Vanilla duel maps for MORDHAU

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Created by Rickvs (mod ID: 89244)


Healing stations (tables with food and drink) have been scattered around vanilla Deathmatch maps, allowing players to quickly recover their health after each duel.
Level streaming was used to keep the filesize to a minimum. It's a light-weight server mod for players who prefer the vanilla maps over duelyards.

Maps included in this mod:

  • FFA_ContrabandDuel
  • FFA_CampDuel
  • FFA_TourneyDuel

As seems to be tradition in recent Mordhau modding I also added an admin dashboard with the following features:

Admin dashboard (press F5 while logged in as an admin):

  • Trip a player once
  • Trip a player at random intervals
  • Cause a player to hear voices from random directions
  • Barrage a player with pommels, increasingly often
  • Spawn siege structures like catapults, ballistae and horses
  • Spawn a remotely controlled turret
  • Spawn a loot chest with random weaponry
  • Spawn an elevator that floats up into the sky
  • Teleport a player to you or vice versa
  • Increase a player's size
  • Decrease a player's size
  • Mark a target as "Wanted", revealing him/her through walls and instructing every other player that they have 60s to kill the target lest they be killed instead
  • Grant a player the ability to teleport away in a puff of smoke
  • Grant a player the ability to "dodge roll"
  • Grant a player the ability to walk in mid-air
  • Grant a player the ability to disguise him/herself as any environmental object (like Prop Hunt from Garry's Mod)
  • Grant a player the ability to dash forward, damaging everyone in their path
  • Grant a player the ability to cast Witcher signs (Aard, Axii, Igni, Quen, Yrden)




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coca.cola12 @cocacola12

hi, i can't use the admin dashboard, i'm doing something wrong?

coca.cola12 @cocacola12

ok, nevermind the mod works :)