Thermopylae for MORDHAU

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Published by Lord_Commander_Guts (mod ID: 65756)


WIP Map. This is a mini version of the hot gates. As mapping continues you will see this map progress and the goat path eventually get more fleshed out.

Waiting on 3d artist for Spartan custom cosmetics for players.

No horses on this map, but you can use the Phoenician wall to your advantage.

In Testing currently. Planning to add Purchasable AI bots.

Other maps planned?

Escape (Modified Horde w/ Objectives as a mini campaign solo/coop)

Pyramid Arena (Skirmish version of Atlantis)

Atlantis (Invasion w/ bot "body" guards)

Thermopylae (Horde mode w/ spartan cosmetics, no base/fort, just open battle or choke points)

Night Raid (Horde night fight across a small forest and some ruins, not a pitch black map)

The Cave (Invasion version of the Lost Patrol)

The Lost Patrol (Modified Horde part 2 to Escape won't be as a big, but will be complex and maybe a monster or more)

Whiskey Outpost (Horde medieval version of Star Ship Troopers Whiskey Outpost)

Trial of the Gods (Team Royale, map is finished, need to finish multiteam for BR, first full team to the top wins)

Berserk Keep (Map from Berserk wind of swords, Invasion and Horde)

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thermopylae.9.zip43.55mbBeta 2.6

thermopylae.8.zip43.29mbBeta 2.5

thermopylae.7.zip43.29mbBeta 2.4

thermopylae.6.zip43.24mbBeta 2.3

thermopylae.5.zip41.11mbBeta 2.2

thermopylae.4.zip28.56mbBeta 2.1

thermopylae.3.zip28.1mbBeta 2.0

thermopylae.2.zip28.09mbBeta 1.3

thermopylae.1.zip28.83mbBeta 1.2

thermopylae.zip29.96mbBeta 1


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Gryphon_Rampart @gryphon-rampart

This map is designed nicely. But you don't have ammo for anything.

If you added ammo for the toolbox and bows this would be an A-tier map for sure

Lord_Commander_Guts @lord-commander-guts

Ammo won't work until uSDK1.1 release. I hope it is soon, but they hit some unforeseen unfortunate events. :( So its has been delayed.

Lord_Commander_Guts @lord-commander-guts

Ammo is in :) So are range weapons.


That's cool and all, but where are muh greek weapons and armour mods?

Lord_Commander_Guts @lord-commander-guts

I'm hoping someone can give me Spartan Cosmetics soon!

Zoom2 @zoom2

Few tips:
-The map is waaay too big.
-Rushed terrain and some assets lack or don't even have texture.
-The map has very few assets.
-Certainly more chokepoints would be nice. 5 player wide chokepoints maximum in my opinion.
-Good that you made them all spawn from 1 area, keeping them close in an actual horde.
Tents and boats are cool. Take your time with these maps :)

Lord_Commander_Guts @lord-commander-guts

Yeah I'll see if I can make another "mini 5-6 player" scale version. The current version is meant for 10+ players. I might instead add bot body guards if possible. Don't take the Goat trail, that is still very WIP. I haven't had time to update it. In fact I should close that path up for now. For now its just the rocks, tents, wall and foliage. I plan on adding some texture and depth to the landscape so it isn't all just flatland.