Three Kingdoms WIP for MORDHAU

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--Map commands--

-Changelevel HRD_GuanDu

-Changelevel HRD_HanZhong

-Changelevel HRD_ChiBi

-Changelevel HRD_MaiCheng


1.Custom enemies,elites and bosses

-The Three Kingdoms include Wei Kingdom(Blue),Shu Kingdom(Green),Wu kingdom(Red)

-Also the army of Yuan(Purple),Yellow-TurbanArmy(Yellow),the Southern Barbarians(Light blue) appeared in map Guan Du and Han Zhong

1.1 Common soldier

-Wei(mace and polearms),Shu(polearms and bows),Wu(blades and mainly powerful ranged weapons)

-Yuan(blades and polearms),Yellow-Turban(Falx and broken weapons),Southern Barbarians(Throwing Axes)

Most of them are equipped with shields

1.2 Elite soldier

Hedgedog(Wei) Reflect melee damage at a high percentage

Chaos(Shu) Throw powerful explosive barrels.Will ragdoll

FireBowman(Wu) Shoot fire arrows

Thief(All) Steal 5 coins when hit players

Priest(All) Heal nearby enemies every 10 seconds

Sunfire(All) Ignite players in a radius

Scout(All) Will gather his friends on died

***Assassin(WIP) Chase,Kill,Disappear

1.3 Commander and Boss

All of them have a name tag above their head

Here are some unique one:

HuangZhong Arrow hit will deal damage of 50% of player's current health

ZhaoYun High attack rate,slow down the player for 0.5 seconds on hit,every 3 hits will airborne the player

LiuBei Force the player's health set to 25hp on a single hit

LvMeng Heal on hit

ZhouYu Spawn several fire arrows in front of the player on hit

Caocao Stab attack has huge knockback.The lower heath,the faster speed and attack rate

Dianwei Drain all player stamina on hit

GuanYu Huge chip damage with strike attack

GuanYuGod(Only in_Maicheng,the place Guan Yu was killed) More chip damage and faster attack rate

and more...

2.Custom Weapons

Axe weapons heals 25 on hit

Spear weapons have chip damage

Healer shield(Heal on block) and Revenger shield(Apply radial damage on block)

Bows(Arrow rain,Zhuge prime,etc)

Custom toolbox(Mortars,Catapult,etc)

Purchaseable horse

3.Character ability

-Multiple jump

-Reduced fall damage,ranged damage


4.Character Upgrades

You can have 4 upgrades at most.


-Scout(Move faster)

-Guadian(Ranged damage immune)

-Arsonist(Fire absorption)

More things are in progress.Hope you like it!


threekingdoms.25.zip338.77kbAlpha 2.8

threekingdoms.24.zip335.21kbAlpha 2.7.3

threekingdoms.23.zip334.59kbAlpha 2.7.2

threekingdoms.22.zip334.57kbAlpha 2.7.1

threekingdoms.19.zip330.81kbAlpha 2.6.1

threekingdoms.18.zip330.82kbAlpha 2.6

threekingdoms.17.zip325.63kbAlpha 2.5

threekingdoms.16.zip320.08kbAlpha 2.4

threekingdoms.15.zip301.08kbAlpha 2.3

threekingdoms.14.zip300.58kbAlpha 2.2

threekingdoms.13.zip287.86kbAlpha 2.1

threekingdoms.11.zip253.81kbAlpha 2.0

threekingdoms.10.zip259.98kbAlpha 1.9

threekingdoms.9.zip257.74kbAlpha 1.8

threekingdoms.7.zip237.96kbAlpha 1.7

threekingdoms.6.zip222.1kbAlpha 1.6

threekingdoms.5.zip211.6kbAlpha 1.5

threekingdoms.4.zip205.42kbAlpha 1.4

threekingdoms.3.zip95.77kbAlpha 1.3

threekingdoms.2.zip94.41kbAlpha 1.2

threekingdoms.1.zip76.5kbAlpha 1.1

threekingdoms.zip156.61kbAlpha 1.0


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Celudoc @celudoc

Yo, this mod is on its way to being the next best horde mod.

I think you could make it a little bit longer though so it can keep increasing the challenge. With all the current special weapons and powers available, 21 waves feels too short, since you start slaying faster. It'd be fun to have it go to maybe round 28 with increased spawns of special horde or more themed waves.

Love what you are doing so far, keep it up!

NorskSlizer @slizersam

Great mod! realy enjoyed it last session but i never understand why toolbox and its ammo is so overpriced in all of the horde mods.

Cabbageman3 @cabbageman3

The custom toolbox could spawn a mortar/a catapult/an oil jar,which is too powerful and will make the game no fun.
I was thinking of removing it but however many horde players love mortars/catapults/ballistas because these things are not available in vanilla horde maps.So instead I overpriced it.
Also,the vanilla toolbox is still 250 bucks.You can buy that one to bulid spikes or something.

CagedTurnip @cagedturnip

There's a new map! Awesome :)

CagedTurnip @cagedturnip

Looking forward to trying this! Are there any instructions on changing the maps etc?

Cabbageman3 @cabbageman3

Yes,just added. XD

CagedTurnip @cagedturnip

Thanks! Liking the mod so far. It would be great if you could add the triple jump similar to your other mod

Cabbageman3 @cabbageman3

I will add character ability upgrades on this Friday

CagedTurnip @cagedturnip

Thanks for adding this!

Liking all the stuff you've added so far. When I tried earlier the horse egg dropped by some enemies wasn't working. I'm guessing you're working on that but just in case you didn't know.

Cabbageman3 @cabbageman3

Yes.I notice the horse stuffs and I'm sorry for that.
It might take me some time on fixing it,since I still don't know well on this function.