Two Kingdoms for MORDHAU

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Created by Dabbler (mod ID: 124017)


Two Kingdoms is a Horde map(WIP) with two castles, One for the Horde and the other for the players. This map idea was thought up by a friend of mine, and I figured I'd see what I could come up with. Map will still need some fixing, play testing, and overall flow. I will be running this on my Custom horde server. [US Central] Dabbler's Custom Horde

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BlahBlahBla @blahblahbla

Hey Dabbler, fantastic job in design overall. In limited testing time I can offer a few comments: 1) light is adequate but often limited / gloomy. textures (floor,sky,etc) very simple and renders well. 2) From on top of tower in castle, where cannon is: there is apparently pathway on top of wall that leads to next tower area, however when players jumps toward it, a mysterious force causes push sideways to miss the wall and fall to death. It wouldn't be too bad except it seems like a viable escape route withing jump range... if it were obviously not accessible no problem but.. I'll try to nab a screen shot to explain if I'm unclear. 3) Many players more talented than me might find it ez but I found its challenging for sure: gang of carving knife thugs is rough when 4-6+ attacking and unfamiliar layout and mob moves quickly.
Well done for sure, I want to test more with some friends when I get a chance...
Thanks for efforts toward an awesome map!