StarWars Mod for MORDHAU

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Published by 2cool (mod ID: 134205)


StarWars Mod Alpha 5.0

Full changelog here : changelog

Attention server owners, default loadouts are now set in the game.ini of the server (see changelog)

If you dont do it there will be no default loadouts on your server.

How to install :

- As a player you only have to join a server running the mod (through the server browser) and it will download automatically

- If you own a server and want to host the mod :

Add those 2 lines in the game.ini file of your server


Don't forget to add maps (maps are separate from the mod) :

Here is the list of current levels supported by the mod (all credits to their respective creators) :

- FFA_Mustafar, FFA_MustafarH, TDM_Mustafar, TDM_MustafarR - by Plouplou - Mod ID : 134201 Mod Page

- FFA_Felucia, FFA_FeluciaA, TDM_Felucia - by Wobby funkel - Mod ID : 139661 Mod Page

- FFA_MosEisley, TDM_MosEisley - by Usrerror and Wackiavelli - Mod ID : 143832 Mod Page

- FFA_Kamino, TDM_Kamino - by Usrerror and Wackiavelli - Mod ID : 144001 Mod Page

- FFA_GeonosisArena, TDM_GeonosisArena by Plouplou - Mod ID : 160107 Mod Page

- FFA_DOF, TDM_DOF (duel of the fate) by Plouplou - Mod ID : 169763 Mod Page

- FFA_ImperialHangar, TDM_ImperialHangar by Nehh - Mod ID : 170284 Mod Page

- FFA_Yavin2 - by Nehh & Soda (no ranged weapons) - Mod ID : 143794 Mod Page

- FFA_Carrick - By Voxula Mod ID : 725365 Mod Page

- FFA_sarlaccpit - By Jabbas Mod ID : 924441 Mod Page

- FFA_JediTemple - By K9 Mod ID: 1019248 Mod Page

In case you need, the path to the levels is Maps/StarWarsMod/Levels/


Donations are not accepted for this mod. It is free to be used by any server owner.

Credits :
2cool (code & ui) & Gladman. Plouplou (models/materials/audio) & K9 (custom models/materials/rigging). We have been joined by a lot of contributors of various scale :
A lot of models done by BenTheDaddy, Model(s) by Galxey, Hoojikee, Maci, Squackety, Audio/Voices/Weapons by Gladman, K9, Cap, Voices by Void, Babbums, The Fantastic Enzyme, Darth Melon, Mozerath, TheFrozenMonkeyKing.
Maps : All credit to their respective creators (See the list above and link to their mod page)
Special thanks : Battlefield, Cswic, Cyber Owl, Deus, King Despacito, MarysRevenge, & Fox

The mod contain a mix of assets created by our team & contributors, in addition to assets from games like the battlefront series, clone wars, a new hope.

Credits to wewwuworks for the Vibro Dagger model (modified) :

Credits to Admiral Tributon for the Trooper Phase 1 Helmet model :

Join discord to give feedback/report bugs : Discord





starwarsmod.5.zip2cool1.49mbAlpha 4.0.1

starwarsmod.4.zip2cool1.49mbAlpha 4.0

starwarsmod.3.zip2cool27.86mbAlpha 3.0


starwarsmod.1.zip2cool864.71kbAlpha 2.0

starwarsmod.zip2cool40.21mbAlpha 1.0


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CodaOwO @coda22

I got a issue with the maps Carrick and SarlaccPit, everytime I join Sarlacc, it appears all in black, and when Im playing in Carrick, each time I spawn, the characters starts falling, like if there wasnt any collisions in the ground, someone can help me? (Im not an english native speaker, sorry if something is out of place).

2cool @2cool

Yavin has been reworked by Soda and is now FFA_Yavin2 and SKM_Yavin2. You need the 797079 patch to play it (also to play carrick and sarlacc) this is an additional file i add to make because i cannot update the whole mod right now. It will be sorted when SDK is out

11TSG|LewsTherin @11tsglewstherin

Is there a way to increase the starting force points ?

2cool @2cool


PussPussPusss @pusspusspusss

All maps are all black in my server

2cool @2cool

have you installed the maps ? they are separate IDs to add in the game.ini (see mod description)

rooggybh @rooggybh

I'm new here, how can I install this mod in my game? Can I also play normal games after instal it?

2cool @2cool

You just have to join a server running the mod to play it, search "star" in the server browser of mordhau

2cool @2cool

Waiting for official SDK to port the mod to it and move forward !

NicoTin1611777542 @nicotin1611777542

Hello! Each time i wanna join a star wars server i am just gettin kicked back to the Main Menu. What is wrong? Cannot download anything strangely

2cool @2cool

Join discord and see #mod-issues channel. it is common modio problems

CinematicArmadillo @cinematicarmadillo

This is truly an amazing mod! I have one question though, and it's an odd one. I've been using this mod to record some pretty amazing Mordhau demos, the lightsabers look amazing and the maps are gorgeous. Everything is A-OK up until I rewind or fast forward the demo because then all the characters in the game become shirtless. Any ideas on what might be causing this? Thank you for any and all help. Your mod is fantastic!

2cool @2cool

thank you ! its a known problem with modded maps, not sure if there's a fix for it. ask around in official mordhau discord (support channel)

voxula @voxula

The mod is back up! New update V4.0 :) There is currently a bug within latest mordhau update, the server browser doesnt show all servers, type: m.useoldserverbrowser 1 in the console before searching to find all Star wars servers.

2cool @2cool

The mod is currently down following mordhau's update, its coming back with new content in the next days

Lidl1 @lidl1

I try joining star wars servers. They download the necessary mods but when I joined the ligthsaber model is invisible. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the mods that the server downloaded for me. Is there something im missing or what is the solution?

andreastarkand @andreastarkand

delete manually all the mod files and then try to reinstall it, this worked for me.

RuthlessSavage @ruthlesssavage

Hy Guys. I love what you've done and used to play it, but whenever I load a star wars mod now my game loads into the server and then crashes instantly. Here are some of the errors at the end of the log (cant post all due to char limit):

LogNetPackageMap: Error: UPackageMapClient::SerializeNewActor. Unresolved Archetype GUID. Path: Default__SW_Controller_C, NetGUID: 9.
LogNetPackageMap: Error: UPackageMapClient::SerializeNewActor Unable to read Archetype for NetGUID 2202 / 9
LogNetPackageMap: Error: UPackageMapClient::SerializeNewActor Unable to read Archetype for NetGUID 2188 / 61

I've tried reinstalling but nothing works. Please advise.

2cool @2cool

hey if you still have this issue please come on discord where you could share the log file, never heard of that problem before

andreastarkand @andreastarkand

Well done guys, it's all amazing, easy to install in both client and server. Thank you!!