Trial Of The Gods for MORDHAU

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Published by Lord_Commander_Guts (mod ID: 81169)


level name is Trialofthegods. No prefix.

WIP Battle Royale map, hoping to make it a Team Battle royale map. Currently set up as Solo Battle Royale.

In Testing currently.

Other maps planned?

Escape (Modified Horde w/ Objectives as a mini campaign solo/coop)

Pyramid Arena (Skirmish version of Atlantis)

Atlantis (Invasion w/ bot "body" guards)

Thermopylae (Horde mode w/ spartan cosmetics, no base/fort, just open battle or choke points)

Night Raid (Horde night fight across a small forest and some ruins, not a pitch black map)

The Cave (Invasion version of the Lost Patrol)

The Lost Patrol (Modified Horde part 2 to Escape won't be as a big, but will be complex and maybe a monster or more)

Whiskey Outpost (Horde medieval version of Star Ship Troopers Whiskey Outpost)

Trial of the Gods (Team Royale, map is finished, need to finish multiteam for BR, first full team to the top wins)

Berserk Keep (Map from Berserk wind of swords, Invasion and Horde)

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trialofthegods.1.zip136.08kbAlpha 1.1

trialofthegods.zip135.44kbAlpha 1


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IfyoureKappaandyoukn @ifyourekappaandyoukn

You spawn on same platform as every other player.

Lord_Commander_Guts @lord-commander-guts

I'm going to have to borrow a random spawner, 96 possible spawns, and it chooses the same one. oof. Sorry about that, will ask for some help on this. Hoping to eventually make this into a Team BR.