StarWars Mod for MORDHAU

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Published by 2cool (mod ID: 134205)


StarWars Mod Alpha 1.0

Mod in development, we release it because it's fun already and we can get feedback and suggestions !

For the moment it's compatible with one map : Mustafar

Since last mordhau update, you have to remove the token from your server's game.ini and add these lines instead (this is for the starwars mod + mustafar, you need both) :


Level names :

- FFA_Mustafar

- FFA_MustafarH (exactly the same map but there are only spawns in the high part, recommended for <20 players !)

Main features are :

- Force points that you gain by hitting ennemies, parrying and taking hits

- You can use those points with : Force Push, Force Grab, Extended jump

- You deflect projectiles when parrying

Join my discord to give feeback/report bugs : Discord

Some of the assets used in the mod are from Starwars Battlefront II, learn more about that game here :


starwarsmod.zip40.21mbAlpha 1.0


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|D.V|Don.Vampire @dvdonvampire

hey 2cool, i have this issue where my character just falls off the map and dies as soon as i spawn like i can't step on anything, not sure why.. any suggestions?

2cool @2cool

collisions issues happen on linux servers because the map isnt cooked for linux. a proper version will be made available to server owners soonish

t_lokus @lokus3

You have plans to share some sort of source code?? or open to a colaboratory development??

2cool @2cool

we are opened to contributions for models & maps

WhoFramedOj @whoframedoj

How do i get this to work is there a tutorial on everything i need and how to install it

2cool @2cool

as a player you just have to join a server running it. as a server owner you can follow the guide that is on

MadSpacePig @madspacepig

This is working on my server pretty flawlessly, only problem is there is no force system.

2cool @2cool

it's most likely due to another mod that changes the character class (like squackadmin). squackety is gonna make it compatible soon but for now you'll have to remove it if you wanna run starwars mod

dewetsebastian @dewetsebastian

This is absolutely amazing!

Emperor_ @emperor19


nono777 @nono777

Fixed "preparing to download mods" issue by deleting the contents of modio folder, now i can join the server but its basically pitch black and i can only see the glow of light sabers. Any way to fix?

2cool @2cool

see the #download-issues channel in the discord, those are common issues

Fadedheavy @fadedheavy

How do I join the server after downloading everything?

2cool @2cool

dont install manually the mods, just join a server. look for mustafar or starwars in the server browser.

PajamaBinLaden @pajamabinladen

The biggest complaint i've heard is the weapon costs being way too high. It'd be nice if there was an option for a vibro-blade (just basically a knife or something) for the troopers as they're helpless in close quarters.

♪Future카p! @futurecop

Thx for the mod

oldmatePob @126kk

I found this mod last night after playing your earlier test servers and I have to say it is simply the best gaming moment I have had in the last 10-20 years. Incredible job. I'd be happy to support to ensure this server stays up :)

2cool @2cool

Thanks ! For information we do not run servers and don't accept donations for the mod. if you donate this is to support the server owner only. The mod can be used freely by any server owner.

farmerjoee @farmerjoee

@anybody stuck at preparing download! Delete the 134201.zib file in and empty the

Demonox @demonox

Great mod, love it so far. So many high ground moments already :)

My friend's having an issue with it though, as he also attempted to download it automatically from joining a server hosting the mod, but there's no map lighting (everything is dark, save for the lightsabers/blaster fire)

What's the a fix for this?

2cool @2cool

looks like his game did not download mustafar correctly, he should unsub from it and restart game. if that doesnt work he can try to follow the steps that are on the discord (link in description)