StarWars Mod for MORDHAU

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Published by 2cool (mod ID: 134205)


StarWars Mod Alpha 3.0

With this update comes the addition of 11 voices, 6 faces, 3 maps and a new version of Felucia

Special thanks to Benthedaddy, Gladman, Cap, Void, Babbums, The Fantastic Enzyme who provided most of it.

Some things need polishing and fixes. Remember that the mod is a long term project !

How to install :

- As a player you only have to join a server running the mod (through the server browser) and it will download automatically

- If you own a server and want to host the mod :

Add those 2 lines in the game.ini file of your server


Don't forget to add maps (maps are separate from the mod) :

Here is the list of current levels supported by the mod (all credits to their respective creators) :

- FFA_Mustafar, FFA_MustafarH, TDM_Mustafar, TDM_MustafarR - by Plouplou - Mod ID : 134201 Mod Page

- FFA_Felucia, FFA_FeluciaA, TDM_Felucia - by Wobby funkel - Mod ID : 139661 Mod Page

- FFA_Korriban, TDM_Korriban - by Nehh - Mod ID : 143804 Mod Page

- FFA_Yavin, SKM_Yavin - by Nehh (no ranged weapons) - Mod ID : 143794 Mod Page

- FFA_MosEisley, TDM_MosEisley - by Usrerror and Wackiavelli - Mod ID : 143832 Mod Page

- FFA_Kamino, TDM_Kamino - by Usrerror and Wackiavelli - Mod ID : 144001 Mod Page

- FFA_GeonosisArena, TDM_GeonosisArena, SKM_GeonosisArena by Plouplou - Mod ID : 160107 Mod Page

- FFA_DOF, TDM_DOF, SKM_DOF (duel of the fate) by Plouplou - Mod ID : 169763 Mod Page

- FFA_ImperialHangar, TDM_ImperialHangar, SKM_ImperialHangar by Nehh - Mod ID : 170284 Mod Page

In case you need, the path to the levels is Maps/StarWarsMod/Levels/


Donations are not accepted for this mod. It is free to be used by any server owner.

The mod contain a mix of assets created by our team & contributors in addition to assets from games like the battlefront series.

Credits to wewwuworks for the Vibro Dagger model (modified) :

Credits to Admiral Tributon for the Trooper Phase 1 Helmet model :

Thanks to Benthedaddy (amazing 3d artist that made a ton for this mod)

Join my discord to give feedback/report bugs : Discord


starwarsmod.3.zip27.86mbAlpha 3.0


starwarsmod.1.zip864.71kbAlpha 2.0

starwarsmod.zip40.21mbAlpha 1.0


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kysisevil @kysisevil

I am new to using a server from gportal and Iv done the game.ini stuff and when I join the server it downloads the mods but the mods don’t seem to appear in the server any help?

2cool @2cool

Guys all you have to do is to join a server running this mod. There will be Starwars or Star Wars in the server name. Then it downloads automatically.
Btw an update is coming soon !

jallopy @jallopy

IDK i put the file from the zip and put it in and no work

shadowkira409 @shadowkira409

How do I install this onto the game?

TheresNoMilkInTheFri @theresnomilkinthefri

Evrything Except the force powers work?

2cool @2cool

you are running squackadmin on the server i guess

bingus3 @bingus3

Probably not the mod and I'm unlucky, but I can't see any servers since I installed it.

Any idea?

doverbenson7 @dover1596401424

hey I just started using this to join servers with this mod, but the lightsabers are invisible, I am guessing this is an issue with the lightsaber mod because of local files being disabled? or is there a fix to this? thanks

2cool @2cool

i dont know what causes this, generally it is fixed by deleting the mod in game (from options-> manage mods), also deleting it from folder, then rejoin a server, so that it redownloads everything.

SeanCarv1 @seancarv1

I have my server running this, It says its downloaded under "Mods" but I can't boot into it. I tried Changemap TDM_Mustafar but it doesn't load. Do I need another command?

2cool @2cool

you probably didnt sub to the maps in addition to the mod

dd9 @dd91

This mod is absolutely amazing. I've been running a Roleplay server in Australia with 3x Damage and we've had endless hours of laughs all week.

With 3x Damage most sabers are 1 hit kills, unless you're on heavy armor (you can take 1 blaster bolt or a small saber strike).

1hit death makes it so very star wars and so intense for duels.

Please keep working on this mod!
I'm happy to help playtest anything!

2cool @2cool

Thanks, there's an update coming this week! hopefully polished enough but you can report bugs and make suggestions in my discord

dd9 @dd91

Do the updates automatically push out with the new Mordhau native mod system?

2cool @2cool

on a client, yes, on a server, you have to restart it

dd9 @dd91

Amazing update! Absolutely huge amount of content wow. The new TDM system you've implemented is a godsend.

RedRamone @redramone

What's the chance this gets copyrighted by Disney? I'm seriously keen to drop some cash but I'm a poor uni student who doesn't want to spare a dollar that could go to waste.

2cool @2cool

Glad you enjoy the mod, for info we don't accept donations. As for copyright, the majority of assets in the mod are homemade, some are from existing games but we will replace them over time. I don't believe there will be a dmca notice since mordhau is relatively small and there's no money involved, but you never know

RedRamone @redramone

Oh ok, thx for the heads up. I guess this is more of a passion project for your team.

RussianBIAS3.0 @russianbias30

Why its not working?