your results may vary!

Come play on the official Felucia server that we host:

[AG] Official Star Wars Felucia FFA & TDM /240hz/ /24-7/ (US East based server)

Map info:

  • Felucia has entirely dynamic lighting which allows us to do some really cool things like day/night cycle along with dynamic shadowing, all while having a massively reduced download size due to not having to store baked lighting.

    This map is a bit larger than most in the game currently, and thus is better suited for ~30-80 players if you are using the default version. If you want a reduced spawn size version, use FFA_FeluciaA. The spawns on FeluciaA are centralized around the "town".

  • Currently the map only supports TDM & FFA modes. More will be added in the future, just be patient. Frontline is planned with potentially horde as well in the far future.

  • Night time can get decently dark for about a minute during twilight. We may change this in the future, but I like the idea of Stormtroopers having an advantage at night vs saber users (Jedi/Sith will be easy to see moving around due to sabers glowing), and promoting more sneak gameplay during twilight. Twilight combat is quite fun and intense, you learn to listen more to your opponents, and play more by instinct too.

  • Day/night cycle currently lasts 30 minutes for a full 24 hour cycle. This is subject to change. Day/night is fully networked for dedicated servers. I may also set it up so server admins can customize all the settings for day/night cycle via an .ini file, but this won't be for a while probably.

  • We plan on modding horses into Speeder bikes eventually (we've already done it, just isn't in the current release due to some bugs we need to work out) for frontline and potentially TDM modes. The map will be roughly 2 1/2 times its current size for frontline, and therefore we see the need for vehicles. Balance is a very important priority for us with the map, and we want to maintain that without introducing long periods of running on foot or broken vehicles that allow people to slaughter everyone basically uncontested.

  • This map features over 20+ (and counting with each update) custom 2k-4k PBR textured 3d models made by Baren & K9. From alien foliage & fungus, to buildings, they're responsible for 98% of the crazy environmental assets you see. Give them a big thank you for helping out with this passion project, because without them, this map wouldn't be remotely close to how cool it is now.

  • We've got plans to add environmental hazards. I won't say what we've got planned yet, but should be great for memes & immersion purposes. Lots of potential for baiting in gameplay.

  • Bots work perfect in DM, and mostly fine in TDM, however they still like to get stuck in groups on trees & other things on occasion in TDM, and there is nothing I can do about it until the official modding kit comes out. I've spent over 10+ hours on trying to optimize the bots Navigation Mesh, but sadly I can't tweak the Actor Radius, which is what I need to fix them getting stuck in TDM.

  • Last but not least - we're very open to suggestions & constructive criticism/feedback. Feel free to give us your opinion on things, and input/suggestions! Just be sure to make it constructive so we actually can take you seriously! Join our discord to report any bugs/issues you might find!

    How to set the default map for my server?

    In Engine.ini, add


    ServerDefaultMap=/Game/Mordhau/Maps/StarWarsMod/Levels/TDM_Felucia (FFA_Felucia or FFA_FeluciaA for Deathmatch. FFA_FeluciaA is a much smaller spawn point based variant meant for dueling and smaller population servers)

    Help us out by making cinematic videos of our map & sending them to us! Try out the cinematic camera sometime

    DISCLAIMER: We will never take any monetary donations of any kind for our work on this map, so helping spread the word about our map/making video content of our map is the best way to help us out!

    Third party credits: A few assets are from Battlefront 2 (Red Felucia house, Nysillin crates, Water Tower, Dead Rancor, Escape Pods, and some music), we cannot take credit for those models/assets. Please check out and go support Star Wars: Battlefront 2 on the EA Origin store! We use these under parody/creative commons.




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barenmod @barenmod

More Stuff to come to this map

Dilly_Gaming @dilly-gaming

This map turned out FANTASTIC. With all the detail I am still getting good fps, and the movement is great. Great work!!! Hope to see future updates!

K92 @k92

Can't wait to put in more work and make this map even better :D Stay tuned ya'll

danielsgondg @danielsgondg

Incredible map, really good

[AG]Gladman @aggladman

Thank you! Glad you enjoy it ๐Ÿ˜€