wpnGolden_Gun - Golden Gun for Generic Admin Menu for MORDHAU

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Published by MusicHelps1603389500 (mod ID: 609288)


Hello, This is my first mod I've ever created and it was painful and I put over 20 hours time into this to get it working to where I like it.

If someone could show me a way to possibly decrease file size that'd be nice.
I apologize for the sound files in advance. You have been warned.

This mod is meant to be added to : Generic Admin Menu by Squackety2
Please follow instructions according to his guide here: Generic Admin Menu Setup

Place the lines I've provided below in your Engine.ini like I have pictured:

Engine.ini example
If you want it added in the Admin Menu:

Admin Engine.ini line: wpn1=/Game/Mordhau/Maps/goldenGun/Shared_assets/BP_GoldenGun.BP_GoldenGun_C

If you want it to be in the Admin+ Menu:

Admin+ Engine.ini line: wpn2=/Game/Mordhau/Maps/goldenGun/Shared_assets/BP_GoldenGun.BP_GoldenGun_C

Any feedback is appreciated, Thank you!




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