Supra GAM Cmds for HRD for MORDHAU

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Commands for Generic Admin Menu centered around Horde


To add these commands just add one permission level per command and add the appropiate line under [/Game/Mordhau/Maps/GenericMenu/Blueprints/CommandArray.CommandArray_C] inside Engine.ini

  • 0 is for all users (If this is chosen then non-admins will only be able to target themselves)
  • 1 is for admin
  • 2 is for admin+

All commands by default target the menu owner if no target is selected.
Additionally in permission level 0 cmds non-admins will only be able to target themselves.


Adds a perk to the specified player or menu owner, to add the cmd pick one:





Removes a perk to the specified player or menu owner, to add the cmd pick one:





Removes all perks of the specified player or menu owner, to add the cmd pick one:





Modifies the specified player money, that means you can add (if you enter an amount) or substract from a players money (if you enter a negative amount), to add the cmd pick one:




cmdHordeMaxTargets (BETA):

WARNING: This cmd cycles through all current HRD enemies on every wave spawn, that means if you already are experiencing a slow wave start (for example HRD_MinesOfMoriaP2 can get to 200) it CAN make it worse. Use this cmd under your own responsibility while meassuring your server performance, at any time the cmd can be stopped to be executed on the next wave with the "Stop" button.

This cmd modifies the targetting behavior of enemies in HRD, by default players are actively fighting at most 2 bots, some bots break this like the Ninja and the Madman. This cmd modifies that amount, so the player can be attacked by less than 2, or to make all enemies act like ninjas.

The default value on vanilla HRD is 1, this means the player can be attacked by the current enemy + another one.

A value of 2 or 3 is hard enough most of the time, 4 to 6 is very hard, and from 7 onwards enemies basically act like ninjas (so you will get mobbed worse than a Plasma TV on Black Friday).

If you set it to 0, that means only 1 enemy will be attacking you at the time. So you can make HRD even easier.

Apply on Current Enemies, will only run this cmd once on the current enemies on the game, useful for benchmarking how much lag it would generate to leave it running for the match, or just for fun.
Apply on Every Wave, this will make every wave start with this value, that means it has potential to LAG your server. If you run this command for a second time, it will modify the value you first set from the next wave onwards.
Stop, to stop "Apply on Every Wave".

NOTE: On progressive spawns maps, like HRD_Osgiliath, HRD_Westfold or HRD_Helmsdeep, "Apply on Every Wave" will only run once, this means only the starting enemies will have this setting, and the enemies spawning onwards won't, a fix for this is planned.

To add the cmd pick one (I highly recommend only allowing admins and admin+ to use this cmd):





GAM sometimes breaks armors on some maps with custom skins, like HRD_Westfold, HRD_Osgiliath and HRD_Helmsdeep. This can be fixed on those maps by picking up a skin belonging to the map. However on some maps there is no way to pick up any skin (like in HRD_Osgiliath).

This cmd fixes that issue by replacing the map custom equipment purchsasables with the default ones.

To add the cmd pick one:




Additionaly, you will need to include the maps you want cmdFixArmorSpawns to work with, you can add maps by adding this to the end of your Engine.ini file:


At the moment only HRD_Osgiliath is affected by this issue.

Notes on Perks:

All perks should work without any special consideration except for:

Bloodlust and Fury are fixed every 20 seconds, this means this command is ideal for HRD, since once a player dies it will most of the time have 25 seconds before encountering enemies.

Pugilist Brawler works by changing the Character's "Fists" Weapon, this means if the inventory is full or Fists have been removed, this won't work. Die to fix this, as this will fallback to the normal Mordhau behavior.

Peasant and Mule are not present in the Perk selection as Mule can break the spawn cmd and Peasant does nothing at all.

Friendly and Tenacious are no longer part of the game.

Special Thanks to:

Squackety2 and NetSlayer: for their help on settings me up with GAM
Zoom2: original add Perk Blueprint code
Vari: I'm pretty sure at some point or other I've used a some of your code
And lots of other members of the modding community who have shared their knowledge on the Modding Discord


Generic Admin Menu






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