TheGreatFortressV2 for MORDHAU

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Published by XSOCommando_ZA (mod ID: 139080)


Deathmatch: FFA_TheGreatFortress

Horde: HRD_TheGreatFortress

This is my first map. Big thanks to the modding community on the Mordhau modding discord for the assistance and to the people that play tested this map. Still a WIP.

When updating, make sure you go to your "Mordhau > Content > .Modio folder and delete the existing Great Fortress file before switching to the newest version.

Upcoming Updates:

-Making the castle smaller so that it's more playable

-Adding proper gateway's to castle

-Adding more AI enemies

-Moving player spawns to second layer

-Moving enemy spawns to first layer

-Adding more detail to enemy camps

-Will add more weapons around the map and will add buildings to contain all weapons e.g Sword Shop, Spear Shop, Ranged Shop, Healing Shop


thegreatfortressv2.2.zip63.46mb2.2 Update Fix

thegreatfortressv2.1.zip74.02mb2.1 MAJOR UPDATE



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✠HaloNova✠ @halonova

Remarkable job,, add some weather :D Excited to see this Fortress grow. perhaps variants in geography and architecture would be cool. collaborate with some stylists?

XSOCommando_ZA @xsocommando-za

I would like to add some weather at some point, definitely plan on it doing it.

RAMSES1 @ramses11

it looks cool, altough I haven't tested it

XSOCommando_ZA @xsocommando-za

Thank you! The map is a bit big, so I'm scaling it down a bit to improve the game play experience.

BlahBlahBla @blahblahbla

Besides FFA mode and AI, new statues and equipment distributed, is anything in particular different V2 in Horde mode?
I only had short time to check it out and the map is so f—- huge.... Vague hint please?
In fact, if I were to offer feedback I’d suggest you’ve outdone yourself with many Levels/areas, without a horse it can be rough (IMHO) such that it can be a challenge finding the enemy (both horde and ffa)
However, definitely appreciate you nerfed fall damage on horseback, fun jumping from heights :)

XSOCommando_ZA @xsocommando-za

Thanks for the feedback and for checking out my map, I really appreciate it. Yes it is quite big huh? So I uploaded a new mod instead because I changed the naming convention and I wanted to make it easier for server owners to install. I added some hills to the map, but that is probably the only change from the previous map. This change was more of a rushed fix then a new update (Horde AI stopped moving since the new Mordhau updates) .

I do plan on updating this map and making it more playable, perhaps I'll add more horses to make the map easier to navigate, as well as moving the horde spawns closer to the castle, maybe I'll put some spawns on the first layer. I'll also be sure to add more detail to the map and make weapons easier to access. I may also reduce the space of the first layer as it is way too big.

I'm a big fan of Minas Tirith from Lord of the Rings, so I wanted to make a map as close to that one as possible, but I seemed to have overlooked how the map would play out in terms of the playing experience.

My vacation starts in a few days, so I will definitely be proving updates over the coming week

XSOCommando_ZA @xsocommando-za

For FFA, I'm not sure if I should move the spawns to the first layer or the highest layer *only*. I think having them in one place is better. I think I'll add a barracks-like building and make that a building for duels. If you have any suggestions, please let me know :)